How to Hit Better High Notes Vocal Lessons - How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons

How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons

How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons - Discover all about How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons.

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Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer

So I’m going to teach you a few tips about how to sing better high notes. a couple of things right off the bat. One is high notes are not higher, they are actually faster speed. So that’s something just to digest and to start to understand because we tend to reach up to hit high notes and the voice functions more like an elevator. As the elevator raises there is a very heavy weight pulling it down. As an elevator comes down that elevator is lifting. So the voice is very much like that pulley system. So as i sing higher [sings]. I want to think of as I sing higher actually reaching down so that I create a little bit of that weighted feeling, you could think of it as compression. And we want to create a little bit more compression and it also goes with the diaphragm movement which needs to be moving down [sing] as we sing higher. So that’s you know an intellectual process, a visual process and an experiential process as you start to use that with your voice. What most people do again is that then go up as they go higher and they reach down as they go lower. You want to learn to sing like you speak which basically keeps everything more level. So for instance when you’re speaking and you speak with a higher voice and you speak with a lower voice. You don’t reach up for that higher voice and down for that lower voice. You keep everything the same but the muscles behind are making are making all of those adjustments. It’s very similar with singing. So those two things, one was as an elevator as it raises there is a very heavy weight pulling it down so as you go higher you need a little compression and as you go lower you want to lift up so that you don’t want to press down on the voice that you want to lift up. And then you want to sing like you speak. Singing like you speak makes it easier so that you’re not adding that extra pressure for high notes and you’re not falling on the low notes. So these are a couple of tips for how to sing better high notes.

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42 thoughts on “How to Hit Better High Notes | Vocal Lessons”

  1. U r so amazing1!!!!! i watched the video about belting and it works an so
    does this 1!!! Tankz so much
    Can you do 1 about whistle register

  2. Great tip, thanks. I wrote a song that had a part that went a little high
    that I’ve been having trouble reaching, and I usually sound like I’m in
    pain trying 😛 After watching this video I tried the elevator mindset and
    was able to hit it no problem

  3. I love how there were no high notes in this. Any alto can sing those notes
    in chest voice. In an extremely slight way… this imagery might be helpful
    to singers who are legitimately fearful of singing above middle C (lolol).

  4. Thanks. That elavator technique works. It’s a mental thing because I
    realised that’s it’s all in the mind so I was actually getting louder when
    the mental took it down the elavator. You gotta sing with your mind! Thanks
    a lot. Great teaching. I finally got it.

  5. It didn’t really help with what some people are looking for, like I’m
    looking for techniques to keep my range up. But it’s not working with that.

  6. Alright so i was gifted with a really really low voice and i am sixteen and
    I’ve had it sense I was about 14. Is it still possible for me to sing these
    high notes? I have always wanted to sing along while i play my guitar and
    the piano but I suck at singing the songs I like to play on guitar because
    the notes are to high for me :'(

  7. Such a bullshit, srsly. Almost every fucking high note singing video starts
    with a teacher, who speaks of singing as if it’s a super complicated
    magical art or is framed as a person embodying this and then after 1 or 2
    minutes or so the singing starts finally and you withness how the teacher
    is SCREAMING the shit out of the throat as the teacher goes higher, and
    that’s fucking WRONG. If you have to scream the shit out of you to hit high
    notes, then it’s obviously musically limiting and unhealthy. What do such
    people do when a high passage comes, which is quiet? Turning down the mic?

  8. So it is possible to teach yourself how to sing but lessons will provide important instruction and motivation to help you succeed.

  9. The lifetime of the man who sings songs of pure language of Lord reached the great respect of the Interior can not be described with thought.

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