Honest Singing Lesson Review

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Alix gives her honest opinion on having singing lessons at our singing school. She reveals how she got started with us, why she started singing lessons in the first place, how she got accepted into the UK’s top musical theater school has and even made it through to the London auditions for the voice UK.

One thought on “Honest Singing Lesson Review

  1. June Mitchell says:

    I first heard about Norwich Singing School from a friend who was very
    impressed. Being in a choir I already love singing but never had the
    confidence to sing loud and proud and I felt my voice lacked a certain
    strength. It didn’t take Sally long to recognise what I needed to do to
    get the strength in my voice. Recording two songs already I feel
    much more confident in my singing. Take that step if you feel shy and lack
    confidence or if you are like me you have wanted to do this for years
    Sally will soon put you at ease and in no time at all the confidence will
    be there. Im also one of her older clients so don’t worry about that
    either young or old have a go …….Good luck with Kings Lynn Sally lovely
    lady xx

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