Free Vocal Training for Gospel singers-The Music Ministry

Discover all about Free Vocal Training for Gospel singers-The Music Ministry by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Vocal Training for Gospel singers-The Music Ministry

22 thoughts on “Free Vocal Training for Gospel singers-The Music Ministry

  1. lancelot smith says:

    Hello I like me very much your video you know since doing melismas teach me

  2. Becca Jean says:

    I really enjoyed your video..I have always wanted lessons, to learn to sing
    gospel. I have only two short videos posted of my singing, I was wondering
    if you might could listen and give me some tips?? It would mean so much to
    me. Thanks! -Becca 

  3. jimmy gideon haguyu says:

    I your lessons they are so helpful. Thanks

  4. You are very clear and you actually explain what the hell is going on,
    unlike most of these teachers who charge big money. Thank you. Keep it up

  5. MrEhouston84 says:

    Good morning my brother….are you still doing the free videos… I went to
    the website and couldn’t find it. I would love to see those videos 

  6. Verdell “YaBoi DaCoach” Lewis Jr. says:

    god bless u 4this!!

  7. Edwinna Herrera says:

    Thank you so much for explaining me how to use my voice.
    I’ve been singing in choirs from some time now but, was never given a
    chance to
    use the voice God gave me correctly. Thank You Sir

  8. Nelson Turcios says:

    Wow thank you so much for this! God bless you! Keep up the amazing work! I
    love how you explain everything in a clear understandable way. :D

  9. Jason R. Martinson says:

    Thank you for providing this a true blessing!!!

  10. Tracey Taylor says:

    I got to say, im definitely pagan, and im pleased to say that this course
    can help al, not just Christians 🙂 Well done to this guy you have taken
    your goals in gospel singing and made them transcend religion, brilliant,
    thank you ( also, as a Scottish gal I find a lot of this helps wonderfully
    with traditional Scottish tunes, waulking songs in particular 🙂 ) .
    Blessed be

  11. My voice vibrates mostly in my throat and just a little bit in my chest,
    even when I’m talking.

  12. Beyond Lighting says:

    I’ve been singing like everyday to get my notes in key as gospel voice I
    got sore throat and sometimes my vocals seems to break apart abit can you
    tell me why please I check your will your videos from John Ramsell

  13. Milly Waa says:

    so if I want to sing well can you assist?

  14. Milly Waa says:

    so if I want to sing well can you assist?

  15. Victoria Hunter says:

    Omg, all this time I been singing in chest voice. when I did mickey mouse
    voice, my voice was different and it sounded better and higher when I sang
    there. wow. do u go give Skype lessons and if so, how can I find out your
    price? you really are a good teacher. you take it slow and really show it

  16. Victoria Hunter says:

    so true!!! I did think the chest was only the real voice.

  17. Manuel Otumobo says:

    my chest voice range dropped so much, what do I do?

  18. Hantish Mhugo says:


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