Gabriela Gunčíková (Gun) – How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – “Trooper” / Ken Tamplin

Discover all about Gabriela Gunčíková (Gun) – How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – “Trooper” / Ken Tamplin by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Gabriela Gunčíková (Gun) – How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – “Trooper” / Ken Tamplin.

How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson / Iron Maiden / Trooper / Gabriela Gun (Gunčíková ) / Ken Tamplin

Gabriela Gun (Guncikova) Strikes Again! Taking on yet another iconic
piece: Iron Maiden’s “Trooper.”

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, The PROOF Is In The Singing.

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38 thoughts on “Gabriela Gunčíková (Gun) – How To Sing Like Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – “Trooper” / Ken Tamplin

  1. Vidímto Růžově says:

    Jsi skvělá 😊 poslouchám ji častěji než originál

  2. HEMImetal says:

    I think Gabriela would nail Black Velvet by Alannah Myles

  3. Walter Logan says:

    You are realy a great teacher ken, Gabriela emproved sooo much with you !
    She is great now! I wish more metal and rock singers got formal training it
    make a gread difference !

  4. handsinthefire says:

    I’ve watched plenty of the Iron Maindens (all girl cover band) sing….I
    wish my gf could sing like Gabby blew me away!

  5. Shekhar Sherikar says:

    Fantastic! You rock lady!

  6. Martin Kuliza says:

    ok…. so… i’ve only watched 5seconds of the video and i feel that i need
    to comment before even seeing this

    Holy shit, this is cool

    ok, we have a hot chick wtih a European Accent about to sing metal
    we haven’t heard this sort of thing since Doro (warlock) did ALL WE ARE

    i would love to hear this woman sing ALL WE ARE

    anyway, she said , LET’S ROCK
    so i’m going back to the video
    but .. i can already tell this is going to be good hehe

  7. Matt MacDonald says:

    should do eddie vedder, dave mustaine and king diamond

  8. Natan Lisboa says:

    You are amazing! <3 <3 <3 <3 Marry me? hahaha!

  9. Todd Akers says:

    Gabby has s great voice
    put more of her videos out

  10. Outlaw kristaly says:

    damm she s hot,the best combination ever hot and talented and sing heavy
    metal,man she s one of a kind…

  11. Hank Ulley says:

    You could sing with the Iron Maidens !!

  12. Byron Wheeler says:

    I just don’t know what to say – that was beautiful in every way. :o)

  13. Please sing ‘What’s up’ from 4 non-Blondes!

  14. Ana Santiago says:

    no le veo el sentimiento o la pasión del rock osea la canta y ya

  15. starfleethastanks says:

    The bagel sounds, the charge begins!
    Seriously though, I fucking love this!

  16. Jacob Lariviere says:

    Damn… shes pretty good.

  17. Jakub Uvik says:

    193 people thinks that “Thumb down” is Download.

  18. Sebastien Nudo says:

    Nice rendition of the Trooper!

  19. soakedbearrd says:

    wasnt expecting much to be honest, boy was I wrong. bravo!

  20. If she showed up with something like this on Eurovision, she would win.

  21. Emmanuel Esteban says:

    i would like to listen one of your girls singing some black metal songs.

  22. Hernán Zini says:

    She’s a really iron maiden. Great job Gabriela! you’re ready for a rock

  23. Marcos José Batista da Silva says:

    Amazing! Just a little striking the groans after almost every verse.

  24. Saccharina says:

    I loved it except for the fact that the solo was skipped…

  25. mamadoritos says:

    woman you´re amazing! keep on rocking! :)

  26. Michael Gambino Hodgson says:

    this is rockin. I highly approve.

  27. screamo2132 says:

    I want a male equivalent to her voice but all I got is either heavy rasp or

  28. Marko Palikko says:

    That’s awesome! Powerful!!!!

  29. Charlotte Moore says:

    I don’t understand how you can put so much power I your voice whenever I
    sing high notes they always come out really airy and breathy ?

  30. Noelia velvet says:

    amazing!!!! i’m astonished!

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