How to Add a Song to Sing!’s Songbook

Discover all about How to Add a Song to Sing!’s Songbook by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Add a Song to Sing!’s Songbook.

Now you can add songs to the Sing! Karaoke app’s Songbook – just follow the steps in this video. Check out for more details.

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40 thoughts on “How to Add a Song to Sing!’s Songbook

  1. Deleting Channel says:

    Oh you can do it on your phone XDDDDDXDDDDDD

  2. Jo Gingga says:

    lagu a ramlie x pun,terpisah akhirnya,,

  3. no entiendo ingles alguien me ayuda x favor quiero cantar musica de mi gusto no se como ..Dios les bendiga y gracias

  4. Pankz Alano says:

    I really love SMULE.. I met my lady here😊😍😍😍😘😘😘

  5. kenapa frofil saya tidak bisa tampil di grup,mohon petunjuk

  6. ここなっつ says:


  7. Cutie pie says:

    I can’t doing the log in i use my WI-FI and i can’t the website is loading

  8. Jishan kureshi says:

    very nice apps I like it smul apps

  9. Salman Ahmad says:

    not record memory card plz record memory card

  10. Doniumbara Umbara says:

    bgaimna cara memindahkan hasil rekaman ka perangkat musik

  11. Nuvil Shidqi says:

    gunakan fasilitas ini untuk sebuah ajang kreatifitas yang menghibur satu sama lain ok!!!! bukan untk berseteru

  12. FloRider5819 Sing! karaoke what singer says:


  13. Lady Girl says:


  14. Luan Loud says:

    How do u get there I can’t find it

  15. Sanai Tiana says:

    I have a samsung chromebook, how can i download music on here…I want to do this….

  16. eliza hastings says:

    still is disappointed that it has been months and still, you don’t even seem to consider to make a share button for samsung s7 to instagram that like everyone is using >:C

  17. Asiquzzaman Khandker says:

    ato je betha ato je kaday,,,, ay gan ta jodi kno redoyban amake lod kore ta hole ami anek opokreto hy to.. 👌

  18. Deniz Uzun says:

    Merhaba arkadaşlar smule’de seslendirdiğim parçaları youtube atamiyorum yardımcı olurmusunuz tşk ederim saygılar

  19. Tanzin supti says:

    how do I record my own song.. plz can u tell me

  20. Chris Call says:

    Love it, but i’ve already created hundreds of karaoke tracks in CDG format, and converted them to video, so having an option to take one or the other into smule rather than having to remake it would be a huge benefit.

  21. Sincerely Tracie says:

    This is so fun and there are so many songs that aren’t there that I want to sing. Pink_Sunshine_ folks 😀

  22. When are you going to make it possible to do this on phone?

  23. For mine when im on the 3rd step, then i click Next it says “Due to licensing restrictions, this song cannot be added to the Songbook at this time.” What should I do?

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