Gianni Chetta – Singing Lesson with M. Angelo Lo Forese (02 Feb 2015)

Discover all about Gianni Chetta – Singing Lesson with M. Angelo Lo Forese (02 Feb 2015) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gianni Chetta – Singing Lesson with M. Angelo Lo Forese (02 Feb 2015).
Gianni Chetta singing lesson with the unique Maestro and Tenor Angelo Lo Forese (Loforese), age 94 (nearly 95), on 9 February 9, 2015.
I think for any singer can be very useful to listen to the lessons of the great Maestro Loforese (learning from his corrections, indications and advises).

Lezione di canto di Gianni Chetta con lo straordinario Maestro e Tenore Angelo Lo Forese (Loforese), quasi 95 anni di età, il 09/02/2015.
Credo che per qualunque cantante possa essere di grande utilità ascoltare le lezioni del grande Maestro Loforese, facendo tesoro delle sue indicazioni, consigli e correzioni.

Grazie Maestro Angelo !

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13 thoughts on “Gianni Chetta – Singing Lesson with M. Angelo Lo Forese (02 Feb 2015)”

  1. Confermo, non c’è limite al peggio e, aggiungo, all’ottusità dell’essere umano (di qualunque genere esso sia) che rende incomprensibili anche le situazioni più palesi. W i grandi uomini come il Maestro Angelo Loforese che cercare di illuminare un’umanità evidentemente satura di mediocrità (in Italia in particolar modo) con buona pace di chi, anni luce distante, si sente in dovere di giudicare non potendo in realtà altro che esprimere nonsense che riflettono un QI da tempo nevroticamente imprigionato in cantina.

  2. Could you please add subtitles in spanish or english? 🙂 it will be highly appreciated!

  3. Why put this video? But it is obvious! Me I tell you thank you for posting this video. Those who insult you are RIDICULOUS.
    I learned a lot thanks to the incredible talent of the Maestro, and forgive me, through your mistakes that the Maestro is attempting to correct.
    It is impressive to see the quality of the stamp of the Maestro at almost 95 years old!
    His technique is perfect, and even if I have already studied the technique very much, I find that his speech is rare (on the lips and diaphragm).
    I immediately try to implement all of this.
    To conclude, I would say that Mr. Gianni Chetta shown great humility by posting this video, I would say it is proof of goodness! Indeed, he knows that some will laugh and does not care of it; It posted, in my opinion, this video to help others to grow.
    and for that, Mr Chetta, once again, thank you very much!  (Sorry for the mistakes, I’m french and use google translator).

  4. hello mr Chetta, thanks for posting this videos
    your voice sounds powerfull and interesting and the advices of maestro loforese are great.
    I would like to work with him, and maybe you can tellme huw i can contact him.
    Thanks again

  5. Omg! I admire his longevity but he’s NOT a voice teacher. He can probably give you some good general advice, but technical matters go beyond personal experience and talent. Teaching is a completely different and complicated field which requires dedication, patience and study. The teacher needs to understand what you are doing incorrectly and diagnostically be capable of guiding you to correct your bad habits.

  6. Putting up a video whrere one is CORRECTED for the benefit of all takes a LOT of humility, LOVE for the art and love for others.
    I don’t care much about opera, or occidental intervals, but I do so as concerns the way a master shares knowledges, his paedagogy and the student’s progress.

    Your humility will take you far. I wish you all the best. God bless.

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