Head Voice and Chest Voice…What are They? – Singing Lessons

Discover all about Head Voice and Chest Voice…What are They? – Singing Lessons by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Head Voice and Chest Voice…What are They? – Singing Lessons.

Head Voice and Chest Voice…What are they? These terms are thrown around all the time but do you really know what they mean and how to find them? If you don’t or are just not 100% sure then check out this video. 🙂


Thanks for watching Yo! I am on a mission to help you to become the best singer that you can be. I want to help you to explore and understand your voice, because when you understand your voice and can sing with it rather than against it, you will sound amazing, and it will feel like the best feeling ever This is how it feels for me and I want you to have this feeling too. In order for this to happen I must clear up all the confusion on Youtube. Too many videos and lots of information, all coming from different angles and often misusing terms leaves a singer in total confusion… not anymore Vocal Coach Dylan to the rescue!


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8 thoughts on “Head Voice and Chest Voice…What are They? – Singing Lessons

  1. MrGlowstonez says:

    can we get a video on how to hide the flip noise?

  2. Quick Singing Tips says:

    Hey there man this is some great stuff very straight forward and
    understandable and thing for all the specifics in between. You a have a fun
    personality and comes through easily. Keep up the good work! Best, Marvin

  3. Tamir Cohen says:

    When my mum walked in I switched to gay porn because it was easier to
    explain the sounds

  4. Roora's Secret says:

    Maybe you can help me. I sing totally normal with good power but when I go
    higher, my voice instantly gets very thin and I can not sing with power.
    Sometimes I can but then my voice starts cracking up or it starts to really
    hurt. Do you have any tips for me, please? Also when I try to come back
    from high to low, I still keep the thin voice.

  5. You chest voice is not very clear, and also headvoice u r making kind of

  6. simon Gustafsson says:

    hey man what do you mean when you say the first passagio starts as A3 and
    finishes at around d4? I’m supper confused by this ?

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