Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Ronnie James Dio / Gabriela Gunčíková / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin Student Gabriela Guncikova Had The Guts To Take On One Of The Most Powerful Rock Vocalists Of All Time.

Ronnie James Dio – One of the most respected names in all of Rock History! Known for his powerful voice, his wide range, and his dynamic emotional expression, Ronnie was a key factor in the Heavy Classic Rock movement of the seventies. Few vocalists dare to attempt his music, because no one will ever replace Ronnie.

Today, we re-present a medley of Ronnie’s songs by an amazing female vocalist, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s Gabriela Gunčíková.
Many aspiring female vocalists may think that genres originally presented by male vocals are not an option for you.

Gabriela proves that you can take on any song you want to sing, if you train properly for it. Listen, and let the Proof be in the Singing!

Ronnie James Dio. A True Legend! Learn to Sing the way you’ve always wanted to at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!

42 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. great singer but dio reigns supreme

  2. mike loder says:

    Gabby is a Rock Star… why doesnt she have her own band….Phoenom!!! Love
    her…. she will be up there with Ann Wilson, Pat Benatar, Lita Ford….Go

  3. Jason Manowitz says:

    I think this shows, along with the other videos you have posted, what an
    insanely talented singer and stunningly captivating performer Gabriela
    actually is. I listened to this video at a friends house on some very
    high-end Bozak speakers and Klipsch Horns for those of you that really know
    hi-fi, her voice filled the room and shook the house, despite not being a
    lossless format. I’m sure Gabriela would prefer to sing her own music, but
    if you carefully planned songs performed in their entirety from bands like
    Dio, Journey, Queen, Maiden, and maybe some softer but well-written rock
    would really launch the career of the superstar. There’s not many
    performers I would pay $1000 a ticket for for front row, but Gabriela might
    be one of them. Obviously it helps to be beautiful, but her smile and her
    voice are one in 100 million. My ex-girlfriend from Bratislava would be

  4. Patrik Neuwirt says:

    Hi,please make a Johny Gioeli(Axel Rudi Pell) cover…..mmm skvělý hlas máš

  5. Tak C-HARA says:

    Too cute to sing like Dio. Do you think so ?

  6. Beto Lima says:

    C’mon mates, most of your comments are addressed to “not Dio this”, “not
    Dio that”! It is not a case of who Dio IS. Give us a break! The girl really
    rocks, and that’s all to it, really. I am a rock singer myself – at least
    tried to be – and you don’t know how hard that is. Have you ever tried?
    Gabriela, take not most of them comments here for granted. You are a
    helluva singer. Would have you in my band for sure. Keep on rockin’ girl. I
    will always want to hear you sing.

  7. Olivia Emma says:

    Gabriela has beautiful and powerful vocal

  8. Dibakar Bhattacharya says:

    Oh boy! Her voice and vocal talent is awesome! Ken, you and she make a very
    good team! Thank you for sharing your musical moments with the World!

  9. duskyj3w31 says:

    SEEING HIM!!!!

  10. Сергей Головатый says:


  11. just WOW at “Stand Up And Shout”

  12. Uchiha Madara says:

    Its shames me deeply but I must ask what is the name of the song.For my own
    shame I do not know it.Thank’s thee for understanding me

  13. Paweł G. says:

    The best women interpretation with power and range.
    Congratulations! Thanks and greetings from Poland

  14. Topi Viljamaa says:

    I would totally listen to a metal band with Gabriela as the singer. One
    hundred percent. m/

  15. how did you guys do the great harmony parts that look as easy as a button
    unit like the lexicon for the dual harmonies…they sound awesome. or did
    you add in post? or was it live with a studio special rig??? my studio
    garage stuff is fine but not sure where to get a harmonizer like these??
    again…great stuff..

  16. Michael Crusader says:

    Very nice -power-and soft-sing ,,Very very hear your control !!!
    Beautifull!! Good luck dear!!

  17. I’m in loooove…. forget Eurovision nonsense. You rock Gabriela. Just
    kick some ass… with your voice. And Ken, love you too ;-D

  18. Vicente Muñoz says:

    you did an amazing perfornance in Eurovision contest

  19. Everlandes Elias says:

    Bom demais ela canta muito…….

  20. why she never got chosen to do lead singer for dio disciples I’ll never
    know !!! what a singer

  21. Leo Hajder says:

    wow 🙂 so powerful, so talented, so beautiful and so metal.. just wow :)

  22. Piotr Ocieczek says:

    This Gabby interpretation can be listen all over – every day and always
    will be a pleasure!

  23. wow; she is super hot AND she has a great voice! thx!

  24. wow she’s got some pips. a little jealous..

  25. mrgitarman says:

    OMG. I am floored. Never heard a girl sing like that

  26. Finn Pedersen says:

    She rocks, so Justin B, go kill yourself!

  27. jesse moreira says:

    incredible performance. Greetings from Brazil.

  28. Nilkamal Shome says:

    She is the best female heavy metal vocalist I have ever seen… incredible
    voice… best wishes to her

  29. ThroughYourWindow says:

    Brilliant Gabby! Freak’in loved it. Rock on Ken, you’re doing the world a
    service – good man!

  30. Emily Barajas says:

    With the internet you possibly can download a high quality singing lessons course within minutes from right now.

  31. Karen Bullock says:

    Friends have told me for a long time that I have a good voice… so I decided to buy a singing course to improve my singing skills and I found Singorama… It’s an amazing guide and has taught me a lot.

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