Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals - Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals

Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals

Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals - Discover all about Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals.

This is a video that can be used as a daily warm up for tenor range male vocalists. Major tonalities, minor tonalities. Scale-wise motion, skip-wise motion; wide and narrow range exercises to get things going before you start work on your music. I know I say I’m going to get it in in 15 minutes max, and if you omit the speaking parts, I just make it! I ultimately felt it would be better to be comprehensive, than exactly on time. This was by request, enjoy!

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33 thoughts on “Free Voice Lesson Daily Warmup for Male Vocals”

  1. Hello Jeff–this is great warmup–Love your lessons and enthusiasm! Could
    you do a similar one for baritones/ baritone-tenors please? As a baritone,
    I am using your exercises across a range from low male to high male to low
    female and I find this a great workout, especially in the interval
    studies/seconds and thirds. It would be nice to have such a combination
    workout available in one place utilizing all these and similar elements.

  2. I enjoy these warmups and I visited your site saw your picture and told
    myself you look better with your hair short but I really do enjoy them and
    think I have improved a lot and wanted to thank you for these videos
    Once again Thank You!

  3. Gr8 job Jeff. Enjoyed watching & practising along. However, I do wish to
    say 1 thing, which is: These warm ups tend to get to the HIGH NOTES pretty
    quickly. Then, when We return to the low notes, I have kind of lost that
    low note. Now, we (Me & my 2 Daughters)are sort of trained in Indian
    Classical music, where we are taught to hold the bottom note for some time.
    & add a few transitions like C,C-B, CBA-BC, , SIMPLE THINGS to warm up the
    voice. Then when we get to the higher notes, the voice is much stronger, &
    probably gets back to the bottom C stronger. (I`m not 100% sure of this
    tho` coz I dont practise at all these days). Your views on this pl..

  4. Jeff you are amazing 🙂 I like the way you teach ! I would love to know, if
    you teaching with skype option. Please send me some informations on priv:)
    All the best, and keep on going!:) Best regards

  5. Jeff, thank you so much for your videos, this one in particular. I find
    myself watching it close to every day and it’s certainly helped me on my
    way to becoming a better vocalist. I also appreciate looking down at the
    comments and seeing how present and helpful you are in responding to your
    audience. It’s very comforting to know that my voice teacher is reachable
    as well as a wealth of knowledge! Great job, keep on doing what your

  6. This is my daily warmup – especially because it includes the breathing
    exercise we went over. And I just love its range and variety first thing
    in the morning.

  7. Thank you very much If one day i get to the top I’ll tell your videos
    helped me hahaha! But anyway thanks for helping me enjoy the present and

  8. Love this video so much. I do a run through of this twice before recording
    or performing. Thank you so much for uploading this. 

  9. The “put your hands in the air” part in de beginning makes me laugh
    everytime somehow. like you want to party but dont really feel like it haha

  10. really great lesson jeff !! thanks a lot !!There is so much of sincerity in
    all the videos you have put in . keep up the good work man !!

  11. Thank you very much for your series of tenor vocal exercises Jeff. After
    singing and playing in bands in my youth and adopting all of the wrong
    vocal techniques to screech out pop songs in crowded dance halls I’m now,
    in later life, a member of a community choir and I sing with the tenor
    section. I’ve finally found good and very well taught vocal warm ups and
    exercises courtesy of your good self, which encourage correct breathing to
    develop vocal strength and endurance using open larynx vowel sounds which
    will hopefully banish any glottal stops and high range thinness over time.
    Excellent tuition!

  12. Practice with short scales and get comfortable singing that new note properly before trying to push your voice any higher or lower.

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