How do birds learn to sing? – Partha P. Mitra

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A brown thrasher knows a thousand songs. A wood thrush can sing two pitches at once. A mockingbird can match the sounds around it — including car alarms. These are just a few of the 4,000 species of songbirds. How do these birds learn songs? How do they know to mimic the songs of their own species? Are they born knowing how to sing? Partha P. Mitra illuminates the beautiful world of birdsong.

Lesson by Partha P. Mitra, animation by TED-Ed.

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    1. Will there ever be a TED Men’s channel just like a TED Woman’s channel too?!?! #Sexism 🤔😣👍

    2. Md Firoj Ali Md Firoj Ali says:

      Bangladeshi Regular

    3. Olonso Ammons says:

      TED-Ed i like music they make………………………………….。。。。。。。。。。,….

  2. So will we ever have a midi to bird converter?

  3. Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James says:

    How the bird’s sings?they SOUNDS LIKE THE angels in heaven…

  4. DmdKing181 Hater says:

    Now I learnt how to sing like a boss…….or… a bird!!😎😎

  5. Skybluewing Skybluewing says:

    Now I can’t wait for summer so I can hear the songs of the birds all the time

  6. Soul Kuro says:

    What if i take this little bird and let a completely different kind of bird sing in front of him all the time?

  7. Well parrots learn too faster than any other bird

  8. Aliya Tamarin says:

    Wonder if it’s the same with how whales learn there songs?

  9. Decode Channel says:

    In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence

  10. I’m literally in love with this channel. It helped me so much and whenever I’m in class, I’d be the only one giving out amazing new facts. Thank you so much!!

  11. Yatharth Agarwal says:

    This is the only place where I find bio interesting

  12. Robin Zhu says:

    Thee is one thing to human: the ability to speak languages.

  13. Androlinium says:

    You should watch this video only to to listen for great bird songs.
    No, it is good in all, but that music is incredible!

  14. Aparjit Dutta says:

    love to see that its made by a BENGALI.. জয় বাংলা

  15. Fero Seikon Zetta Miller says:

    The humans have an amazing ability imprinted on our dna… The ability to question

  16. Alex Brown says:

    My cats enjoyed this video too; they were looking all over for the birds!

  17. Randy Miller III says:

    The real question is…why do they suddenly appear every time you are near?

  18. Stephanie Thompson says:

    I have a hand-reared pet cockatiel I got at one day old ofter his parents abandoned him. He doesn’t know he’s a bird, he’s never seen a member of his own species. Yet he still learnt to sing. He has the most awful out of tune song, but he also mixed it with human speech. Talented talker, terrible singer.

  19. Ashrayi Jeshtadi says:

    If it grows in isolation without any kind of exposure to bird songs in its early stage, does it still sing?

  20. @3:11 I think this means we could somehow extract the single most attractive birdsong based on their genomes – amazing.

  21. Pushkar K.G says:

    And we humans have Justin fking bieber

  22. Wow, I might incorperate this knowledge in my next art project. I am starting to respect ornitology more and more

  23. Keval Pandya says:

    I connected headphones as advised and it is worth for it.

  24. DNA and songs… Wow.. that’s was really interesting 😊❤

  25. Olonso Ammons says:

    Nice and we call birds bird brains yet THERE SMART and have great memory

  26. mjstory1976 says:

    Awesome and informative video 👍

  27. Land Fish says:

    Thanks Ted-Ed. Got me wishing spring was here so I can sit down outside and listen to the birds sing as I sip on some lemonade.

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