How to free your singing voice when you sing

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In today’s video, we’re going to talk about how to free your voice when you sing. It’s a really big deal singers, because it’s something that is important to everyone. Nobody wants to just sing… what they really want is the exhilaration that happens from releasing their emotions from their body in the form of vocal expression.

Today, I’m going to give you three ways that you can explore how to free your voice. So let’s get started!

The three ways that you can effectively free your voice when you sing are:


All three of these elements are relatively simple, but they are not easy. They all take a bit of self-awareness. But a little self-awareness goes a really long way in singing.

Your voice and everyone else’s is entirely controlled by the nervous system. This might make sense to you if you’ve noticed times where you were scared or nervous singing in front of people and became aware of that nervousness changing everything about how your voice felt to you. To really free your voice, we have to start there. It won’t matter if you’re someone who has been training vocally for years, or if you are a complete beginner. We can all benefit from taking the time that is necessary to tune into ourselves. What is your energy doing? Do you have a lot of excess energy, or anxiety moving around on the inside? When you become aware of your energy and can calm it down, it’s going to make the application of the voice so much easier. So before you use your voice to sing, or speak tune in. Slow that energy down and then speak or sing. It’s important to actively practice this concept every time you use your voice. Notice how that small change makes the experience of communicating so much easier!

This is fun! It encourages an attitude of playfulness. Create a lot of silly sounds that open up the experience of the voice in new areas of the body. It’s important to keep the sounds silly. We tend not to get too involved in the need to sound perfect when we create a silly sound. We’re just playing! So this will really help bypass that critical mind. You know, that voice on the inside that has nothing nice to say and loves to point out when we’ve made a mistake? When you can reprogram your mind to playfulness – you’ve just changed everything! Your physical experience will matter more to you than the sound itself. You will be brave! More commanding of the stage and more willing to take risks in your performances. Who doesn’t want that?

This is what we work for! Our ability to express our emotions, our unique personalities and points of view! It’s all about getting the focus off of us and making connections with others. What makes this tricky is that this idea requires us to release any “needs” that we have to be “approved of.” This relates to that critical mind again. That voice may say, “You have to be liked by others, or you have to be impressive with your sound.” We need to get rid of that. I’m not saying you can’t have the voice you know is inside of you somewhere. I’m saying, release the need to give your true power away. When you put your power in the hands of others in the form of “praise or acceptance,” both of which are way beyond your control…you diminish yourself. This only reinforces fear and makes you a very tentative singer. Ultimately, locking your voice inside of your body. Well, we can’t have that!

Sum It Up
Keep playing with each of these simple ideas. You will feel an emergence of your own incredible voice! Remember, a little self-awareness goes a very long way!

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