How I Taught Myself to Sing

Discover all about How I Taught Myself to Sing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How I Taught Myself to Sing.

A lot of you have been asking for me to show examples of how my voice has changed over the years so here is a video:

Run for Me Demo:
Run For Me Final Demo:


12 thoughts on “How I Taught Myself to Sing

  1. Riah Rose says:

    This did help on a few things😁 thank you😁

  2. MonkeyBusine55 says:

    Dig your vid! This is all I’ve done this past week (along with some stuff you mentioned in the video) and noticed crazy improvement.
    -slowed down the music, then practiced until I could sing full speed
    – bring upstrengthen chest (love Otis so It’s a must for me)

    I love how easily you decided to post your tips and I applaud you for that. I think singing lessons are overrated because becoming a better singer isn’t a tough concept to understand. In a nutshell, understand the difference between head and chest, respect range, train ears (listening), mimic, create your own riffs, and most of all, SING WITH EMOTION. Practice until you become great..then practice some more. To find my chest I hummed a note that I tried to make resonate as low in my body as possible. for falsetto/head I imagined making a girly voice…the rest is history.

  3. vignesh revankar says:

    great video ,very helpful .but why dont u cover a song we would love to hear u sing , so can u plz sing us sometin in ur next video plz .,,,,,,,,,, gud luck
    love frm india .

  4. clint johnson says:

    This video is so helpful,I’m still in the awkward stage of cringing when I record my own voice.

  5. I don’t sound like a frog in a blender anymore…. Thank you?

  6. Can you put a singing transition up even if its jut two recordings from then and now please? It would definetly help xx

  7. I feel like everything sounds so bad when recording so i need to improve on everything, so theres no reason to record yet, when i get better i will record. Its probably good ro record right now too, but it makes me unmotivated to hear how bad it sounds. Even doe im much better than when i started, now i can sing wihout its gets suuuper embarrasing.

  8. dαddчdσngσ says:

    Subscribed, You’re so beautiful.

  9. Leona Rize says:

    i reeeally wish i could sing haha i will have to try this out. it’s extremely hard not to copy singers voices AND the way they sing songs 😔

  10. Samantha Amundson says:

    Hey guys! A lot of you have asked me to make a video showing examples of how my voice has changed! So I made a video! The link is in the description!

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