Gabriela Gunčíková – Sing Layne Staley – Man In The Box – Alice In Chains -Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková – Sing Layne Staley – Man In The Box – Alice In Chains -Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková – Sing Layne Staley – Man In The Box – Alice In Chains -Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches KTVA Student Gabriela How To Sing Like Layne Staley / Man In The Box / Alice In Chains.
Learn To Sing Like This!

40 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – Sing Layne Staley – Man In The Box – Alice In Chains -Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. My God! She is so good. She made it looks so easy. I liked hearing someone
    sing it clean! Good job Gabriela and Ken!

  2. Bruno M. Cruz says:

    Gabi’s rocks!! Unbelievable!! Jesus is right! Another great job. Congrats
    to her and KTVA.

  3. Great voice!! Pleasant on the eye, too… m/ (:o)

  4. WildLifeHawaii says:

    Hey, she says “shit”! But that’s not the reason for the 600 dislikes, more
    likely its a disgruntled Eric Arceneaux making all those neg clicks out of
    frustration he can’t sing, and has no students who can either.

  5. Blasphemer Jenkins says:

    I want her to do an entire Stevie Nix and Heart set with some Zeppelin at
    the end to blow folks minds. Shite…I’d freak out. You guys are beautiful.

  6. Pedro Gomes says:

    better than the actual aic singer lol very well done

  7. Philip Streva says:

    Only one layne. but she sounds excellent. clean notes

  8. B izichyld says:

    One of my karaoke favs. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Týr Elíasson says:

    i am so saving for a course,amazing teacher,amazing students,i started
    practising,20 years ago people asked me not to sing,now i am hearing
    liitlebit more positive,next step is needed,when i reach 70 year old
    hopefully i can go thru one song hehehe

  10. SaiyanBlade84 says:

    She did way better than I expected. Wow.

  11. Daniel Oliveira says:

    Laney used to sing like himself, this was his technique. His voice was his
    personality. I really enjoyed this video, Thank you.

  12. Lucero Burbano says:

    Is it possible that some voices don’t work with distortion? Or are all kind
    of voices designed to do the same with the appropriate techique? I mean, my
    voice is little bit “thin”. Can I do that?

  13. aidan mcguire mcguire says:

    Hello to you sir…I was listening to a few alice songs which lead me
    here..I have to say that im 48 and a long time AIC fan and really dont like
    to hear other people singing laynes song’s..Having said that this blew me
    away and made me quite emotional..what a truely gifted vocalist Gabriela is
    and kudos to you sir for bringing the best out in her..Fantastic and id
    love to hear her sing Down in a hole,,my fav AIC song…high praise
    indeed…peace and happiness to you both….

  14. really learned a lot during this instructional vid. And WOW, Gabriela, you
    nailed it!

  15. Duane Mac says:

    they were just teaching n demonstrating d way dey believed Layne did his
    vocals so wats d crack people?,they wer just trying to help how to do such
    vocals though ur ryt no one can immitate d way Layne does,yet diz was an
    option…to follow or not it’s ur call,…thanks for the tutorial folks!!!

  16. robbiedigital79 says:

    This has given me a wonderful appreciation of vocal technique but I’m
    wondering if someone like Layne would have done any similar training or
    even have any knowledge of what was discussed in this video?

  17. I make children cry says:

    I get chills when listening to this. Unbelievable stuff!

  18. Tom Martini says:

    Does this girl front a rock band? I want her bad for mine! I love her

  19. identity for name, and file for channel, welcome to document yourself! says:

    I agree she is a rocker

  20. identity for name, and file for channel, welcome to document yourself! says:

    I like your version way better than Alice in chains version. It make more
    sense, the chorus part is correct your way & what the song reminds me of
    now is the story of Job lamenting,
    people don’t deny their maker when they are deep in shit,the alice in chain
    version gives a picture of light Waring with dark- the chorus, your way
    sounds like the telling of the story Job, I absolutely like your version
    better & past it to google and FB. I say this cause Ive traveled the world
    & viewed the man in the box,it sucks over seas.

  21. George Maroto says:

    Gabriela como siempre. Impresionante! ken eres un maestro!

  22. Stephanie Buck says:

    OMG this is AMAZING
    I want to sing like her! I will probably buy your DVD soon!

  23. sheila anderson says:

    would of loved to here gabriela and layne sing together ..wooow

  24. themaecki says:

    It must really feel good when you are feeling that the vibration inside of
    you tells you that you’re hitting the note.

  25. Naddy Mars says:

    I feel like Im annoying commenting in all your videos haha Im sorry but im
    obsessed! checked out your music on itunes! thanks for letting me know
    about that. This video is great. You wouldnt have anyone in Toronto Canada
    you recommend as a singing coach, would you? If I could fly to the states
    and take your classes I would. Also saving up to buy your online course, I
    will definitely be getting it.

  26. 15:50, cutest thing ever. It’s awesome seeing her progression. Shows just
    how much work goes into singing like this.

  27. Thank you very much for sharing this!!! Nice lesson!

  28. Blake Griffin says:

    Freaking awesome. That power man. Like a more bad ass Courtney Love

  29. Jay Becker says:

    Girl can sing it… kudos to her

  30. Billy Mahony says:

    Czech Girl and almost winner of Superstar show in Czech Republic. Ahoj
    Gábi, fandil jsem ti v Superstar, ale todle jsem fakt nečekal. Takovejhle
    performenc ve stylu AIC no má ucta.

  31. Billy Mahony says:

    Ken please make another song from Layne with Gabriela. I would apricitae
    anyone but what would you say for We Die Yong .. nice chalenge is int it ?

  32. caravaggio31 says:

    What a fucking badass singer!

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