His Voice Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS – Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead

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Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead and leaves the audience speechless
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40 thoughts on “His Voice Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS – Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead

  1. Crystal Z says:

    My favorite one by far. Never heard the AGT audience go completely silent before until him.

  2. good music says:

    excellent he should have a recording contract

  3. Silvia Sengupta says:

    What a voice, full of emotions. love it very much.

  4. Angela Carleton says:

    Oh my GOD what an incredible song.. I wanted to cry after hearing this song because “WE ALL FEEL THAT WAY sometime or another!

  5. Ruth Twumasiwaa says:

    Who also got chills listening to him…his voice is magical

  6. Martian Mewlip says:

    sounds like an offbeat shitty version of adam lambert

  7. Dominick Sforza says:

    This guy is awesome, he should be saved this song for further into the competition, he would hard not vote for him as the winner.

  8. Elinda Hall says:

    Powerful powerful voice ❤️❤️❤️👋👋👋👋👋👋😮

  9. Melissa Williams says:

    Whoooa, what a powerful voice he has. Beautiful

  10. Susan Losey says:

    I hope that someone will offer him a contract to sing. His voice is amazing.

  11. Sondra Cumberland says:

    Biggest injustice I have ever know ! This man is out of this world! Would it have to do with the fact that he is gay??? So unfair. I have listened to this a million times and I still get goosebumps every time. Brian Crumb I ❤️ you! I hope we hear from you again soon….yes please!

  12. Morton Carol says:

    OMG !!! He sings so powerfully. I have to share!!

  13. Chloe The Fab Turtle says:

    1:53 he can hold a note longer than i can hold up my grades

  14. Cole Thornton says:

    So amazingly powerful yet he made it look so easy. Bravo!


    Esa cucaracha negra que hace ahi???

  16. Jhon Alberdi says:

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  17. sharondesi says:

    SUPER AWESOME!!!!!❤❤❤ N he didn’t win????? Unbelievable 😰😰😰

  18. Memphis 63 says:

    Close my eyes, I hear My Chemical Romance unplugged!

  19. Nubia Rojas says:

    Es mejor interpretación que escuchado de esa canción. Hermosa 😍🇵🇦

  20. Paul Ryan says:

    2:33 product placement Dunkin Donuts for crying out loud in the middle of a quasi-spiritual moment…

    Yeah, well done producers, yer picked yer moment just right.

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