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40 thoughts on “GOLDEN BUZZER – The “MOST DIFFICULT” Song In The WORLD!

  1. at the start she was cocky, then I was like … oh ok… she is aloud to be cocky

  2. Matty Holmes says:

    Definitely a radio voice shes annoying as hell

  3. IHazGabby says:

    I find it funny the one who said she had no chance pressed the golden buzzer like what the actual fuq.

  4. prettipoison says:

    Girl is phenomenal!!! Now I know this will probably start a online riot but what is the name of the song and who did it first?? I’m not sure if I recognize it.

  5. Ottis brown says:

    Can you say , the reincarnation of Aretha Franklin……..

  6. Blues fan says:

    What a voice. She’d make a great Blues singer, and not many people have the right voice for that, although a lot of them try.

  7. Oh my… I have no words. God bless her.

  8. Maritza Navarrete says:

    Wow!!! Amazing voice great job..I don’t watch this show, but ppl with this talent is worth me watching now!

  9. leon huggins says:

    My days!…………just………oh my……..WHAAT!! She jut made whitneys version (god rest her soul) sound……meh!

  10. LaKeisha Wallace says:

    Lord that girl didn’t just drop the mic she lit it on fire first then dropped it!!! WOW just WOW!!! I am speechless.

  11. andy36051347 says:

    Absolutely amazing. This young lady was born to do this.

  12. Neoimperialist1 says:

    This one is going to be another Aretha. You go, girl!

  13. “Most difficult” song in the world???

    You REALLY need to get out more

  14. chriskim328 says:

    THE best audition in entire music history, PERIOD.

  15. Annabel Piano says:

    Omg!!maybe if I sing like her,the vein in my neck will cut!!haha.. you so lucky girl!

  16. POLIMEY5H5EY4 says:

    What’s the name of the song??

  17. Donald Parlett jr says:

    The most deserved golden buzzer. She showed them her talent

  18. shabbir rashid says:

    Black. Proud. Unapologetic.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Tony Martens says:

    that’s what i love about music

  20. Ann Tucker says:

    Damn that girl can sing! She’s fantastic! LOL the judges tried to stay seated to the end but lost that battle! Up on their feet every one of them!

  21. badgalcuehollywood baebykaely wydny says:

    Yes girl prove symmon wrong don’t ever doubt somebody like yes bb girl good job #symmonis wrong

  22. Bet you she can’t play the harmonica and eat ice cream at the same time though.

  23. Matthew DeRamo says:

    Honestly how did 3k people not enjoy this? That was incredible!!!!!!!

  24. Somebody call the police and have that woman arrested for murder because she slayed that song. Geeeees ! ! !

  25. Chelsea Titilola says:

    Simon did not have to think about after she said thank you he pressed and Simon is like Gordon Ramsay but for singing

  26. Basketball.gurly says:

    When any other judge hits the golden buzzer ehh but when Simon does it wait did he just ohh yes he did

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