How to Breathe Correctly for Singing

Discover all about How to Breathe Correctly for Singing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Breathe Correctly for Singing.

How to Breathe Correctly for Singing

3 Keys to breathe correctly for singing

1. Correct breathing technique
2. Overbreathing
3. Exhalation

Exercise: Stretch ribs open, then breathe out for 10 counts

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38 thoughts on “How to Breathe Correctly for Singing

  1. There are two schools out there and no standardization.
    One is Italian and the other is German.
    I am mostly German and I use her technique- the Italian. ;-O

  2. watchinyoulol says:

    how about the position of the larynx? how do you keep the larynx from rising and iritating your throat over time?

  3. Chelsea Brooks says:

    1. Thank you for your help2. It can’t be easy to get in front of a camera and be so animated. You do a really good job, keep up the hard work and thank you for what you do.

  4. Paty Rios says:

    omg, you just said we don’t have to fill out tummies with air! I’m so confused right now 🙁

  5. DannyG683 says:

    Have you ever had a student with Pectus Excavatum? I have a pretty mild case. Do you know how a condition like that could effect breath support? It’s basically a huge deformed dip in the sternum and it’s known to decrease lung capacity, but I’m wondering if it could also prevent me from expanding properly even slightly.

  6. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Kerri you’re a breath of fresh air!!! 🙂 get it? lol Seriously though You make things fun! Love that somebody asked you to explain this because
    I definitely struggle with it. Thanks for your help!

  7. HeyItsAj ! says:

    my voice is so used to using my throat how can i stop it, help me pls 🙂

  8. Netta Lavon says:

    Thank you so much for finally clarifying this confusing issue. Makes so much sense now. I’m a singer studying a challenging jazz degree and my voice has been feeling so fatigued because i’ve been breathing the entirely wrong way (using the tummy expansion technique). I’m so excited to work on the rib expansion. you may have just saved my budding career. Thank you!! xx

  9. I’m in a musical right now and our director tells us to breath with our nose and sing from our mouths but also use our diaphragm. I have no idea how I am supposed to do this. If you could help or give me a tiny tip that would be great! 🙂

  10. brilliant! i took all that in and major improvements, my throat kept drying up now. Now it just feels if i’m talking 😀 natural!

  11. Saying Ittadakimasu Before You Eat The Pussy says:

    I need some advice, I do feel the lower sides of my rib cage moving while inhaling and exhaling, but really softly and almost unnoticeable, am I doing it in wrong?

  12. Jerry Fredén says:

    Awesome!!! thank you Kerri 🙂

  13. Mykaella Jane says:

    Hi! I have a question, I know I can reach high notes, but when I do that, I always end up in falsetto. Help me please.

  14. andy paez says:

    lol i will just make my own tips for breathing from differents teachers cuz all of them say different stuff, i will use the ones which work the best for me

  15. Pastelkiny 1907 says:

    HiMy singing teacher,who is really good, tells me to pretend that I sing from my belly but i cant. What do i do??thank you

  16. Cassandra Kubinski says:

    Thank you for this video!- Cassandra, singer/songwriter, NYC

  17. just use the technique that works for you. Every teacher saying something different isn’t a bad thing. Different strokes for different folks! lol

  18. Oh and this video actually helped me a lot. thank you! 😉

  19. Hi Kerri, thank you for your helpful tip. Just wondering, when we breathe out, do we have to tighten our ribcage? Or keep it expanded?

  20. Berrin Joe says:

    so, while singing in live, inhale with out nose or by mouth ? bcos i fell when i do inhale with my mouth, i can get more an air in a sec, but the problem is, i feel my mouth so dry

  21. M. Anonymous says:

    +The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho
    So, I’ve watched this video a number of times in a row, and I’m still having trouble expanding my rib cage, which may have to do with my body. I have a super short torso (Nineteen Inches/48.28 Centimeters) and super long legs (37 Inches/ 93.9 Centimeters) so it’s difficult working out so many problems in such a small area, you know? As for the exhale, where you actually do the singing bit, I can’t make a really good sound. My words always sound slurred and almost unintelligible, my voice is way too quiet and thin, and I run out of breath way too fast. To make things worse, I have a super short attention span and very little patience with myself. It really frustrates me to see people who can sing like gods with little effort, while I struggle to hit a single blasted note. I find it cruel that I have such a wide speaking range, yet unable to hit a single note.
    I’m basically at the level of Britney Spears/Yoko Ono, but I want to be on the same level as Whitney Houston, or at least, Hayley Williams.


    i wish can fuck you and let u keep singing

  23. David Souksavanh says:

    Hey Kerri , thanks for the video .
    But when I expand by ribcage , my shoulders rise a just a little .
    And that’s exactly what lot of teachers or 95% of singing website don’t recommand .
    On the other hand I feel like I can sing much more easier with the ribcage expansion technique .
    Or am I doing the technique wrong ? Should my shoulder not rise at all when I do the ribcage expansion technique ?

  24. Rey Anthony Renacia says:

    I believe when you said “rib cage expansion is the foundation of correct breathing”. I can sing high and powerful but I want to do it correctly (consanant , vowel sounds, vibrato, etc). I won’t be able to afford you private sessions as of now (hopefully in the nearest future) xD

  25. I have the problem that i can’t relax my belly. It always gets really tense :/

  26. 50 shades of white says:

    you are funny, and great.

  27. Vince Ibarra says:

    Will you please post some exercises to make baritone, tenor?

  28. NattoTube 09 says:

    This video was really helpful for me because I’m an alto and I breath in the wrong way. Thank u for ur helpful tips!

  29. Can you say “ever had that feelin of dejavu?”

  30. I don’t agree with this video and here’s why, Our ribs will still expand if we do “thoracic breathing” ( called shallow breathing ) & that’s the worst way to breath whan singing.
    Singer’s should take a breath so it feels like the air’s going way down to the bottom of your stomach “so the bottom of your back is also expanding”.

  31. LA Castillo says:

    Dear Ms.Kerri, I loved your video then I have a problem in singing because every time I sing it sounds How can I get over it pls. pretty pls. need help Because I’m only a child.

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