How to Improve Range w/ Vocal Exercises | Singing Lessons

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43 thoughts on “How to Improve Range w/ Vocal Exercises | Singing Lessons

  1. BloodyRhymezTV says:

    interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out learn how to sing
    really good try Panlarko Sing Fast Planner(do a google search ) ? Ive heard
    some decent things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

  2. ArcadeCabNBud says:

    sounds like me when kicked in my ball sack

  3. Nataliah Drake says:

    You know how to w she started the eeeeee thing? Yeah, I can’t even do the
    first one without feeling like someone’s punching me in the throat.

  4. Dakiel The Demon Slayer says:

    so e E 3 E e I… got it

  5. Thats So Lucy says:

    The fourth es the sound like mj on crak eeeeuuh

  6. The first time she went “eee – eee – eee – eee – eee – eee – eee” i could
    not follow that, i could not reach hat high note. ;/

  7. The first time she went “eee – eee – eee – eee – eee – eee – eee” i could
    not follow that, i could not reach hat high note. ;/

    This jsut didn’t help me, I’ve been doing these types of exercises for
    quite a while now and they haven’t done anything for me, every time i try
    and hit a note higher than my limited vocal range, my voice begins to
    crack. :(

  8. Alexis Loveingme says:

    i had on headphones so i felt like i sounded just like her lol………i
    kno i didn’t

  9. le'Aira turley says:

    thank you that you help me

  10. I'maloudperson says:

    I’m learning how to do whistle tones. :)

  11. heyyitsrobynX says:

    Did she sound like Marge Simpson or was it just me

  12. Pastel Pink says:

    I can’t do this at home because I have a risk of family member recording me

  13. Alicia Pena says:

    I came here for BTS Park Jimin…

  14. Emma Brights says:

    1:46 death to ear plug users😂

  15. Abbas Babylon says:

    im follow from iraq country. .I feel happy when I showing u..Thanks. .

  16. willy wonka says:

    this is hardly an educational video

  17. Adurhman AL-RUILI says:

    ما اعرفت اسوي ولا مقطع

  18. Aleyna Çiftçi says:

    i hope my family won’t look at me like i’m a schizoid.

  19. Roy Caldwell says:

    *Discover How To Become A Better Singer*


  20. Sameer Khan says:

    how am I supposed to do this? I can’t do it while I’m

  21. Wamin Got Jam says:

    Wanna sing like park Jimin
    Chim chim

  22. Azhari Sufi Noor Effendy says:

    im a male sooo how?

  23. Karma Louisse says:

    as the note gets higher her eyebrows goes higher too 😂

  24. ali abbas says:

    if i did that at home my family might carry me to the insane hospital

  25. Eunice Isabel says:

    i think you need technique… :)

  26. Isaiah Ruffin says:

    My dog was captivated by the high notes lol

  27. Princess Anna says:

    she’s using falsetto. that’s not her real range….

  28. Vivian Stanton says:

    The common belief is that in order to learn to sing notes and patterns of notes you must do exactly that – sing notes and patterns of notes.

  29. Evan Whitehead says:

    Claire-Louise Lucas is a professional mezzo-soprano and an element-time music tutor.

  30. What do you assume they did to learn to sing better fast?

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