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Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer
So I’m gonna talk today about common mistakes that singers make. I would say right off the bat, there’s four, the first one being pitch. Pitch is non-negotiable. You have to learn to sing on pitch and learning to sing on pitch requires having an ear, listening to a lot of music, recording yourself a lot. I think recording is the number one way that I correct pitch with singers. Singers hear themselves from their inside ear not from the outer ear. When you cup your ear you can hear yourself more from your outer ear. This can cause a lot of mistakes with pitch. Pitch is a number one, non-negotiable issue with singers. If you’re not singing on pitch…. Phrasing, if you’re off time with your phrasing. Phrasing means timing, means rhythm. Some of the best singers in the world were drummers because their phrasing is so awesome. So getting good phrasing is a really important part of learning to sing well and its a really common mistake. A lot of people focus on the notes and it’s not just the notes. Its the way you deliver those notes, the rhythm of those notes. A singer is a rhythmic instrument as well as a melodic one. Presentation. I see a lot of people make mistakes with presentation. How you present yourself, how you talk about yourself as a singer, not trying to be more than you are, which gets into the fourth one which I’ll talk about in just a minute. Dress the part. If you wanna be a rock star, look like a rock star. If you wanna be a folkie, look like a folkie. Pay attention to how you’re presenting yourself because you are your brand 24/7. It’s not about being inauthentic, its actually about being very authentic. Its about bringing who you are to your presentation more. You wanna look the part, act the part, dress the part, look the part. Another common mistake is overreaching, trying to do things that are outside your scope. Trying to hit these crazy notes when you don’t have them in your voice is not benefitting you, its not showing anybody that you can do it. You need to sing the notes you know you can deliver. That is a big part of not preparing enough. I feel like because the voice is the instrument that lives in your body and you don’t have to go purchase it at the store its common for a lot of people just to think that they can sing. People ask me that quite often, “Do you think anyone can sing?” And on a professional level, I say “not really.” But then we look at singers that are not great “singers” but are awesome storytellers or songwriters. So it isn’t all about the singing voice. So, there’s many aspects to that, it’s not a straight answer, but it’s learning how to feature your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. So someone who understands what they’re good at and brings that to the forefront is gonna be more successful than trying to do something they can’t and don’t have naturally. So those are four mistakes that beginning singers make.

40 thoughts on “How to Avoid Common Singing Mistakes | Vocal Lessons

  1. enyssa henry says:

    look up Megan Matchell. and tell me she looked at her video after making ot ugh

  2. Mista Mike says:

    my mind was just blown, i replaced the words “sing” with “rap” and it all made sense to me too

  3. I couldn’t stop looking at you because you remind me of a singer called Laurell. You are like a younger version of her. are you her mom? Kidding. Great tips btw. As a singer I want to be heard clearly and I definitely need help with phrasing, keeping in time with a backing band or be at the right tempo.

  4. Marcelo Iacovone says:

    Any tips for singing on pitch?

    I feel like I hit the notes wrong quite a lot, and then after I hit it I fix them, can’t seem to hit it dead on.

  5. Jeanelyn Gomez says:

    If you ask me, I always doubt I can sing. :/

  6. CherryDNA says:

    Some way I have to disagree with this. Of course if you dress like a blues singer everyone knows what to expect from you. While getting a job it might be good and on a stage yes, but when I have my free time… no. And also I think sometimes it’s good to not look like your music. If audience doesn’t know you beforehand they might remember you because of your different personality. I also have a buddy who’s studying to become classical singing teacher but she also plays in death metal band… so.

  7. izaak mccullough says:

    2:10 I blame u for Courtney love !!

  8. Jermaine Curt says:

    learn how to sing with this free lesson -> bit.ly1fSoFOY

  9. Night Rise says:

    Recording your voice with phone just makes it worse

  10. King Plant Based says:

    So she just basically said if you can’t sing then you just can’t sing..

  11. Scott Covers says:

    If you feel like you can’t sing well guess what… You can! You just need better help from someone who’s been in that “I can’t sing” position before. Go to Eric Arceneaux on YouTube for some great lessons.

  12. Jesus Rodulfo says:

    hahahahaha klling dreams like a boss xD lmfao!!!

  13. Nylian Jorolan says:

    keep on talking ? nonsense ……………….

  14. Nylian Jorolan says:

    stop talking .. …………………………. how can we learned ? all your vid always keep on talking … … talking . explaining …………. Β  can give an example … can you sing ?Β 

  15. The Chilled Cat says:

    That’s not true, studies have shown that everybody can sing, some just need more practice than others that’s all.

  16. Niyah Nicole says:

    Those who are losing hope in singing you guys should probably know that Ariana Grande yeah her she didn’t make it in her 8th grade Choir so there will always be people who doubt you there will always be people who will tell you cannot sing you just have to believe in yourself just like Ariana

  17. Tweba Senoi says:

    My new teacher coz she worked with Journey πŸ˜€

  18. sophia hodges says:

    You sound very much like my dad. He has been doing music his entire life so he knows more than I do about scales and stuff. Me and him can relate through music though. He’s a guitar player for his rock band and me ,I sing. I love to sing its my passion to express myself through great songs,but he’s always told me “If you want to sing you have to work, and sometimes people don’t have it in them to do certain thing that others can, but that makes you the artist u r and YOU can only work for it.”

  19. MellowJelly says:

    Grunge is a great genre for those who don’t have perfect pitch but who have great song lyrics. Look at Kurt Cobain. He was _not_ an amazing singer, but his music blew everyone away and he’s still popular today.Β 

  20. hump frog says:

    Didn’t know be a stereotype was so important! I just want to learn to sing, not sell myself like a product or an object. lol

  21. Trunz Mcintyre says:

    Hi Mam ! you are one of the great teachers in music industry, i would feel really honorable if you judge my voice ,singing style and my presentation. Would you ?

  22. AltaTM CCC says:

    i dont sing that good but i am a good songwriter i can write a song n 10 minutes πŸ˜€

  23. Daniel Hawkins says:

    Search Roger Burnley on youtube if you want to sing good. He DOES think that everyone can sing and he has helped me so much in developing a good singing voice. And remember YOU CAN SING NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE

  24. MusicalSoul says:

    Ugh, I always accidentally do the 4th mistake

  25. THANK YOU❗️This was so helpful and you taking the time to touch so many with your knowledge and experience. We’ e getting, free of charge, info. you charge others for. Although, they’re also paying for the one-on-one teaching, but if your a truly serious about wanting to improve, you can get the teachings, you just need to listen & practice. Again, please know that ALL OF YOUR HOW-TO VIDEOS are so much appreciated and HELPFUL.
    Sincerely, Colleen*

  26. Virtual Media says:

    Drummers make awesome singers – Dave Grohl Nirvana / Foo Fighters

  27. Laia Blanco says:

    Mate, not sure saying you worked with Courtney Love is good advertising for you, she sings like a pig in the butchers…

  28. Collin Harrington says:

    I wanted to get vocal exercises to sing like a rockstar not in loudness but in tone and quality if u could help me please

  29. Glenys Wana says:

    I agree with you, Cari, everything you said.

  30. Gaurav Murmoo says:

    i really want to be a singer. but somehow i just cant! its really hard. please help me.

  31. Virgo Beauty says:

    omg if my choir directors could understand the part of a person knowing their limits and not trying to force them to do what they know they cant

  32. Luiz Soares says:

    Guys i see a lot of people in the comments saying that she said that not everyone can sing. she didnt say that. she said that not everyone can sing IN A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL and i do agree with that.

  33. Viv Buckle says:

    She is really good at explaining everything. i recently did an open mic and someone said to me i was really good at the jazzy songs. i did not even realise what Genre i was singing in? i just sang. People saying i had a really good rich voice. Never been told this before. Some people do not even realise they can sing and never reach their own potential!

  34. Basic Jess says:

    I feel like I’ve strained my voice so many times and I’m never going to learn how to not strain it and I really don’t understand how to not strain it as I don’t understand things well please help me I also I have stage fright and compete myself to others and try to sing like them I don’t really know I just really want some help please

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