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Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková – Singing Lessons / How To Sing Adele – Skyfall – KenTamplinVocalAcademy dot com by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková – Singing Lessons / How To Sing Adele – Skyfall – KenTamplinVocalAcademy dot com.

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Teaches KTVA Student Gabriela Gunčíková How To Sing Like Adele / Skyfall.
Learn To Sing Like This!

42 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – Singing Lessons / How To Sing Adele – Skyfall – KenTamplinVocalAcademy dot com

  1. vojtech pokos says:

    Sing Christina Aguilera-Bound to you

  2. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
    I have over 4,000 like minded KTVA students and 8 KTVA trained moderators
    who help answer your singing questions.
    You can join here: 

  3. Patrick Smith says:

    Hi Ken, I was wondering, do have you have singing techniques to help a guy
    sing a little more deeply and breathy (with that slightly cloudy sound)
    without hurting his voice? Thanks!

  4. Amy Sammy says:

    This girl is awesome,i will join the academy soon

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Hey Guys consider this:

    Most all other vocal coaching web sites display no actual singing. NONE
    They “talk” about singing with unverifiable testimonials but show no real

    Here’s just a small sampling of KTVA students

    How to sing like Dave Grohl have 185K+ views.
    How To Sing Like Dave Grohl / The Pretender / Foo Fighters /
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    Her How to sing like Layne Staley have 179 K+ How To Sing Like Layne Staley
    / Man In The Box / Alice In Chains / KenTamplinVocalAcademy com

    My student Anthony 8 million Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sung in 20 Styles)
    Ten Second Songs

    My student Ryan Haeri How to sing like Steve Perry 179 K+
    How To Sing Like Steve Perry – Journey – Faithfully – Ken Tamplin Vocal

    My student Tina Alcorace just went viral last week with 130K views in 4 days

    My student Sara Loera How to sing like X-Tina 79K
    How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera – Beautiful –

    Many of my videos well into the 200 – 300K range… as well as this one at
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    I guess people want to believe they can take a weight loss pill and not
    exercise and get what they want. (or “quick vocal tips) But they will soon
    find out it doesn’t work like that.

  6. Can you do a “How to sing like Serj from System Of A Down” Please :)

  7. Bob Hohenberger says:

    This is a great singing lesson on how to sing like Adele on Skyfall, by
    Gabriela Guncikova. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is teaching guys and girls
    how to sing like their favorite artists. Listen to Gabriela lean into the
    sound on this tune as it progresses! KTVA teaches you to sing like a PRO!
    Learn to belt, wail, and sing with POWER! KTVA covers it all! Watch the
    video after the song. See how Ken Trained Gabby on this song before the
    recording session. It’s like a free singing lesson from Ken Tamplin. You
    get to watch and learn!

  8. Tyjulka92 says:

    When I see this, I’m proud to be Czech 🙂 Well done!!!

  9. Konstantin Chudov says:

    I like those yodles in the full voice choruses! They make it so emotional:)

  10. Bob Hohenberger says:

    How to Sing like Adele – SKYFALL. Here is a live studio performance,
    followed by a blow-by-blow singing lesson preparing for this recording
    session from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy with KTVA student Gabriela
    Guncikova. Learn more about singing lessons from vocal coach Ken Tamplin
    at and find out how you can learn to
    sing with this kind of power and sound! Check out Ken’s singers forums and
    learn what singers from all over the world are saying about Ken Tamplin
    Vocal Academy. You can get in on the action at
    and find new friends in the
    singing community! Join us there! 

  11. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Regarding my: “How To Sing Like” series.

    People say “I want to sound like me and not anyone else”.
    And I say – Absolutely! No one should “clone” anyone.
    But we all have influences, and it is the sum of those influences, and how
    we “re-present” them with our own style that makes us great.

    In addition, If we pick a difficult cover song where the bar is set high,
    this is an excellent grading scale to see how well our singing technique is
    This is also true for learning in different styles as this increases our
    vocabulary and tool box for diverse singing and helps us find what we like
    or don’t like to build our own unique voice.

    In all of my “How To Sing Like” videos, I still sound like Ken Tamplin, but
    I have a flavor of the original artist demonstrating their “style” safely
    when often the original artist lost their voice due to bad technique.

  12. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Here is Gabriela Tearin’ It Up At Her 1st Show For Trans Siberian
    Orchestra. WORHTY!!!
    Gabriela Gun + TSO: Night Conceives 11.13.2014 Council Bluffs

  13. Leonardo Leal says:

    muito linda gata krl foda ela linda de mais ! ela canta muito WTF !

  14. Jorrit Nieuwenhuis says:

    Hi Ken, I wonder why you lean into the sound of the singer towards the
    end… Adele sings on the bridge a lot, If I hear her she is a great
    singer, but she misses the confindence to sing on the bridge like Adele
    does.. As long as the note inclinations are within 3-4 steps she is great..
    but going from average to great takes a lot,,, and the musical theater edge
    is great for high up and vibrato but it doesn’t carry through in normal
    singing lessons

  15. Moroni Tetai says:

    I wish I could join. The results of your training are amazing!

  16. Adrian Papp says:

    Can you do “How To Sing Like Sia” she is so amazing.

  17. Imane Sartorius says:

    +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Would you do a ‘How to sing like ariana grande

  18. María De la Casella says:

    I guess it’s more difficult than they make it seem, but nothing is gonna
    stop me from trying 😀
    I love Skyfall!!!

  19. Ken Walters says:

    your personnel voice WOW ! and singing it in the style of Adele WOW !

  20. surfingcrew says:

    Adele must hear this! Gabriela adds the missing character to the song

  21. Guilherme Azzi says:

    even though I’m a drummer , I’m surprised with this class , I sing backing
    vocals and I can see several singers missing several songs , one day I will
    take classes to sing and play drums at the same time, tank you for sharing
    this , and congratulations to you both

  22. Fun With Abdulaziz says:

    thanks you helped alot

  23. Igor Bajic (iggorr2-5) says:

    Can you teach almost anyone to sing at least a little?

  24. Rifky Maulana says:

    sir.. please teach me how to sing.. please and please, I’m begging here

  25. Debbie Barriga says:

    I think she has to work with her breathing a lot…but for a student is she
    pretty good!

  26. Why isn’t she like one of the most famous singers in the world?! She looks
    great and more importantly her voice is more than amazing! She can count me
    in as a fan, that’s for sure. Ken, you really are a great teacher!

  27. Angelica Salinas says:

    Make breathing exercises an ongoing training opportunity.

  28. And no different system knows in case you are singing the suitable vowel with good tone.

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