Discover all about HEAD VOICE Day 1: Weekly SINGING EXERCISE Program by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here HEAD VOICE Day 1: Weekly SINGING EXERCISE Program.

This program contains 7 short singing exercise sessions. One for each day of the week. Designed to help develop an AMAZING singing voice. Use this course each week (unless vocally tired or sick) in order to see the best results.
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54 thoughts on “HEAD VOICE Day 1: Weekly SINGING EXERCISE Program

  1. Geni Dauti says:

    I’m improving my voice everyday…Thank you Anna….✌❤

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      +Geni Dauti That’s fantastic! So happy to hear this. 😀

    2. Geni Dauti says:

      Verba Vocal Technique And I couldn’t be happier…😊😊😊

  2. Never sounded worse than when doing these exercises, clearly I have work to do…see you tomorrow! Lol

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      +ChiB 😆 Always good to have something to work on!

  3. Madame Santen says:

    Love your videos, but some, including this one at times, are a little fast for me to be able to follow! Thanks though!

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      +Madame Santen Thanks. If you’re watching it on a computer, YouTube has a function that will actually play the video slower! Check it out!

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      +Nicole Griffie 😀 Thanks

  4. Karam Dayoub says:

    Thanks for the video can I ask you something when is sing. The ah vowel it is very breathy and I can’t go high with ah like I can with eee without belting i usually switch to falsetto
    and when I did the long phrase I lacked a lot of air and struggle…. is there anything I can do?

  5. Marina Martins says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing work sharing this with us!! And for your sweetness too. It’s a pleasure to watch you and follow you.
    I have a question about the 10:30 exercise… is it enough to follow the piano with the “ee” sound?

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, that should be fine.

  6. Praveen Khandekar says:

    Best Channel!!!!….U r Awsm Anna!!!!

  7. Maridaisy xxx says:

    Anna is a female version of Tom Hiddleston :D❤️

  8. Diane Shepherd says:

    Hi Anna and Mark. I know I’m always commenting. Apologies. BUT I have never done this particular lesson as well as I have this morning. I am managing the “long breath” sections very easily and still have some to spare! I think it’s because I’m thinking about the exercise you do on the alternative amazing voice video, about squeezing out every bit of bteath until there is nothing left in the lungs. Well IT MUST BE WORKING. Although musical theatre is still my favourite genre, I sing all types of songs (I remember you saying that that is a good idea anyway, and I do like some variety anyway). And you’ll never guess, because of the operatic voice training as you say is included in this video, I am also sing “O Mio Babbino Caro” as I find it comfortable to sing and reach the high notes, although I may not be hot on the latin pronunciation! So you will gather I HAD to thank you again. Without your invaluable help I would not be where I am today, Kindest regards to you both. xx

  9. Blueberry Muffin says:

    Hey Anna, great video! Could you please teach us how to sing louder without screaming? And speak louder?

  10. Hemal Mehta says:

    1:37. Great video though. Just if you are going back and replaying this video regularly like me, might not need the intro

  11. tran hang says:

    thanks you so much for this vocal lesson. It is fabulous for me to practice whatever i have free time. you guys are so great!

  12. Jeremine Jhamboy says:

    This is now my favorite 🙂 Thank you guys!

  13. Marina Samir says:

    i have a problem with the “a” i can’t sing it in position and i don’t know what to do with that!!

  14. Ariana&Selena Dogs&Cats says:

    Will you make another “Weekly singing program” with other tehnique aspects?Like melissma

  15. Nalini Tiwari says:

    I am your fan, you are awesome. missed the days when I took voice lessons. missed my teacher.👌

  16. Old David Who says:

    Why do I have a need to yawn trough this exericises?

  17. Nalini Tiwari says:

    I want to start voice training for my 8 year old daughter using your videos,pls suggest which videos to start with.

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      Any of the exercise video that she enjoys, but just probably missing out some of the extreme high and low notes.

    2. Nalini Tiwari says:

      Verba Vocal Technique OK, thank you

  18. Hi Anna and Mark, I’ve said thanks somewhere before but I’ll say it again: thanks so much for your videos! A year ago I was returning to singing from a break after stopping due to work and study abroad and hitting a G5 was a struggle, let alone making it sound full and nice. I was tempted to give up after getting rejected from an amateur audition for a free student concert and getting frank feedback about a horrible-sounding voice. I thought all that hard work I did, singing aged 6 to 21 for hours and hours a week, and I’m back to square one after just a year in the Middle East, because I couldn’t find a choir to join, and how can I ever get back to that level unless I take another 15 years, so why bother? Then I found your videos and Anna said anyone can train the voice! Why not re-train mine, I thought? I’ve done something several times a week along with rep. and I can now sing a decent B5, and I’ve also noticed I can sing for long phrases when I was constantly having to breath mid-phrase before. And do you know what? My voice is better than before the break! Having been one of the weaker-sounding sopranos in the choir this time last year, I’m now a soloist at my Oxford College chapel choir: all thanks to your videos! I’m excited to think what I could achieve if I start doing them every day! All the very best from your fan in Oxford xx

  19. Josh Nichols says:

    do i have to always use head voice for each exercise? or it scales to the point were I start using it?

  20. Ariana&Selena Dogs&Cats says:

    How much took you to get an amazing voice?

  21. Beth Ridley says:

    I can’t keep my breath throughout all the exercises. I keep on needing to breathe. Any tips?

    1. Diane Shepherd says:

      Beth Ridley. You have to take a VERY long breath in and as you sing or do your exercises, let the breath out SLOWLY. Anna will tell you that you will always have that little extra bit of breath left that you didn’t think you had. I hope she doesn’t mind me helping you.

  22. Pixie GalaxyMars says:

    Just flooded my ‘Watch later’ playlist with these 1-7

  23. Damon Kutt says:

    What is he playing on the piano how do I tell?

  24. Ariana&Selena Dogs&Cats says:

    Hi! I improved a lot at these exercises.I mean it’s much easier for me to do these exercises now than before.But When I sing songs I don’t feel Any improvement except that my range is wider.My breathing and belting are just as bad as before.Can you give me some advice please?

  25. mark gearo says:

    Awesome video. I got lost at little at 9:10. I’m transcribing the exercises to guitar. I will keep at it.

  26. Angelica jb says:

    what if my throat pains….i think i went a bit higher but the pain reduces with time

  27. Anna Kelermenou says:

    What vowel to use for the trill exercise?

  28. claudia nash says:

    I find this very helpful but think it would be beneficial for Anna to sing along a little longer on some of the lengthier scales for us beginners, I tend to get a little lost

    1. Diane Shepherd says:

      Claudia nash. For me, that’s the whole point – for Anna to “start you off”. You have to learn to do it by yourself early on, so you don’t rely on someone else. We are all beginners to start with (!!) but when you move on you will realise that it’s best to use your own voice etc. I have been using Anna’s site since mid July 2017 and I was more than happy to take her lead then try them myself as the lessons progress. I think that is the best way. I hope you can try to do this and that you get to feel more confident as time passes. I’m not wishing to criticise in any way, I just like to help if I can and to pass on own experiences. Good luck Claudia.

    1. Verba Vocal Technique says:

      Don’t listen, just sing 🙂

  29. The Sur Show says:

    Fantastic exercises. Challenging, helpful and fun all at the same time!

  30. Abhishek Adhikari says:

    is it ok to feel my voice sound so
    idiot 🙁 i sound so weired
    do reply plz 🙂

  31. gracias por tus enseñanzas…no se como hace rel zennnngg me lastima me agota no se como hacerlo…gracias lo seguiré practicando

    1. hay algun ejercicio para lograr las partes agudas en la cabeza

  32. AashMena Eure says:

    Enjoyed the exercises!! My voice I felt had plateaued and I needed the challenge!! Thank you for sharing!

  33. Suruchi Soni says:

    The most clear and informative teaching on YouTube!

  34. Kawaii Kat says:

    my head voice is so unreliable, sometimes it comes out and sometimes it makes this weird airy noise, especially when i do it on an “ah” sound. Is this normal?

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