How to: Hip-Sing

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I did what everyone has been wanting to do. I put a label on it. Just like we labeled hipsters, I labeled the weird singing that certain singers have been doing more frequently in recent years. Hip-singing.

This video is purely sarcastic and for entertainment purposes, but I suppose it could work as a tutorial if you really want to sing that way. I am not hating on that style at all, I like a lot of songs sung that way, but too many people are singing that way now for it not to have a label on it.

I hope the video makes you giggle a little bit!

25 thoughts on “How to: Hip-Sing

  1. Eric Potter says:

    Thank you 1000 times over for making this. I could never quite put my
    finger on why that style of singing bothered me so much and now I know.

  2. LordRandallFan says:

    Rule #6: no breath support. like. at all
    This is hilarious! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Linguistador says:

    Pronouncing “t” as “d” is softening?!

  4. Patch Harmonix Beats says:

    Yeah you nailed it lady! Do you fancy singing on some tracks for us?

  5. Andrea Thomas says:

    I hate this sound. It’s so predictable and boring.

  6. Haha! Love it! Very cute! And so interesting. :)

  7. Tom Kennedy says:

    This is amazing! I finally know what gets under my skin every time I hear
    someone sing like this :)

  8. Hilary Owen says:

    YOU ARE SPOT ON. how do others not catch on to this?! How are there not
    millions of views and likes?! So many questions. All I can say is… you
    are hilarious and talented. Keep being you and sharing!! 💖

  9. effervescenterin says:

    I was thinking of making this very video… I’m so glad you did! Very
    accurate. Hopefully this fad goes away pretty soon.

  10. brion burkett says:

    I LOVE this. Thank you for showing how predictable, common, and far away
    from uniquely personal this voice is. This way of singing that completely
    lets the fear of actually being oneself while singing rule one’s creative
    process has become so predictable and common that this video could be made.
    I am fully mind blown that people still heap praises for this lemming,
    insecure, conforming singing style. Newsflash: If you have the courage to
    sing how your speaking voice sounds, then your singing voice will be
    recognized just like your speaking voice is. It will be original simply
    because your speaking voice is original. And you won’t be trying to become
    someone else in the process. Have courage. Please. It is a scary thing to
    be honest with yourself and others. But isn’t this what we admire in
    others? And in the process you will be creating permission for there to do
    the same.

  11. Eric Lamar says:

    Love this video. Cannot stand the over-affectation in singing. Makes me
    cringe and raises my hackles.

  12. Greg Bellin says:

    hahaha read it as ‘hoez in my zweater’.. did die haha

  13. unicorn sally says:

    oh god I hate when artists sing like this, I hope this trend dies

  14. Are you joking? if not it still hilarious and pretty darn true.

  15. Zach Steinert says:

    You were way better at this than I expected when I clicked on this. Do you
    have any music?

  16. Alina Baraz, she does that, but she’s cool tho.

  17. trunkmunk3y says:

    Thanks for shooting down the Red Baron!

  18. Kevin Nunez says:

    This will show you how to learn the technical facets completely.

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