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Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer

So I’m going to give you a few tips on how to become a pop star. Now I have to say straight out that being a “pop star” encompasses all of it. So we’re going to use that term, but really what I mean is being an artist, whether you’re a full singer or a singer-songwriter, whether you have a band, whether you’re a rock star, whether you just want to make good music, you don’t care about being famous, it’s really the, y’know, what being a pop star means, which means that you are full-rounded and your music fits you and you’re an artist and you’re out there in the world doing your music, okay?

There are many elements that have to come together, and they come together in different ways for different people. Some people are really good singers, some people are really good songwriters, some people are really good performers, some people are really, really good at putting their brand together, and so you have to decide where your strengths lie, and what to feature, and down play your weaknesses; go more in the direction of what you’re good at. Like I say quite often, and this is really important for singers, you have to have a good voice, whether it’s nasal or breathy, or any of those qualities that are distinct or unusual. Those are all within the realm of it. It’s what you do with it, and it’s how you sing. People like many many different kinds of voices, so there’s not like one sound. As a matter of fact, if you’re too generic, it’s often not interesting enough and it doesn’t have enough energy to actually break you as an artist.

I remember many years ago I got a letter from Clive Davis on a submission that I made, and Clive is a very famous record industry executive who has fostered and nurtured the careers of many, many, including Aretha Franklin, and Sarah McLachlan, and Janis Joplin, and on and on and on, and he always said that it’s very important if you really want to become famous or you want to really do this music thing and get it out there in a big way, that you nurture that within you that is really you, and you bring that forward, and you don’t try to be something that you’re not, like Lady Gaga is a performance artist, she’s an extrovert, this comes as natural to her. You want to take that quality that you have and blow that up, whether it’s vocal or lyrical, your message, or your artistry, or your brand and what you’re wearing, but I recommend that you do that authentically, and this is where your greater success lies. I would just say that the main thing is integrity and authenticity in your craft and that’s your best shot you have at becoming great at what you do.

40 thoughts on “How to Become a Pop Star | Vocal Lessons

  1. Emily Yoon says:

    Im also 14 this year and i was hoping to become a singer since i was little
    but i am starting to lose faith in myself… Ive been through a major
    throat damage through incorrect vocal use so whenever i perform i am afraid
    of cracking my voice.. need major major help on that! And hoping to gain
    back the faith in myself.. or if it doesnt work just go back to having
    interest in something else.. so wish me luck!

  2. Aubrey Cawan says:

    im 13 and i wanted to be a great pop star singer wish me luck. i know
    someday if i just work hard ill be one too. likt taylor swift. shes my
    favorite singer. ishes so nspiring. 🙂

  3. Destiny Fair says:

    Where are you going to try??? I want too!!! I want to be in a band – you
    know, like…I can’t believe I’m saying this…like 1D – I’m a girl and I
    want to be in boy band so I can come out and you know… 🙂 😀 So, anyway,
    where are you going to get your chance???

  4. MrUniqueunknown says:

    I’m beginning as a songwriter and thinking of auditioning for New Zealands
    XFactor! I’ve got a HUGE way to go but as soon as I’m confident in my
    writing and vocals I’ll be making demo’s sending them to labels and trying
    to build a fan base in the meantime 🙂 I recommend you sing at some family
    events then once your more confident find a band that’s looking for another
    member, once you’ve found them build your fan base so basically create a
    twitter, facebook and YouTube! Good Luck!

  5. can u help me can u hear my voice plz why i wanna be a singer so so so much
    taht was my dream from 5 years old plz help my

  6. Ariana Lovitt says:

    People say that dreams of being of a singer and a famous person go away
    when ur 10. But mine are still strong and I’m 13 🙂

  7. Hello! When I grow up I wanted to become a singer popstar like dbsk and I
    try my best no one think i can become a popstar but I will try my best my
    parent don’t want me to become they want me to go to college but my dream
    of becoming star will not change please support I’m 14 XD

  8. I want to put my singing in the computer but I’m so embarass it not like
    I’m ugly i don’t want people to to comment a bad things about me one day if
    I be able to put my singing in youtube please watch and say what I need to
    improve and please don’t racist because im asia but i still have the same
    dream as you guy go support me

  9. missrebeccay says:

    I’m an asian too! I feel the exact same as you… I think that epopel will
    be racist just because we’re Asians, and most dissaprove of Australian
    born-Asians singing… not fair… but you’ll do good, I know it! I have
    the dream of doing a music career… 🙂

  10. i made pretty much the same video and youtube flagged it..I don’t get it

  11. Dana Stahl says:

    I have lots of problems with writing songs, can you make a video for that?
    Thank you

  12. johnnybrew1 says:

    I find your comments are helpful and interesting. I think it would be
    better if you omitted the introductory remarks on your videos. You are also
    prone to name – dropping.

  13. unknown unknown says:

    IF you fall in love your only problem will be run out of paper LOL

  14. Diana singer says:

    wow….its great…wanna become a pop singer to fulfill my dream…bless me
    so that i can fill up my dream and can be the idol too…

  15. Francisco Mendoza says:

    We’re starting a band!!! Thanks for the tips

  16. Violet NightFang says:

    12 yrs old and trieing to be a popstar!

  17. David Richard says:

    I’m 13 I’m an Aboriginal singer I love singing, song-writing I enjoy
    playing the Piano; I wanna be a popstar to inspire my people that they can
    do anything my inspiration comes from my life I grew up knowing who or what
    I wanted I wanted to be so Subscribe me & Follow my Twitter @GrinieChance
    for updates and more I really wanna get out there so please make my dream
    come true. 🙂 Greyson Chance is my idol he inspires me to do all this at
    age 13 thanks for taking your time reading this 😀 #Loveyou

  18. Alexa Hernandez says:

    thankyou i don’t have words for how thankful i am for your videos c:

  19. Charley Baylor says:

    Thank you for sharing this video peace 🙂

  20. Charley Baylor says:

    I’m a musician a singer and dancer 🙂 this will help 🙂

  21. Flat stones says:

    don’t worry people lik us shud be thru so much..but after all that we’ll

  22. krazycore says:

    I am 29 years old and when I grow up I want to be a musician!

  23. shoniqua patterson says:

    dude fucking tell us all this talking

  24. Kimberly Alfaro says:

    I am a Musician, Song-writer, Singer, Dancer and Actress. And I hope one
    day everyone can live their dreams in a singing career. “Nothing is
    Impossible, the word itself says, “IM POSSIBLE!! #CHASEYOURDREAMS 

  25. Anniee Augustine says:

    thank you,Cari Cole.Helps me so………………………..much.


  26. Keith Ray says:

    Want to Improve your singing Voice and find out useful secrets to give you
    that voice you have always wanted? Check out this Video link below
    Give it a shot and hopefully I’ll see you on American Idol or on your own
    youtube video Good Luck


  27. Slender Movie says:

    Im pretty sure being a pop star means you sing pop…

  28. AltaTM CCC says:

    when i try to sing in front of people it ends horribly like i tried to sing
    some songs i wrote for christmas but i just couldnt do it and the audeence
    was my MOM AND DAD it was just bad but then i did it i singed it but i only
    wrote the sengs lyrics so it was kinda blah but when im alone and no one is
    around like im alone at home and i just start to sing my feelings and then
    its like im playing my intsument and everything is just great theres like
    this piano in my head and it just keeps playing but when it stops i have no
    idea who i am anymore its like at school im writing a test suddenly it stop
    i look at the paper i look at my frends and i have no idea what to do even
    though it was going great before 

  29. Bruh Flawless says:

    Or be a drummer and be cooler than everybody else

  30. princess dj emma says:

    cari will you be my singing teacher because i really need to find a teacher
    to help me find my voice

  31. Jari The Sauna Lover says:

    hey guys i can give you a few tips to become a popstar : 1- you don’t need
    vocal lessons just use autotune, 2- have a nice physics, 3-sing about
    sex,drugs,your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and money.

    Hope you enjoyed my tips.

  32. roxanne moses says:

    I’m just a kid and I want to be famous please

  33. Jossur Garcia says:

    I wanna be famous to but I doent know were to star

  34. Jessi Please Stop says:

    can you be my vocal teacher please.

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