Free Voice Lesson Warm Up Tenor

Discover all about Free Voice Lesson Warm Up Tenor by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Voice Lesson Warm Up Tenor.

Free Voice Lesson for warming up the high male voice. This singing lesson is a great warm up, and can also be used to practice matching vowel resonances. Learn more at:

41 thoughts on “Free Voice Lesson Warm Up Tenor

  1. ELMOTIVO1 says:

    thanks jeff. i like to learn warm ups then change them after a while. this
    was very refreshing. i like how you use more of the natural vowel sounds
    for the excercises and you keep the vocalist within a comfortable range to
    warm up

  2. I noticed that during the higher parts, my voice gets a little weaker.
    Should I be trying to add more support, and stay at a louder volume, or let
    voice do what it naturally wants to do, and sing quieter?

  3. This works! thank you for sharing this with us who love singing but can’t
    afford singing classes. wonderful.

  4. Don Budzinski says:

    Hey Jeff…I’m back…how were the holidays?

  5. Bogdan Kudyrko says:

    Hi Jeff, I really appreciate your videos.. I had a Q, some days I wake up
    with a heavy voice is this normal? Is this something you experience?
    Appreciate your help!

  6. Bogdan Kudyrko says:

    + Jeff rolka thanks for your reply! But yes after about 30min-1hr warm up
    with breaks my voice / head voice opens up. I’m still working a lot on my
    pasaggio. One more thing I notice is some days my cord closure is really
    good and clean and somedays it’s not as good, sometimes even a little rasp
    on lower notes and doesn’t sound as bright.. I just practice on my own for
    almost a year now and I see a lot of improvement. I used to sing with very
    bad technique, squeezing my throat with no head resonance whatsoever, it
    took me a while for my throat muscles to start letting go.

  7. gsncharles says:

    thank you for the lesson, would like to give this practice for my student
    choir, greeting from Indonesia

  8. Bry Doronio says:

    hi sir.. can you give me some tips on how to sing.. coz my voice is so
    bad.. and i really hate it

  9. Eli Lucas says:

    I do this warm up almost everyday on my way to rehearsals and they are a
    perfect medium warm up to prepare the voice for a long day. Couldn’t
    imagine not having this video! Thanks!

  10. Denis Duraj says:

    Wow! This warmup is a bit challenge for me. Maybe i’ll learn something new

  11. mbazikos1 says:

    I am a tenor and my passagio seems to be higher. Do you recommend singing
    contralto vocal exercises for a male voice? I can do it. I can sing up to
    an F5 if I am warmed up and have the inclination. I don’t want to sing up
    in the stratosphere, it takes too much breath and there is no need for a
    church singer to do so. Of concern is the unity of the voice when singing
    in chest voice compared to the head voice, which is warm and good. My
    chest voice is good but unspectacular. I could sing baritone and bass but
    my voice doesn’t ring as much as it does in head voice. Thank you for the
    very helpful video!

  12. Jeff, I’m a military member who has recently gotten into singing and have
    had incredible progress thanks to your videos. I think it would be very
    helpful if you made a video about diction when singing, with a focus on
    consonants in particular. Thanks.

  13. Mike Mitchell says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I went to purchase on iTunes and you
    only have the entire “album” for $9.99. I would totally buy if it was only
    the tenor for 1/4 the price. Thanks!

  14. The Mober says:

    Hi Jeff could this work for using as warm up everyday before I sing?

  15. Xavier Dizon says:

    i just learn s great talent men thanks

  16. Joseph Bennett says:

    Jeff using your warm up for almost two years. After 48 yrs. of relatively
    little vocal activity I have used you and my vocal coach Amber to rehab my
    voice. It was ravaged by pipe smoke and GERD causing Barrett’s Esophagus
    Syndrome. After a year and a half and two auditions and recitals I was cast
    as Senator Fipp my first role in fifty years. I am a fixed income retiree
    but as I am able I will contribute to support your wonderful work. Would
    love to do a sing off with you some time Ha Ha

  17. Robert Alexis Gómez Rojas says:

    Great canal, and great voice teacher!!!
    I’ve just try your excercises and I felt my voice very, very good!!! 😀
    Thank you very much!!! :D

  18. Andrew Avaire says:

    Thank you my friend this is awesome!!

  19. Ishara Ganhewa says:

    Sir i want to sing like klaus meine(scorpions) will this be helpful if i
    keep practicing??

  20. The Direction Of says:

    That was nice! I got really stuck on the mays.

  21. Hi ! thank you really much for doing that ! :)

  22. Romulo Factoriza says:

    Can I ask, mostly what’s the vocal type of a guy who has a feminine singing

  23. one year letter and i am still warming up with the best Teacher out there,
    thank you again Jeff for this marvelous class

  24. Lamour Hayles says:

    Whenever I do this my voice sounds a little squeaky, how can I change that?

  25. geraldryan niu says:

    How will I know if I already reach the limit pitch of my voice? or can I
    still stretch my vocal cords to have a higher voice? please answer this
    question to the Q&A portion. thank you jeff.

  26. Matt Bourdon says:

    This helped so much thank you!

  27. Andrew Packer says:

    Hi jeff rolka, this vocal warm up is one of the most useful i’ve come
    across! Just wondering, what’s the highest note on the piano that you hit
    on this video?

  28. Mario Tejeda Alvarez says:

    Thank you so much for doing this

  29. geraldryan niu says:

    Jeff i have a question what is the do’s and dont’s before and after
    singing? And what is the effect if i drink cold water after singing?
    Because sometimes i do drink cold water after singing thank you

  30. Steve Buss says:

    Great set of exercises !!! Thanks so much for sharing Jeff :)

  31. Steve Buss says:

    Your vids are really helpful !
    So i am contributing bucks .
    Thanks !

  32. pressplayjk says:

    Thanks Jeff, you helped a lot. I finally feel like Im improving.

  33. Gary Schurndlerdurgler says:

    Just found your channel today. You’re a legend

  34. Caleb Schultz says:

    I use this video alllll the time! Thanks Jeff!

  35. elephantslvme says:

    You are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!

  36. Roberto Hunt says:

    Now you could reliably sing back a single notice it is time to transfer on to what most of us consider as singing?: singing a number of notes in a row.

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