Golden Buzzers 2017 All Best Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

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Britain’s Got Talent 2017 All Golden Buzzers

40 thoughts on “Golden Buzzers 2017 All Best Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

  1. KhanSaheb _1994 says:

    could tell me the name of song when the girls dance?

  2. AlphaQ_O Wolfiez says:

    That guys voice is cancerous

  3. BONDPlayz says:

    Simon looks like a younger Steve jobs

  4. Marwan Khalil says:

    just amazing … really honestly and truly …

  5. Caro Hernández says:

    I fell in love with the comedian/magician

  6. Vick 2304 says:

    Di menit 15,41 judul lagunya apa yg nyanyi siapa ya…

  7. I really love it when they push the golden buzzer and then they come and hug the contestant. I mean ugh, I’m not crying there’s just water flowing down my eyes…

  8. The PrettyBoy says:

    Alguien sabe como puedo ver la parte del comediante en español. gracias

  9. Fell asleep listening to music woke up to thus

  10. Ariella Stoltman says:

    I’ve never seen David give a golden buzzer

  11. therealbrains says:

    Kyle. you are great. Thank you very much for this perfomance. God bless you

  12. Louanne Judas says:

    vous etes touce anglais ?????????????

  13. Pallab Das says:

    Jio is in my way dude…ambani will surely have an call centre at UK

  14. Reina Chan says:

    Где русские сабы сука нихуя непонятно

  15. Johan Tan says:

    One of the best singer ever lived.Got blown away!

  16. Suyogya Khatiwada says:

    That magician was just great. 😂 😂

  17. monica neo says:

    Watch “Charice-And i am telling you”

  18. Grace Thompson says:

    I love simon giving David that look that’s just like “ha you’re the mean one now”

  19. Ernesto Espinosa says:

    Nose que putas dijo 😂😂

  20. 日本語の字幕ない😱

  21. boboy Narvaez says:

    I really really want to meet matt edward

  22. Danny See UBon says:

    My tears When he pressed the button.

  23. Since 1999 says:

    The blonde hair woman so beautiful 😏😍

  24. Joven Pacia says:

    Nakakapanindig balahibo when judges beat the golden buzzer

  25. Joven Pacia says:

    I’m shocking and my body is shaking when the judges beat the golden buzzer

  26. TheSupremo says:

    that girls dance group so inspiring

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