Free Vocal Lesson: Vocal Cord Closure and Connection

Discover all about Free Vocal Lesson: Vocal Cord Closure and Connection by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Vocal Lesson: Vocal Cord Closure and Connection.

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In this weeks free vocal lesson I will teach you how to create vocal cord closure and connection. If you have been struggling with flipping into falsetto this lesson will help.

You can get a downloadable mp3 of the exercise featured in the lesson at:

24 thoughts on “Free Vocal Lesson: Vocal Cord Closure and Connection

  1. Ernesto Salvador says:

    thanks Ian your are very generous

  2. loungefly1 says:

    He says dont put an “H” sound in front of vowels or you’ll break. If youre
    up in connected head voice and have to sing the words “Help”,”High”
    etc–how do you do it? Do you sing “elp” and “igh” instead or what?

  3. @loungefly1 Well some singers actually sing like that lol. But you can make
    ‘h’s sound beautiful with breathiness — which is intentionally not making
    the vocal chords connect.

  4. Remember, when holding your breath, don’t close your throat like you would,
    for example, when you hold water in your mouth without swallowing. Instead,
    hold the breath still using your support system. You can check for problems
    by holding your breath and then rapidly breathing in and out just a little
    bit. If you can’t, you have closed your throat the wrong way.

  5. InLaciered says:

    The vocal cords always connect on consonants. Even when you’re whispering.
    You should watch some medical footage of the vocal cords whispering, you
    can féél it too.

  6. SurrealOfficial says:

    @loungefly1 H’s just make it harder for you to connect when you’re
    learning! So he warns against using them unnecessarily :)

  7. @arcatica If I use my support system to hold my breath, it doesn’t feel
    like my cords are coming together like he says. Are they?

  8. Christian Johnson says:

    You’re an awesome vocal coach I’ve learn so much already thanks a lot I’ll
    definitely subscribe

  9. KRAZYHOMECHICK2012 says:


  10. vanessa w. says:

    i’ve tried this. it works wonders

  11. Felipe Azevedo says:

    This is the solution to one of the most common and disappointing problem
    beginner singers face. It’s so easily fixed with what was explained in the
    video. It works like magic and the results are awesome! Thank you very
    much! Cheers!

  12. fuckingbrill says:

    Falsetto is a “natural thing” for every amateur singer that can’t support
    and compress sound in upper register.

  13. Alida Gosgnach says:

    Is it too late to take siningg lessons? Please answer :)

  14. won’t the “h” help against hard glottal attack? I’ve always heard the “h”
    is a good thing.

  15. Baby Brother says:

    Hey! Great clip, cant find the mp3 on the website though… is it under
    ‘ians blog’ or ‘free stuff’? thanks! 

  16. Blake Limon says:

    When does that become an unhealthy glottal attack

  17. Adada “Bl00dw0lf” Adadada says:

    Holy shit, it worked, Thank you!

  18. Rebecca Dudley says:

    I went on to study music at the Campus of Performing Arts South Africa which is linked to the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England and received my NQF2 qualification in Music and Vocal performance.

  19. This is definitely the best real advice for singing I have found.

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