How To Get Rid Of Mucus, Phlegm & Sing With A Cold

5 natural remedies to get rid of mucus, phlegm and help you to sing, even if you have a cold.

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Today’s video will help you if you suffer from frequent colds, sinusitus Like I do, frequent blocked nose, phlegm and all of that nasty stuff that gets in the way of our singing.

Part of achieving a good clear sound means keeping your airways open and clear as you sing so if you find that you get a lot of phlegm this can get in the way of your singing because you have to keep clearing your throat all the time or if you get that post nasal drip and you have to keep swallowing that can be annoying this can block your nasal passages at the back and makes you sound like you have more of a nasal tone.

So I’m going to share five all natural remedies for getting rid of mucus and keeping your airways clear. Do if you have to sing and you’ve got a cold, do these things and it will really help:

1. Steam

Steaming is an age old singers trick and it really helps keep your airways clear its one of the reasons you sound awesome in the shower – reverb and steam.

Now I’ve actually done another video on how to steam where I walk you through the process and I’ll put a link to it in the description. Its called how to prepare your voice before a show if you have a cold.

So basically you boil the kettle, pour the the water into a pan, then you get a towel, put it over your head voer the pan, make sure you don’t get too close because steam can burn if you get too close and then you spend about five minutes under your little tent breathing in the steam.

Make you’re you breathe in through your nose and your mouth and it will help to lubricate your vocal folds before you sing and to super charge it if you have a cold… add two drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of the pan before you put the water in and this will help to break up the mucus and destroy bacterial infections because Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial.

2. Use A Nasal Douche

Some people might say ‘OMG I’m not doing that’ but if you suffer from a blocked nose, have cold, get that post nasal drip or sinusitis like I do which not only blocks everything up but makes you feel tired and run down then this will help you so much.

You dont need to get fancy with it – I use this kit that I got from the pharmacy its like $12 and you boil water or use purified water which is very important to kill any bacterial lurking in the water – you don’t want to be putting stuff up your nose that isn’t 100% safe.

Then you prepare the water with a special nasal water preparing sachet and then you squeeze it into one nostril over a basin and the gunk runs out the other nostril. Then you switch.

I do this every single day twice daily because I suffer from such bad sinusitis but if you have a cold then do it twice daily leading up to a performance. Once in the morning before you wake up, once in the evening before you go to bed and you will notice a difference.

3: This is a weird one, ever weirder than the nasal douche: Put Eucalyptus oil on the soles of your feet and cover them with socks before you go to sleep

The soles of your feet can absorb oil. It will help you to breathe easier at night and keep your nose clear. Weird but it works so well. Eucalyptus is my favourite because I find it incredibly effective and it is antibacterial but if you don’t have any, you can use Tiger Balm or Vics Vapour Oil if you’re desperate.

4. Steer clear of antibiotics

They disrupt the natural balace of bacteria in your gut and as a result you can make your body more susceptible to bacteria making your body fight it off which means more phlegm and sore thorats. If you have to take an antibiotic, make sure you take a good quality probiotic at the same time.

I actually recommend taking a probiotic anyway to keep your gut health in tip top condition.

5. Don’t drink phlegm producing drinks before you sing

Milk is the enemy. It phlegm producing drink and so is soda. Everyone reacts differently to various substances, and I drink a lot of milk but dont drink it just before or during singing. And I dont drink sode/ soft drinks because they are full of sugar and bad for your teeth and full of chemicals and make you put on weight and they’re just disgusting and I cant have that stuff in my body.

So there you do – five all natural, super ways to get rid of mucus for singing. If I have a cold and I need to sing – which is always because I do about two/ three gigs a week , I do ALL these things to keep my voice in top condition.

Nicola xx

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33 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Mucus, Phlegm & Sing With A Cold”

  1. Thank you so much for this Nicola…….Whenever I have cold and cough, I
    usually get very frustrated as I am unable to sing for those many days and
    since I am also against taking any antibiotics, it takes a while to go away
    completely; and now I have some very useful information in this video and
    the best part is they are all natural cures. I only took steam with
    eucalyptus oil when I had cold but now I know I could take it everyday for
    a clear voice. Thanks much for all the effort you are putting in to make
    these videos. All the very best to you…………take care.

  2. I can’t tell you how much this helped me the past couple months when I get
    these f*cking phlegm. Now I’m down with the cold again and this time I have
    the handy dandy eucalyptus. Rewatching your video again. Hope all singers
    see this!

  3. Sheryl Scharkie

    Thanks Nicola this video is really helpful..instead of the nasal douche I
    use FESS nasal spray morning and night. It’s just a buffered salt water but
    it really keeps the sinus’ free of blockage and keeps it all runny so it
    clears easily with vocal warm up. All your videos are wonderful.

  4. Thanks so much for this video! I’ve been singing my whole life but the
    seasonal allergies hit me hard this year. Can’t wait to try some of these

  5. Kristina is a kangaroo

    Thank you so much !!! I was absolutely terrified because I have a callback
    for a musical today ( little shop of horrors), being sick and sounding like
    a fog horn did not help my case! But thanks to this video I was able to
    perform and ultimately get the part that I wanted ( the plant ) anyway,
    thank you so much !!!!

  6. I run a Karaoke night and see a number of singers struggling with mucus
    affected voice problems. Invariably they are the ones drinking drinks with
    ice in them. Its not an effect like a cold or sinusitis, but it creates
    what I refer to as dead spots on the vocal chords. So only certain notes
    are affected. I always advise them to avoid drinks with ice; invariably
    they ignore the advice.

  7. Robelito De Dios

    Hi Nicola! Please forgive me on my poor english comprehension, I do really
    want you to help me understand the part where you discussed about preparing
    the water first so that it will not hurt so much when you douche, What is
    that sachet you are holding with your left hand? Will it be the one to be
    use for preparing the water? Thank you very much!

  8. I have a problem where I have a constant drip from my nose that goes into
    my throat and I’m constantly having to try to get it out 24 hours a day and
    I don’t know what to do….I have a sore throat and I’m having trouble
    falling asleep because of it plus of the dripage…every time I fall asleep
    it wakes me up cause I have to spit it out… someone help

  9. Double L Vlogs

    I dont sing, but i had throat drainage and watched this video to heal
    because the pain was UNBEARABLE! LOL


    Guys tip his may be eaisier I tried this and it helped instead of boiling
    water turn on a sink really hot and put a towel over it but don’t waste to
    much water

  11. L-Lysine and EmergenC everyday will keep a cold away. Lots of other stuff,
    too (viruses). Xlear is supposed to be a good sinus wash. Has salt for
    loosening up the sinus junk, as well as Xylitol which runs the fungus out
    of the sinus (supposedly – I haven’t tried it yet, but WILL SOON!). Try
    oregano caps as an antibiotic if needed. Almond milk is pretty darn good.
    Try it.

  12. Thanks for the video. I’ll be trying out the eucalyptus in my steamer! Just
    as an option: we call it a “Nasal Rinse.” Doesn’t sound quite as bad.

  13. Hii! I really need help… I have a school singing competition on Friday
    7th and I have a cold. When I sing it sounds really weird and shaky… What
    can I do?

  14. The first time I did a saline rinse, it freaked me out. Just a warning to
    anyone new to it, you will see things. Things that you can’t explain.
    Things others won’t understand. Game changer.

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