Get Low – Female Vocal Workout Exercise for Singing Lessons

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Get Low – Female Vocal Workout Exercise

This video highlights the bottom end of the female vocal range.

the lowest note in this exercise is F3 but Christina Perr’s “Jar of hearts” requires a singer to be able to reach Eb3. Chrinstina Aguilera sings even lower. Another song often attempted by singers I have met is Beyonce’s “If I were a boy” which goes down to an F#3.

The visual in this video shows Midde C as being C5. This is just how FL Studio shows it’s octaves. But for conversations when talking about vocal range it is important to know that C4 is middle C.

Thanks for watching!

36 thoughts on “Get Low – Female Vocal Workout Exercise for Singing Lessons

  1. Veronique Zonneveld says:

    tanx this helped me reach the lower notes after practising 🙂 (srry for my bad english im from The Netherland 😀 )

  2. WhereRainDiesthLight says:

    Could it go a little lower? It stopped just when I was starting to really “work”. Thank you so much for these videos! 🙂

  3. Alisha Walden says:

    Your videos are really amazing! I’m a senior in high school and my teacher pulls up your video on and we do voice workouts everyday.

  4. Luvvvve it <3
    could u do lower warp up plz ! ..

    It's not easy for me to get lower =(


  5. ehseery15 says:

    I haven’t sang anything in 3 years and am starting to practice again for a cover of Lithium by Evanescence. Thanks for the warm ups

  6. these work outs are great. I suggest people get ou the keyboard and just use them and go up or down a key depending on the workout, then you can go as high or as low as you want

  7. Meggie Russell says:

    It feels so weird to have a low range and think those notes are high…

  8. namdlefhtes says:

    Great head voice workout for men!

  9. What are the low notes in Toni Braxton’s “Spanish guitar”? I think I can reach them but not consistently. Or perhaps Lana del Rey’s born to die?

  10. Helped me improve in My vocal exersices

  11. iannickCZ says:

    Can you somebody advise me some “male” workout excercise, the lowest tone here is my normal “middle” tone…as a bass singer. thank you.

  12. CiCiSariego says:

    Why does it point to the Eb3 but not scale down to it? I wanted to see where my low range ends. :/

  13. Sara Letham says:

    Is a vocal range of g3 to d#6 strange xx

  14. meriam rezika says:

    Play this on repeat so many times

  15. Isaacbradbeth McCumaker says:

    do, do re do, do re mi re do, do re mi fa mi re do, do re mi fa so fa mi re do, do re mi fa so la so fa mi re do, do re mi fa so la ti la so fa mi re do, do re mi fa so la ti do ti la so fa mi re do

  16. Tyshonna Halbert says:

    thank you so much for this! i have to sing for a big event tomarrow and this was super helpful for me. love it!! 

  17. Hadrian Moran says:

    Thank you for this video and the rest of them, they really help 🙂

  18. EllaAnimates says:

    doesn’t go low enough for my range :/

  19. princess darkshines says:

    Is it weird that my vocal range is Eb3 to D6 or is that normal? I’m trying to be able to sing even lower. I think it’s quite good considering my voice hasn’t fully matured yet. I’m 12 years old.

  20. Can you make this lower? This is kind of high for me

  21. Love for Piano says:

    I can only go low to A2… I am a male

  22. Joan Lee 이어진 says:

    Didn’t really work because I go into chest voice at C3

  23. Misael V. says:

    Try this with mo- on a fry or wah on staccato

  24. Sandy Lafontaine says:

    its to low for me I wish it higher

  25. Handsome Sand says:

    My voice is really low for a female. Sigh. I sound like a boy with puberty

  26. Hey I Think I know You says:

    thank you! have been warming up to this every morning lately! 😀

  27. shay sward says:

    i used to have a lot lower range and not a very high range and now it’s flipped and i miss my lower range 🙁 (im a female)

  28. Emily Birkett says:

    La de da de da de da de daaaa!!!!!….

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