How To Belt If Youre Not A Natural Belter - How To Belt - If You're Not A Natural Belter

How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter

How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter - Discover all about How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter.

This is video 1 of my How To Belt If You’re Not A Natural Belter series where I take you step by step through how to sing healthy belt notes.

This is particularly useful if you have a smooth or pretty voice that doesn’t cut through or if you are finding the concept of belting difficult.

Find out more about How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter below

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36 thoughts on “How To Belt – If You’re Not A Natural Belter”

  1. Thank you for this easy to swallow explanation. My voice is like yours, smooth and sultry but not very powerful. This has helped me find the right resonance placement and really gave me some added understanding of the right way to sing. Thanks a million!

  2. I really liked this video because i have problems with belting because when i sing i try to belt and i realized that i was singing through my throat. this video helped me a lot.

  3. HI. I am from South Africa.Thanks for the tutorial. However I do have a huge problem with my voice. I am a deep contralto, very husky and my voice lacks colour and dynamics. How do I add more colour and depth and fullness to my voice?

  4. I quit smoking so my voice is still recovering but I can still high F# and today on karaoke bar I went up to a G

  5. I have a question. so does the octave of whatever note I sing go hand in hand with where in my face the resonance takes place? Like C4 would be a a chest voice while C5 would be a belt voice?

  6. +Singers Secret I’ve tested your advices… I can say that have sensibly improved my performances. I have no more problems on voice warm-up and correct air flow dosing in some conditions. Thank you very much! you are a great teacher

  7. Don’t Belt! Just do whatever comes naturally to you! Music is about subtlety and finesse, and is an expression of yourself so don’t try to be someone you aren’t!!! Learn what your own true natural voice does and perfect it!

  8. Thank you for posting these singing tips. You are amazing. If you could check out some of my more recent videos and give me some input/tips, that would be awesome!! God bless 😇🙏🏼

  9. Oh yay!!! This helped me so much!!! THANK YOU!!!! (>^ω^<) I've been looking EVERYWHERE on YouTube for these instructions!! It was a amazing!! (^v^)

  10. so I used to have no problem belting no issues I had my tonsils taken out and started taking g voice lessons my voice deepened and now I feel I strain to belt it gives me headaches with my ears feeling clogged .Are those signs like I’m straining?

  11. How does one tell if they are using head, chest, voice or whatever..And how does one recognize it? Then how does one use it? I have had some vocal classes, but never was able to really do it or know if I was doing it correctly. How does one not wear out their voice box? I have over done it a few times and had to lay off for a year or 2 at a time, even using the stuff they taught me in vocal classes in college. How do I know if I am using the throat, (which apparently is wrong) and how do I use what IO am supposed to use, (and I dont know what that is exactly) I have heard this stuff before, just no clue how to use it or know if or when I am using the correct open throat techniques? By rthe way I am a man, with a mid range voice. I have a real stocky barrel chest like 50 inches, lifted weights etc.. so I was told before I should be able to be a massive singer, with that big of a chest cavity. So how do I do this? I have been trying for a long time..

  12. Before i have a very powerful voice but when I stopped singing i can’t reach high notes, belting and almost everything how can i bring it all back?

  13. I’ve been feeling lately like in order to be considered a good singer, you have to be able to belt, so I’ve been studying these videos like crazy

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