How to Bridge the Vocal Break Singing Techniques - How to Bridge the Vocal Break - Singing Techniques

How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques

How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques - Discover all about How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques.

How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques

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This video today answers the question “How do I bridge my vocal break?”

The vocal break is the certain part in our range where we can’t seem to go any further in chest voice and it does a ‘flip’ or ‘change of gear’ into a weaker and thinner head voice or falsetto tone.

One of the main reasons we break so drastically in our voices is that we sing too heavily in our chest voice

So 2 great ways to avoid this problem and help bridge our vocal breaks is to:

1. Learn to sing in a lighter chest tone, therefore mixing some of our head voice into our chest voice

2. Sing with a bright and forward resonance where the buzz is felt behind the nose

A great exercise to practice this :

– A descending arpeggio on “Mee”
The aim is to begin with our head voices and try maintaining a consistent tone throughout the descent by bringing a lot of the tone we start with down the scale. So therefore we mix our head voice with our chest, instead of just landing heavily on full forced chest tone

If your tone sounds breathy and light – keep persevering by adding an exaggerated nasal quality to it.

In time you can take the nasal quality out and add warmth

Happy practicing!

Any comments or questions? Just post them below

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40 thoughts on “How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques”

  1. I’ve been trying so hard and all it does is just break and all you hear is air coming out then I hit my chest voice I feel like it’s not working. I used to be able to hit it but then I went through some changes and lost it what do I do.

  2. See, I’m a mezzo-soprano, but I’ve never been able to sing in a mixed voice. I always would break instantly from chest to head voice. Not straining chest voice, just slipping straight up. And my chest and head voice sound SO different, I get quite classical in my higher range! But this makes songs that sit where that break is, very very difficult. I had stopped singing for two years, so my higher range isn’t quite what it used to be, but I’ve been watching your videos trying to learn better what I can do to strengthen my voice. (And also, thank you for making it UNDERSTANDABLE. Any other vocal exercise/training videos I would find made me frustrated and upset, for they spoke in terms I didn’t understand, and they never explained.)

    I’m slooowly getting stronger, but another problem I have is I can’t practise every day. My sister doesn’t like my voice, so I don’t sing whenever she’s home. (Puts less stress on me. XD; ) Even when she’s out, I have to be in the MOOD to practise, if I try to force myself to sing just because I have the house to myself, I’ll simply get aggravated. But I’ve been using your exercises when I can, and hopefully I’ll have strengthened my head voice back up again and finally develop that mixed voice and bridge my break in time! 🙂

  3. I remember learning this with my voice coach but didn’t know about the science and theory behind it. This is so cool. I love learning about how the singing voice works anatomically. It really helps me to understand why we do certain warm up excercises and why they are so important for a singers voice, sound and range!! Singing is truly an amazing thing!!!

  4. are there any other exercises that i can do to bridge this break??? and i luv your hair by the way=) 

  5. I can only go up, never down. This is hard haha. When I go down I always get stuck in my head voice and never come out. I usually end off in a low falsetto.

  6. Thank you Kerri! Perhaps this will give me a great and new start again to start doing open mic and give me a lot better vocals … I will most certainly give it a try and have fun doing so and will try to remember to be patient 😉 XO!
     By the way I am now subscribed!

  7. Insightful video Kerri, Love it! Please, as a favour, make a video on FALSETTO please. I’m a 18 year old guy that is struggling to sing in my head register. Please help. Thanxxx

  8. How do you sing connected when jumping up a whole octave between two notes like in ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow?’

  9. Hi Kerri! I’ve a question for you…I use the mix voice to sing and I’m very used to it since I started figuring out by myself through time…but when I sing some songs, there’s a couple of notes that disappears in my range….a sort of a gap between my chest and head voice….What could be the problem? o.O

  10. Hey kerri, I dont usually write comments on videos, but I havent been able to get answers anywhere so I was wondering if I could get some advice? Early October, maybe before that, I tried belting songs like chandelier and let it go, but I kept trying to push past my vocal range continually, and I my voice broke over and over again, I was so silly. I even sang when I had colds and such, and I was so silly to do things like that, but one or two times, my throat swelled up and it was painful for a few days. I freaked out and stopped trying to belt, but i still tried to sing. It doesnt hurt anymore, but now my voice has lost a lot of its strength since I used to have quute a strong voice, but its been like this for a while now, and I’ve lost so much strength, I was even going to go to the doctor. I just needed a bit of advice on what to do because I dont know any vocal coaches in my small town, and I dont know what to do since I dont want to damage my voice any further. I’m sorry for writing such a long comment but I just cant figure out what else to do.

  11. i love your videos! I was just wondering in my head voice i can sing very strongly with an ee sound, but when i try ah it is very breathy, so when i sing pop songs some words with more of an ee sound are ok but ones more like are sound very weak unless i give them more of an ee sound. Is there anyway to overcome this?

  12. #HowToBridgeTheVocalBreak #SingingTechniques #HowToSing

    How to Bridge the Vocal Break – Singing Techniques

  13. I have a deep voice since im male.. but i can hit a really high voice but it sounds bad since it resonates from under my jaw. around there xD do you think i can control it? the voice gap is huge from medium to like kinda high up

  14. +The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho > When I come from head voice to chest I enter into vocal fry WhY that happens plz help…

  15. HELP. My voice kept diverting at a point 🙁 it feels like a split and my voice are shaking at that point

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