Gary Douglas Changes Girl’s Singing Voice In 5 Minutes

Discover all about Gary Douglas Changes Girl’s Singing Voice In 5 Minutes by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gary Douglas Changes Girl’s Singing Voice In 5 Minutes.

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, works with an amazing girl and the difference in her singing voice is … wow! Would you like some change?


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40 thoughts on “Gary Douglas Changes Girl’s Singing Voice In 5 Minutes

  1. I wish I could sing… but I’m to confused with all the terms and everything… people say she needs work, but tbh for her I think she doesn’t need that much improvement… I don’t know… like some people on the voice and stuff sound great to me but then they are turned down like some of the most awful singers on there

  2. Anna Does Things says:

    Why does this have so many dislikes I really liked it

  3. Madeleine Johansen says:

    Shes not bad, she can hold the key and hits the notes. More than many people can do

  4. Domonique Davis says:

    Wow beautiful!! She did a great job and so did he.

  5. That One Synesthete: Jordan Brown Music says:

    There was a change in her confidence and key, but not in quality. No hate though.


    I don’t know why they clapped in the first one. She sounded like absolute shit
    The next day she STILL sounds like shit
    Stop fucking clapping people, you’re obviously tone deaf

  7. Darth Veda says:

    This girl isnt using air or volume. Therefore her voice sounds like she wants to take a breath.

  8. 오민희 says:

    I want to sing better …I love singing

  9. Lexically Ambiguityness says:

    2:54 For a vocal coach I have no fuckin idea what he just said

  10. Marios Gregoriou says:

    is she by any chance sara niemetz or the timelines don’t match?

  11. Shanen Smith says:

    Why does this have 8 million views? Why?

  12. Nicklas Svensson says:

    8:48 haha omg i thought the guy standing was clapping with his feet and hands xD

  13. Iiris Puhakka says:

    Very well done. The guide or the trainer on the stage, could be also a dentist or a kitchen chef. 🙂

  14. Wow, talk about making a voice more solid, confident and present..

  15. LulUSAndo says:

    Hmm…am I the only one who thinks it’s better the first day? There are only two noticeable differences: less nervous and lower key on the second day. As someone who prefers higher notes, I like the first one better…

  16. yeah she’s relaxed the second day, but there’s more to it – she’s controlling her breath and she puts emotions into it – she now thinks about the song and what it means, and not about the audience. That’s half the success for any singer. 🙂

  17. did anyone else think he was creepy? like… kind of in a pedophile way?

  18. 04:32 – that’s Hypnosis right there. Very mild one & probably instinctive – but still effective in calming the girl down

  19. Rosemary Conte says:

    This is bogus. The man has such poor technique he can’t even speak so he can be understood!!!

  20. Kara Newsome says:

    She started off too high for her comfortable range, didn’t really change much but the second day she started lower. I saw a tiny improvement in confidence purely based on the fact that someone was giving her pointers. I think the actual technique from the coach was worse than even I could have done.

  21. Claire Sinclaire says:

    You think he could TALK any faster?

  22. carrie dudley says:

    The reason she sounded “better” is because she lowered her pitch and practiced her breathing.

  23. Does Access Consciousness offer anything for people with no self-confidence, fear of failure, pain and regret, and skepticism? If so, where would they start?

  24. Great teacher, very warmhearted and and has a profound skill! He also heals his students in many ways and the student´s voice reflects this healing. The depth of compassion and love he gives to his student is remarkable!

  25. Julie Nelson says:

    Such change! Way to go Aubrey & teacher!

  26. ernestina cisneros says:

    wooooo muchas gracias yo canto y cambio mi vooz gracias

  27. cluxseltoot says:

    Blew my mind – just goes to show what can be done with training and personal confidence – the young girl is great.

  28. Walter Cairns says:

    I have been told a good deal about the “placement” technique, i.e. by smiling as you sing you can reach a higher range. Some have praised it, others denounced! Any views on this technique? Cheers, Walter C

  29. a little bit trashy says:

    she’s really good. she just needs a bit more power and expression is all

  30. Motionless Animations says:

    Guys, I’m gonna ruin everything

  31. Lots of skeptics making comments, not a lot of knowledgeable people though. Something to think about.

  32. Always have Always will,for eternity says:

    Somebody get me this guys number I need to learn how to sing

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