Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Dave Grohl – The Pretender – Foo Fighters – KenTamplinVocalAcademy

Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Dave Grohl – The Pretender – Foo Fighters – KenTamplinVocalAcademy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Dave Grohl – The Pretender – Foo Fighters – KenTamplinVocalAcademy.

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches KTVA Student Gabriela How To Sing Like Dave Grohl / The Pretender /.Foo Fighters.
Learn To Sing Like This!

40 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Dave Grohl – The Pretender – Foo Fighters – KenTamplinVocalAcademy

  1. I know we are in 2016 but Men, the girl´s voice is absolutely AMAZING!

  2. Nico Capelli says:

    Hey, man !! Thank you so much ! I´m from Brazil and I could fixed one of my
    problems with this video !!! thank you so very much.. god bless you

  3. Michael'sDiner says:

    Okay… Opinion time, here it goes: Gabriella’s voice is technically
    fantastic! It’s clear to anyone with a set of eardrums and she gives a
    pretty strong performance and I really enjoyed this! But now for the other
    half. A song like “The Pretender”, to me, needs rough, screaming vocals to
    get across that belter of a chorus and I don’t think she fits this.
    I think this’ because I’m more accustomed to hearing the version on
    “Echoes, Silence, Patients, & Grace”, but I think the vocals (on both
    videos) are too clean. I think it needs that sense of raw/ throat ripping
    urgency in order for the song to hold the same amount of power in the
    I understand why you two are singing this like you are; safer on the
    vocals, using a wider range of techniques.
    I just thought I’d put my two cents regarding the videos.

  4. Gustavo Palamone says:

    Ok, now we need a tutorial about how to sing like Gabriela.

  5. Pavel Sedláček says:

    Lepší než originál.Hlasem, výrazem, vším.

  6. stwjester says:

    You can really hear the Czech come out when she belts out that chorus…

    “What if I say I’m not like zee ozcers…”

  7. Tomas Kazda says:

    Výborně zazpivane .Gabi je naše číslo jedna :-)

  8. Nasir Siddiqui says:

    you went up half a step lol

  9. Dennis Cambronero says:

    Followed you since “An Axe to Grind” you are awesome, Sir. :)

  10. Giuliano Sinth says:

    somthing we can agree, is that with the dvd or skype calls lessons, u cant
    posibly learn the same that been next to the teacher.

    I would definitly buy it, but i dont think it would work

  11. Haman Music says:

    damn, that was awesome voice with a best teacher, and then just become very

  12. Mario Alejandre says:

    I think i felt in love XDD

  13. HollyTheHylian says:

    Ah man. I would love to work with Ken face to face.

  14. Karlo Schrijver says:

    As far as I am concerned It’s not about being better than the original or
    like the original, but about being able to sing a song like this, because
    you want to be a singer. And boy she can sing this song! Ken and Gabriella,
    outstanding job!!

  15. Darko Dropulja says:

    Ken you made a star from this lady

  16. michal26691 says:

    I like the way she sings “S” in “just”, “story”, “say” and “T” in

  17. Brian Donovan says:

    Okay, I totally love this. She has a great tone to her voice. BUT, please
    tell me that someone else has heard that she doesn’t pronounce the TH in
    the line “THe other ones” and instead puts a TH in the word
    “surrender”…as in “surrenTHer”. Every single time those lines come
    around. Stuck out like a sore thumb. Otherwise, great performance!!!

  18. Eliška Gabrhelíková says:

    nejoblíbenější cover 🙂 The best cover by Gabi … better than original
    (sorry) !

  19. Micke Olsson says:

    Best gabriela cover I heard so far!

  20. Hey Ken, Can You Do A Video On How To Sing Like Lzzy Hale from Halestorm?
    like that song “I Get Off”. Thanks. You Rock

  21. the gaming guy tom says:

    good vocals just dont really like woman’s voices in rock (nothing against
    woman BTW)

  22. Emily Williams says:

    senhoras e senhores a essa é a voz que falta hoje no mundo da música

  23. linda mcgeachie says:

    i love her voice would Nice to that song with her singing

  24. João Marcos says:

    The best vídeo with Gabriela <3 haha

  25. elen stat says:

    WOW!!! What a powerful voice!!!

  26. Ken, could you like, teach all the current popstars what a singing is? XD

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