Guitar Techniques – How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time – 10 Step Method [TE-901]

Discover all about Guitar Techniques – How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time – 10 Step Method [TE-901] by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Guitar Techniques – How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time – 10 Step Method [TE-901].

In this video I will outline a 10 Step Method for learning to play and sing at the same time. Follow these steps carefully and you should find you will be able to sing and play after some practice of course!!

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40 thoughts on “Guitar Techniques – How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time – 10 Step Method [TE-901]”

  1. Hi justin! Your video is very helpful, but you didn’t mention about proper
    posture. Also, my guitar slips, any suggestions?

  2. Hey! Justin………. What`s up? Aaah! I have a
    request…………….something not about guitar
    Can you please send me the picture of your girlfriend/wife picture. yes, a
    picture of your of girlfriend/wife………please don`t mind

  3. Hi, Justin, thank you for your great lessons. Maybe you could correct link
    to website according to new lesson code, I considered that now it is
    TE-901, not 401. You might also correct link to it on your lessons map at
    website. I’ve found lesson at

  4. drummers have a similar problem as this, your right hand and right foot
    automatically want to sync up and move at the same time but you have to
    break this link in your head but once it goes it gets easier.

  5. Great plan, I follow that sequence when trying to learn a new song. Thanks,
    btw, love your hat … … … :)

  6. A very helpful video Jusin. Thanxx! 🙂

    I just have one question. I’m an intermediate player who can manage to sing
    and play at the same time. But there’s this issue of my tempo slightly but
    noticeably changing after some time. I realize the issue is that sometimes
    rather than singing according to the playing tempo, I start playing to the
    singing tempo which sometimes vary. Can you please tell me a way to fix
    this issue?

  7. Thank you for this lesson. Even though I’ve been playing guitar for a
    while, the one thing I can’t do is sing and play at the same time, or play
    a song all the way through without stopping, because I can’t coordinate my
    singing an playing. As you said, a lot of it is common sense, but most of
    it (if not all) of it never occurred to me to try. My favorite was #3.
    I am not a great singer, not even a “just OK” singer, and that is part of
    my problem with learning to play songs. But your suggestions will
    definitely help me over come my obstacles.
    Great stuff. Thanks again.

  8. I already know the right strumming patterns of a song. But when I start
    singing while I play, I mess it up. Why like that? :(

  9. I had a lot of trouble singing and playing at the same time at first too,
    and with a lot of songs I still do. I would recommend following his method,
    but starting with easy songs and working your way up. I started with
    Nirvana songs because the strumming patterns are always so simple and
    natural, the vocals being pretty simple as well for most songs. Polly was
    the first song I learned how to sing and play. Then work your way up
    through more complex strumming patterns like in some of the early Beatles
    songs. Once you get that down try playing and singing verses that aren’t
    just chords, but progressions of single notes. I used All Apologies for

    I still struggle sometimes, but with most songs it’s just a matter of
    establishing the muscle memory for your hands on the guitar and forcing
    yourself to sing it, playing straight through the parts you screw up. You
    really have to commit. Oh and one more tip, instead of singing the actual
    lyrics right off the bat I like to mumble through the vocal pattern, or
    just hum it while I’m working on trying to learn a song. When you are
    concentrating on the lyrics it makes it much harder to alternate between
    playing and singing, so if you just hum it at first you can concentrate on
    the guitar and ease your way into the lyrics.

  10. Learning guitar is a long process. That is why the failure rate is so high.
    People think they can just learn a few songs and sing to them. Then they
    buy a guitar and try it and think..holy shit, not so easy. It is definately
    frustrating and intimidating in the beginning. But I am sticking with it
    because I really want to learn for myself and let’s face it, girls love
    guys that can play guitar and sing.

  11. god dammit..awesome tips..i have been playing for a lot of years. but still
    cant do both at same time..good video…thanx

  12. somewhere and somehow i have been practicing few of these points which i
    realized over time.. but never took enough time and patience to
    follow…but u have put them in such an exciting order. and that makes u an
    expert at not just playing but teaching what u know how to play. Thanks Mr.

  13. Thanks for this tutorial. I have a problem with stage 9, which you also
    didn’t really show. Easy strumming, so only down on every beat is no
    problem, but the minute I try a slightly harder strumming pattern I mess
    up. I start singing along with the strumming pattern. :-/

  14. What about point eleven and twelve? If one manages to to master points1-10
    then include the following, Point 11, body language and point 12 facial
    expressions. Once you become a star your’ll have a camera or T.V lens
    staring at you!

  15. Still a great tutorial, just think, at the Beatles very early years
    1958-1962 there was no, so how did they do it????🤔

  16. After trying for years to become a better singer I came across Bens Singer
    Blog and this appears to be the top online method (check it out on google)

  17. Thanks for posting these tips and all your lessons. Disastrous evening last
    night trying to sing and play two songs I thought I knew well. I have a lot
    of work to do.

  18. Actually about the writing down the lyrics part. I actually did that a
    whole lot before even watched or even thought about getting myself a
    guitar. During school all the time, every once in a while some kid came to
    up to me and said, “What are you writing?” I’ll just be like trying to
    remember the lyrics of this song. Yeah just something I did before learning
    guitar and vocals.

  19. Am I a freaky person? I can sing through a whole song with the right lyrics
    without reply realising? 😳😳😳

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