How to Find Your Vocal Range | Singing Lessons

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42 thoughts on “How to Find Your Vocal Range | Singing Lessons

  1. the giant pickle says:

    In my chorus at school I’m a saprono but Im a boy and I have a super high
    voice I can sing higher than mostly everyone 

  2. Raping Bagels says:

    I can hit everything from Baritone to Contralto (Alto) with ease

  3. Hero Slayer says:

    I am a male and I just started chorus recently and the other day I found
    out I sing Alto.I don’t think that I director will allow me to sing Alto in
    the chorus because we need more lower singers, but I want to sing alto.can
    somebody please suggest something for me to do?

  4. Nicole Peterson says:

    I can hit an F#6 with ease

  5. arnel sarte says:

    im a male and im a tenor i can belt to G#5 and whistle register G7 to A7

  6. Aeris Cetra says:

    I’m both a alto and Soprano, been told by friends, family, and even
    strangers that I have a voice. I also been told my alto voice is a lot
    better then my Soprano. Problem is I can’t hear Alto. So does anyone here,
    know any tricks so I can learn alto better.

  7. devin brooks says:

    I’m going through puberty and my voice is really deep now but b4 my voice
    dropped I could hit higher notes and now that my voice dropped I can still
    but I can hit both high and low and there comfortable what would I be

  8. Five Alive says:

    when i was around 10 i was an amzing singer i would lead in chors but then
    when puberty hit it fucken sucked my voice would crack alot am 15 now and
    want to sing but i find it difficult

  9. •jung daehyun slayed my life• says:

    Guys, there is no such thing as you ‘cant’. I used to have trouble hitting
    notes above E4 (that was because my voice wasnt well developed yet, I was
    11 at that time :P)
    Now as a 12 year old, I grew more used to middle notes than low (idk why
    but my voice is as deep as a preteen boy xD). My voice was totally
    different as i sang in the middle range, like an average girl voice. Man,
    even my music teacher laughed at my singing. XD he told me to sing in a
    higher octave. Bruh 😂

  10. Tami Mcguire says:

    how can I get a tango practice teacher. I sing in the church choir. I need
    more better sisnig

  11. Vince Fox says:

    I can belt to G#7 and I can whistle , Idk what note I was hitting whenever
    I’m whistling but that doesn’t matter . lol

  12. up util recently I’ve never been able to hit the notes on a Jennifer
    hudsons song giving myself but now i can.can anyone tell me which range is
    that?.i literally know know nothing about range and pitch and all
    those..all i do is sing along with my favorite musicians on radio

  13. Ancy Mantuang says:

    Hi..I was told my voice range is Tenor (c3),is that a good thing?I love
    singing but i don’t have much knowledge about the range thing..can you
    please help me improve my range..

  14. I can go too higher than F5 or something

  15. Abigail Badertscher says:

    i’m a seprano….wtf am i supposed to do with that?

  16. icecream hero says:

    this sucked she should have done a demonstration

  17. Caru's Wonderland ❤ says:

    Caru-kun: Actually for me, it just depends on my mood. I have a really wide
    range for a female and somedays I can sing really high and on other days I
    can sing really low.

  18. My range is F3 to E5. What does that mean? What am I?

  19. Kitsune -kun says:

    Let’s say you have a low range, can you expand and eventually be able to
    sing higher notes

  20. Kitsune -kun says:

    Ok, thanks, are there any ways to increase the range of note you can reach?
    Like methods?

  21. Leslie lopez says:

    Im a B3 to a G1 or 3
    Everyone in my family even my friends love my low alto voice bc i can hit
    the even lower than my friends liwest voice and my grandmother was a singer
    for church so i believe that passes down in my blood so i pratice singing
    every day for i dont lose my low alto voice

  22. Teens Against says:

    I’m from g3 to c5. what does that make me

  23. melvanisha davis says:


  24. Nicolle Miah Magaoay says:

    My vocal range is C3-E6..what am I???

  25. Jonny Darling says:

    my range is C3 to G#5 what am I amd also im 13

  26. Johnny Foster says:

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  27. Miranda Chandler says:

    The idea is that like tuning an instrument, you be taught to tune your voice.

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