Healthy Singing – Easy Singing Tips for Healthy Singing

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Healthy Singing – Easy Singing Tips for Healthy Singing Review

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42 thoughts on “Healthy Singing – Easy Singing Tips for Healthy Singing

  1. Matthew Mighty says:

    Thanks for all the great tips on healthy singing Aaron, this was really helpful!

  2. Alex Kozlowski says:

    Awesome video man!!! I’m really into nutrition as well and I notice eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables helps my voice a lot. Could you maybe do a video on how to get that raspy sound in your voice that a lot of rock singers have. I find I can do it sometimes and it sounds really good, but I struggle to do it on a consistent basis and the harder I try the more forced and bad it sounds. Thanks dude!

  3. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    do you have any breathing excercises 

  4. MaryAnn N says:

    I would like to know how do singers get that super high notes.. I dont know if im explaining myself but for example.. Kelly Clarkson has an amazing voice and i always wanted to know how she gets the high notes (not in head voice)

  5. Katalina Cantu says:

    Thanx i love your channel there is no other person in youtube thats does what u do and yeah i just wanted to let u know that i have tried some of your techniques and they worked!! So thank you for that!

  6. Steven Ramos says:

    I used to sing decently but quit smoking. Singing in rock band the game sucked but I have almost returned to normal (diaphragm breathing is waaay better) and always have to clear phlegm with the National anthem. Once clear I sing the best of my life but if I have no private place to clear via singing I can not and will not!

  7. Alex Lawrence says:

    Breads and stuff are encouraged for people that body-build.

  8. Will Collin says:

    please do a video, on doing scales (with an example of you doing the scales). Also how to breath correctly during the singing. i love your videos 🙂

  9. Emma Gregory says:

    Why should I do vocal warmups? How can I prepare for an AGT audition? What r some good vocal warm ups? Can u answer the questions quickly I have an audition for America’s got talent coming up in January please give me some tips!!;)?

  10. Gabby Sell says:

    I’ve notice when I’m nervous I tend to not sing as good.. I know it’s only the nerves.. But do you know any tips to get rid of that nervousness?

    1. I guess practice more so that you know for sure you can do certain things and do your best to relax because tension messes up your vocal technique would be the most basic things

  11. Can you check with my singing in my song covers at my channel? I’d really like to sing better. I really need some tips.. 

    1. If ”to” is ”do” I am pretty positive that it’s all ages

  12. Now all of this videos you’ve uploaded it in this channel make me good singer or they’re just exercises make my voice good but not better??!

  13. Eddie Mercury says:

    How to sing good even when your nervous would be great help :). Your awesome!

  14. Varun Sharma says:

    I was thinking that I m frm india and m I able to purchase ur singing lessons. Becs ur presentation really deserves the appreciation..

  15. Ceko Searcy says:

    I learned a lot just that quick. Appreciate that..

  16. Michael Merfalen says:

    I’m trying to become a great singer while I’m still in high school and your videos are really helping me a lot
    All of my friends can hear me improving quickly
    I even got several compliments from my teachers!!
    Keep up the good work
    I’ll be there to support you in any way I can 🙂

  17. KaosCowGaming says:

    You helped me a lot I’ve subbed

  18. Do a video for singing during puberty and whats gonna happen to your voice. (for guys)

  19. isaiah dvorak says:

    thanks for the tips i hope to become a good sing one day

  20. lorenzotydavis says:

    What exercises can we do to improve our breathing when we sing.

  21. Victoria Musengo says:

    *drinking water as I watch this*

  22. jamesdrake952 says:

    We are called “lost Atlanta”

  23. Kimberly Feen says:

    Hi! I really like your advice 🙂 Here is my question…. I just started rehersing with a band that is established but in the rehersal space they are really loud and the mic can only be turned up so far before feeding back due to the size of the space etc…. I always have a raw horse sound to my voice the day after we get together but don’t want to seem wimpy or diva-like to my new companions…what should I do to hold my own vocally???? Thank you for your help

  24. Ben Jarrett says:

    Can you do a lesson on pop punk singing? Kinda like Joe Taylor from Knuckle Puck or Parker Cannon from The Story So Far. Please, I wan to do this without damaging my vocal chords

  25. Angelina Arnes says:

    I’m drinking water right now.

  26. Coretta Brewton says:

    Hi I’m just quitting cigarettes. I’ve always been able to sing, but I feel small differences. What can I do to change this? Thanx in advance

  27. James Bowen says:

    How long should I do my vocal workouts for? I do them for about an hour right now. 

  28. Iridescent Noise says:

    haha your mannerisms and tone of voice remind me of marty friedman.

  29. Clifford King says:

    I sing while drinking and it sounds good!

  30. poopie mankasingh says:

    Awesome advice!!, Thanks alot !

  31. Marc Wheeler says:

    how do you match and get on the right pitch an right turn and sing melody and harmony

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