Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3 - Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3

Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3

Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3 - Discover all about Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3 by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3 and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Hanggai Throat Singing Lesson 3.

The next episode of Hanggai’s throat singing contest. This lesson features a new technique to get creative with.

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  1. What is this technique called? In Tuvan Khoomei there’s Borbangnadyr which is done with the lips, I think, not the tongue; and Ezengileer, which is achieved by opening and closing the nasal velum. This here is a rhythmic trill done with the tip of the tongue, which I like, but nobody I know ever mentioned this to be a proper technique…

  2. Well I learned a bunch more stuff in the past year…
    Ezengileer is the Tuvan technique of using the velum to close off the nasal passage.
    Byrlang is when one rapidly makes a wuwuwuwu motion with one’s lips.
    Borbangnadyr is similar to the technique demonstrated in the video, when you use the base or tip of your tongue to rapidly tremolo a “yuh” or “luh” sound.

  3. I know what you mean. About the making stuff up yourself. I am most comfortable in a baritone range for fundamental, constricting that gives me nice harmonics and a crisp “ring” to the overtones. But I don’t keep it strictly Tuvan, I often vocalize in Irish or Scottish melodies with lips used for beat as in the practically extinct Uzlyau style of the Bashkir people. Sort of an Uzbek-Siberian-Celtic hybrid… pretty weird coming from a Teutonic Caucasian…

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