How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques

Discover all about How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques.

How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques

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This video is about How to increase your vocal range and therefore be able to hit higher notes than you usually do.

Here’s what NOT to do:

Please don’t pull your chest voice up, or strain and try harder.

This just causes constriction and can lead to long term vocal damage.

Instead what you want to do is to add notes to your range by learning to singing easily and effortlessly throughout your whole voice.

This can be done with the following exercises:

1. The “Long” scale on a light and easy bubble or lip/tongue trill

2. The “Long” scale on a light and easy “NG”

The “Long” scale covers several notes in one cycle so enables you to transition between low-mid-high notes all in one cycle – which is helpful in stretching your cords and enabling you to increase your range and sing higher notes

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40 thoughts on “How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques

  1. Hannah Bailey says:

    I can’t do that with my lips😥
    and I automatically switch into whistle it’s so hard

  2. Christy Winters says:

    I used to sing and lost the touch and I saw your video……I used the tools and wow I have it back!!!

  3. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    #HowToIncreaseYourVocalrange #HowToSingHigher #HowTo #TheSongBirdTree #IncreaseYourVocalRange #SingHigher #SingingTechniques #SingingTips #VocalTechniques  

    How to Increase your Vocal Range & Sing Higher – Singing Techniques

  4. Quintin Penola says:

    im a male will i be able to get the notes you get if i practice

  5. PURA PARA says:

    Hey~ is it normal that i feel i am turning into falsetto?

  6. Awesomesauce2468 says:

    Are guys meant to go I to falsetto during the bubble exercise

  7. Kwadir VL says:

    Is that so called ” falsetto”? Then it would be less possible to be employed in singing belcanto!

  8. jason taylor says:

    Hey songbird! I love your videos and your a beautiful woman! I play guitar and I would kite to know the notes your playing could you do a tutorial on the notes and scales so I can correlate it with my fretboard? Thank you so much for your videos and your kindness

  9. Eden Vaknin says:

    Thank you very much i will keep doing it everyday! Excellent tips!
    Question: can you please explain how to use your diaphgarm better? or in other words, how to hold the notes longer?
    Thanks again! love your videos

  10. Seleana Gonzalez says:

    Thank you so much i improved so quickly i love u so much👌👌👌👌

  11. Chris Takahashi says:

    After living decades today I am finally realized my lips are not working properly. Am I the only one who cannot make bubble sound with those?

  12. lara borkotoky says:

    When I do the bubble, then should I start using my falsetto at one point or not? Because if I just do the bubble with my chest voice I m not able to go high at all…. So please help and answer….

  13. lara borkotoky says:

    I am just tuning into my falsetto… Wat to do??

  14. Hyun Hee MalaysiaVIPs says:

    Im theater student from Malaysia … I still have problem to breath go direct to diaphgram … and … i always cracked my voice … and evry time i try high note … i have tension over neck and chest
    … sometimes my head?? Can i know whats my problem …

  15. Kalimba Singing says:

    you are so Helpful really keep Going

  16. priyadarshini shivaram Bhat says:

    it helped me a lot . thnx

  17. Spring Wishes says:

    I somehow can’t do this technique. its kinda difficult for me.

  18. Dhoomy872 says:

    please give me the music U played in a link

  19. Anirudh Brahma says:

    This Exercise is a game changer!

  20. will baldwin says:

    does this include chest voice ? I want to expand my chest range, if that’s possible!

  21. Arun Karmakar says:

    hey… i liked ur video… and hope it will gonna help me…. well, will u please teach me how to make vibrations while singing…?? i really want to learn that… i’ve seen so many singers who do such long vibrations to their songs

  22. Selina Kyle says:

    How often do I have to do this for my vocal range to increase?

  23. Honey Pills says:

    How should I strengthen my mixed voice and sing like Steve Perry?

  24. Tara Tooman says:

    I have a great range, but I don’t know to to actually put it to use properly.. I want to be able to sing more in my belting voice(more power) in a higher range without having to go into head voice.. Do you have any videos that have something like that? Thanks:)

  25. Hello mam, I really love the way you teach. I’m really very interested in singing and I also want to join a singing class but now I don’t want to join, I want to learn it online so, I found you and have subscribed your channel also. So my question is that if I do this bubble exercise regularly, then will I be able to sing high notes of songs without straining? And please kindly tell me that how much time should I give to do this exercise?

  26. melanie kincaid says:

    what are notes you are playing on piano?

  27. Hey so…the thing you play on the piano at 4:45, is that online anywhere? Like a video by itself or the sheet music for it?

  28. juli syah says:

    lady kerry, or anyone else, may i know those scale that you played in your piano if the “do” is c?

  29. Levender Aquilas says:

    I have this talent show coming up at my school and auditions are in a week, so I’ve been trying to improve my voice for the past 2 weeks and I hadn’t bumped into your channel and this video until today. I want to sing “Just a little bit of your heart” by Ariana Grande so I’ve been practicing this song but I can’t seem to hit the E5 (it’s the high note of the song) so I either sing it falsetto or I try to hit it which ends up with me screaming and out of pitch. I also recently learned E5 is two notes away from the highest note I can hit. I’m worried that it’ll take longer to hit then I want it to.

  30. Varvitski says:

    The arpeggio pattern is this when starting on C – || C E G C E G || F D B G F D C.
    The pattern remains the same when choosing a different starting note, but the note names alter accordingly.
    It might be easier for some to think in terms of solfege, or the solfa system: doh re mi fa soh la ti doh.
    The pattern here then is; || doh mi soh doh mi soh || fa re ti soh fa re doh. Now, when you change the starting note, or pitch, simply repeat this solfege and you’ll get the same arpeggio pattern at the new pitch you’ve chosen. This is the moveable doh system, ie., doh is the tonic or key note for whatever starting note you like.
    Incidentally, all the advice given by Kerri in this video is excellent, and this is a great exercise.

  31. Maddy .Oc11 says:

    I can’t do tounge rolls or lip rolls!!!

  32. Jobili balawa says:

    I hardly ever comment on youtube, but your video really helped me a lot, and probably even saved my vocald chords !!!
    Thanks & big hug!

  33. eminems wife says:

    I clicked the link for the 10 quick actions to become a great singer but it says that the page cannot be found! 🙁

  34. The Anapiel says:

    Are you doing this exersice with your chest voice or head voice?
    Do you know any tips n tricks on how to transition smoothly from chest to head voice.
    Also how do i know how much Air i have to use for a certain tone. Im a complete newbie on the subject.
    Thanks! 😄

  35. ʜᴇʏ ɪᴛs ᴛᴀʏʟᴏʀ says:

    ok. what the frig happend. after one day of doing this im already a bit hihgher

  36. Bettymarieboop says:

    Thanks Kerri! I am glad I found your site!

  37. Kaitlyn Payne says:

    When doing the thing with my lips I’m having a hard time keeping it for a few seconds any tips

  38. Wendy Lee says:

    I can’t do the bubbles like I’m trying harder and harder but I really can’t.

  39. Within six months, he was not only matching pitch, but he was singing 1.5 octave patterns up and down through his entire range, connecting his chest voice to head voice.

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