Great Opera Stars teaching how to sing

Discover all about Great Opera Stars teaching how to sing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Great Opera Stars teaching how to sing.

Great opera starts such as Birgit Nillsson, Renata Tebaldi, Alfredo Kraus, Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, Ileana Cotrubas, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Grace Bumbry giving lessons on how to sing…

41 thoughts on “Great Opera Stars teaching how to sing

  1. Filip Duda says:

    Does anyone have a name on Domingo’s student? That was glorious!

  2. Salimaum Rogal says:

    what is grace bumbrey singing in thE VIDEO???

  3. BetuliaLiberata says:

    Kraus is an AWFUL pedagogue just looking at what he’s pointing out.

  4. Zashorigin says:

    I liked them all and their approach and advice to the pieces. The tenor
    with Alfredo Kraus was NOT prepared to sing that.. too much and he didn’t
    have the voice or even a little technique. Cotrubas made me laugh so hard
    and Luciana Serra is right… also very funny.

  5. Blumenwiese90 says:

    die beste Stimme von allen Schülern hat der Schüler von Paravarotti.

  6. fluorite1971 says:

    Luciano Serra is not a great singer.

  7. Hey please what’s the song called at 23:00? Thanks a lot

  8. Smile6784 says:

    Wondering what has become of all these young singers

  9. ThickBeet says:

    What’s 4:00, I swear that I’ve heard it before !!

  10. Shams Islam says:

    Tebaldi is quite the presence, you can feel power by just how she walks and
    looks. She also wanted to tear the soprino to shreds.

  11. Robert Lee says:

    Schwartzkopf was tough but her points are very valid. She is no BS

  12. justice jones says:

    What is the aria Grace Brumby is coaching, sung by the soprano @ 9 mins?

  13. Bumbry is coaching Boheme (she sings Delilah)

  14. To Galen Warren: Not a waste of my bandwidth. Sorry about yours.

  15. JustToBe Blunt says:

    I just feel bad for Alfredo Kraus, his student was not ready to sing like a
    tenor, hence he was way to heavy so his crack was inevitable. it sounded
    like as if his student never knew about how to properly produce a covered

  16. Sean Redmond says:

    Is the guy murdering ‘Celeste Aida’ with Kraus for real or is it a joke?!!

  17. James Koenig says:

    Maybe Kraus should have told the tenor (who had a good voice but not yet
    the technique) “You’re not quite ready for this aria.” He sort of let him
    crash and burn and took the opportunity to show the HE (Kraus) still had
    it. Hmmmm

  18. Victor Mone says:

    Ahhhhh Tebaldi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Liebkrank is one word Ms Schwarzkopf,you can’t take a breath and divide the
    word, Frau Kammersaengerin!!

  20. jurgiskubilius says:

    E. Schwarzkopf at 2:30 – what does she sing? I know that it’s a notorius
    aria (especially at 2:35 it is so heared before) but just cannot remenber
    it 😀 Help please…

  21. SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    My God. You would quake in the mere presence of these maestros. And
    to actually have to sing in front of them!

  22. that tenor with pavarotti has a beautiful voice.

  23. Sofia Raselli says:

    I love Cotrubas teaching…and Montserrat…what a funny ladu

  24. SONIC FOXX MUSIC...(D.N.A... Developing New Artists) says:

    HANNAH DRURY’S “SWEET LADY ENGLAND….google this up and coming little

  25. Austin Harris says:

    7:25 the audience is terrible lol

  26. JuanMa Espinola says:

    Where is Callas ? The greastest !

  27. Pavarotti is very generous, but he has a fantastic student.

  28. Bradley Monroe says:

    Bilson and Domingo both helping tenors sing Una furtiva lagrima

  29. Sardus Orpheus says:

    Domingo teaching singing? He teaches how to crack the high notes? ;)

  30. Drops of Music and Fun! says:

    Who can say me the name of the piece who’s wonderfully singing Grace Bumbry
    in 7:40, please ?

  31. barahona68 says:

    Poor Tebaldi, should that be a masterclass? Eighter the girl is at the
    beginning of her singing classes or she has almost no voice at all!

  32. David Newton says:

    This was posted some five years ago, but it is really instructive. Master
    classes are supposed to be for singers who already have their technique and
    discipline in place. Most of these singers sound like they are just
    starting to learn how to sing. And a great singer isn’t necessarily a good
    teacher (just my opinion).

  33. Madison Shepherd says:

    My friend try to tell me that my voice is good but i dont know…i just very nervous to sing because i dont think that my voice is nice.

  34. To play piano, it is best to take training that is applicable as it is one thing distinct from singing.

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