Gabriela Gunčíková – How Did She Learn To Sing Like That? Gabriela Shares Her Secret!

Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková – How Did She Learn To Sing Like That? Gabriela Shares Her Secret! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková – How Did She Learn To Sing Like That? Gabriela Shares Her Secret!.

Learn things like how to sing with distortion, how to sing with rasp, how to sing with vibrato, and how to sing with your diaphragm! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has great singing tutorials on how to sing better, using methods that REALLY WORK! Improve your voice. Learn to sing high notes, and find out about Ken’s great Online Singing Lessons. Gabriela went from a small town to singing power metal on concert stages with Trans Siberian Orchestra, and on to live television in front of 150,000,000 viewers worldwide at Eurovision 2016. You could go from Smule to world wide television with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

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From a Small Village in the Czech Republic to the Concert Stages of Trans Siberian Orchestra and the World-Wide Eurovision Television Broadcast in front of over 200 Million Viewers! How Did She Do It?
Find out here in this exciting video! Gabriela tells her story!

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41 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková – How Did She Learn To Sing Like That? Gabriela Shares Her Secret!

  1. Venn Dogg says:

    i love Gabriela!.. great vocal.. so motivating!

  2. Aleksandra Peterwas says:

    I love singing. Singing on stage is my biggest dream. And I can do
    everything connected with singing. instead of singing. that’s why it’s my
    biggest fear and insecurity. I love your academy. I wish I could have voice
    like that.

  3. Alberto Maciel says:

    Ken Tamplin keeping the Rock alive 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  4. Danilo Almeida says:

    Ken Tamplin = Super singer

  5. miqdam alkayyis says:

    Awesome! I’ve watched your videos, how you teach your students, how their
    voices grow, and how it really works. I hope I can go to California
    someday, learn from KTVA. Great Job, Ken (y)!

  6. Kevin Henderson says:

    Any more music coming from Gabbby ?? :)

  7. Lan Country Music says:

    Congrat!! … You deserve it Ken . Great Teacher

  8. Aminuddin Azaharuddin says:

    Awesome Mr.Tamplin!!!! Congrats to gabriela

  9. XsustanciaX Valentina says:

    you are great, but it’s sad what your videos do not have subtitles in
    Spanish, my English is medium, so if you could captioning videos in Spanish
    would be amazing

  10. marty robbins says:

    A well deserved feather in the cap of Ken Tamplin! Very cool vid and fun to

  11. Wayne Fenlon says:

    superbly put together… first watch on this hits you hard. Gabby’s
    progress is astounding. Ken Tamplin is the man, no doubt. This program
    takes time and commitment but there is never a dull moment whilst learning.
    You will see improvements and they are steady. The way they should be as
    you are going to have them for life.
    A quick insight to myself. I am 41 and a club/pub singer. I have and been
    on the program for nearly two years. I hit a bad point around August 2
    years ago when I got laryngitis. I had to stop the gig halfway through.
    Very embarassing. I needed to change my style. I was singing unsafe. This
    program sorted it all out. Best small investment I ever made.
    Still loving it.

  12. Miika Järvinen says:

    Interesting how quickly she has picked up the American accent and the like
    like, you know -style.

  13. Hodzic Edin says:

    You must be so proud of her : ) Im saving money for your lessons it is
    going to be hard but im gona make it.

  14. Thiago Ikeda says:

    she’s amazing, but she needs to invest more on her YouTube channel, low
    quality videos and few content, she has so much potential. I love her
    covers. and again, great job Ken!

  15. Chelsea Elizabeth says:

    God, I hope one day this is me.. I’m a broke university student struggling
    to get by.. i hope my dreams come true some day like gabriella.. thank you
    for your free youtube videos, they give me hope

  16. Caroline Souza says:

    When Gaba first came to your school, did she already sing a little bit, or
    was she real bad at singing?
    im curious, cuz so far i never saw anyone who was really bad at singing
    getting great. i just see people who are natually ok (not good but not
    baad)getting better and turning into great singers.

  17. VIDEOHEREBOB says:

    Congradulations to you both. Bob

  18. Chet Hawkins says:

    Congratulations to both Gabriela and Ken Tamplin! The proof is in the
    singing … and that’s a lot of proof!

  19. andy1324a says:

    well that put a feather in your cap, obviously earned and well deserved

  20. Great teacher! Gabriela has an awesome voice.

  21. ghirahim demise says:

    Hey Ken, I was wondering , what is the best way to get rid of voice
    hoarseness? By the way, I love your channel, you have an amazing voice. My
    range is a B2-G4. I try to go for the higher notes but I end up screaming
    all my notes and then comes Hoarseness. I would be happy if you respond :-)

  22. Fatma Ahmed says:

    I have questions. I live in South Dakota and I want you to be my singing
    teacher but i really don’t know how I can contact you.

  23. Paul Legaspi says:

    I wish I live in the same country as you do Ken, I’d love you to be my
    teacher in person.
    I’m a slow learner so I don’t think skype would be a good idea

  24. skite husene says:

    Ken, is it at all possible to sing really high notes (in the end of my
    range) with lovered larynx, on same position as in middle of range? I work
    hard on my tounge and larynx, and i see that that it works, it moves less,
    but still moves especially in higher ranges, is that mean that I still do
    it wrong or it just has to happen?


    Greetings from Russia. Yes, we will look :)

  26. StarWeldR says:

    That’s awesome! She deserves it, She’s a great singer! She had one hell of
    a coach too!

  27. Aleš Kacálek says:

    Gabriela is best of singer of Czech. Thanks Gabi. Your fan.

  28. pordik venca says:

    i usualy dont write any comments. my apologies if my eanglish is bad. Only
    thing i want i support Gabriella, you are amazing person and also amazing
    singer. Jdi do toho holka, máš na to.

  29. Danny Crowe says:

    Love Gabriela – such an incredible voice. Great job coaching, Ken – but it
    has to be great working with someone as talented and self disciplined as
    she is. She’s so beautiful on top of it all and a real sweetie.

  30. raphael pariz says:

    I love u Gabriela <3 !!! u have a brasilian fã 😉 about Ken oh man u a
    perfect too u a making a jod job congratulations

  31. Stephanie Trindade Cardoso says:

    Ken, I really thing you are an amazing singer and teacher, and I absolutely
    ADORE Gabriela, she is my idol. However, I`m starting to lose interest in
    your videos, since they are almost only for publicity. I was already
    expecting to have you mentioned on this video, since I can only imagine th
    diference you made in her life, but it would feel more honest if she had
    shared some of her personal experience, her training, her journey, tips for
    beginners, etc…this video feels commercial, nothing more.

  32. Libor Černý says:

    It´s story as made for movie .

  33. If you can play piano, get a copy of the sheet music and learn to play the chords while singing.

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