How I Learned to Sing – Episode 3

Discover all about How I Learned to Sing – Episode 3 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How I Learned to Sing – Episode 3.

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20 thoughts on “How I Learned to Sing – Episode 3

  1. I just got finished practicing for the day. Thank you for all your information. I really appreciate you 😊

  2. Uriah Thompson says:

    eric your so amazing remember that

  3. Weston Killian says:

    Rodrick Dixon this is who you should have listened to before judging I’ve been singing in the choir for 40 years in church and gospel recording group’s. Study with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra chorale for over 10 years I decided to subscribe to you because of your teachings on breath control and controlling your voice because as you know when you get older the voice changes.

  4. Akil Kenne Ledwaba says:

    This is the best YouTube series right now. Comedy and Drama on point. Best part is that it’s based on a True Story (based since Dr/Mr Brooks being a replacement name)

    Thank you for sharing man.

  5. poisonkiss201 says:

    Hi. My voice is different from a few months ago. I haven’t been singing for like 4 months. I can’t transition from low to high notes and I can no longer do a smooth falsetto it’s all broken and choppy. What can I do, I want my voice back πŸ™

  6. stefanna karim says:

    Are your still giving lessons in Baltimore?

  7. NativeBeautyxo says:

    I absolutely love to sing but I sound like a dying cat 😒 it sucks.

  8. Dan Guitar says:

    Great story. Thanks man. I have been watching your videos for about a year now. When I first started doing research on the voice I was still skeptical that I could learn how to sing. I can say that your videos now make full sense to me and I find it very helpful. Hope to work with you in person some day.

  9. Dabb Area says:

    Thanks for the story really made me feel motivated to learn more because I’m not so happy with my voice becausei thought it was so quick to get good singing but this tells me that it takes time πŸ™ πŸ‘

  10. Devin, just Devin says:

    Hey could we get like a compilation or step by step daily workout? Even better a video of your personal daily workout that we could just do every morning. Pleeeease?

  11. Devin, just Devin says:

    Goku reference, nice! πŸ˜„

  12. What a great song “Order my steps” – great honesty in the classical bias.

  13. OneEyedWolfKing says:

    you should really make a vocal warm up routine

  14. TutorialialTV says:

    Learning to sing, and I love how honest you are. Good job man.

  15. Menasseh Bekele says:

    Even though I bought Phase 1 I still watch all of your videos and have no regrets! Glad I subbed years ago

  16. SwimnBird says:

    What books did the vocal sensei recommend?

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