12 thoughts on “Free Singing Voice Lesson Truthful Tuesday – Kristy

  1. rocachick860 says:

    Okay! I am way too hyped for these frequent uploads! 😀😀😁🤗. Keep them coming beautiful 😊❤️. Also I agree with your assessment.

  2. Kevin Vega says:

    I think the problem is poor decision making in her riffs and runs. I would suggest that she try to copy a version of Amazing Grace with ad libs so she can have ideas of riffs and runs that work well rather than free styling. And eventually she will get a feel for when and what riffs and runs should be used and be able to add her own.

    Definitely has potential. I would think that she would be able to sing it straight forward from listening to parts where she wasn’t ad libing but she does gets lost in her riffs.

  3. Leah Marie says:

    I’m so excited about this! This is the first Truthful Tuesday I’ve been able to watch. I definitely will me sending one in, you’re awesome! <3

  4. Melodic Harmony says:

    I believe in her case, with all due respect, she is like so many singers. The 1st thing, with any song, is that you must 1st learn to sing the song. No fancy runs & voice play. I won’t offer too much because this Truthful Tuesday is not mine to analyze lol. But that’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to over singing a song without actually singing the song

  5. Martine Jean-Louis says:

    Omg!!!! I didn’t even know you had Truthful Tuesday! I will be submitting my clip! Yeeeees! This is all I ever wanted some feedback! I actually sent you an email already before even knowing you did these critiques.

  6. Ross.White98 says:

    Hey! I love this concept! But why did you stop? If people send you emails of them singing now (me) will you not critique it o YouTube? What I mean is are you going to do this again?

  7. mariebellnero585 says:

    hi my name is marie and I have some songs on youtube am singing in mixed voice belt

  8. mariebellnero585 says:

    sorry I wont to know if iam singing in mixed voice

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