Free Singing Lesson – Tongue Tension, How to sing Firework by Katy Perry

Discover all about Free Singing Lesson – Tongue Tension, How to sing Firework by Katy Perry by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Singing Lesson – Tongue Tension, How to sing Firework by Katy Perry.
Tongue tension is responsible for much of the unnecessary effort, when it comes to singing. Sophie shows how to alleviate this issue, and use a relaxed sound for Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

43 thoughts on “Free Singing Lesson – Tongue Tension, How to sing Firework by Katy Perry

  1. Raghuveer Singh says:

    hey mam,,,please tell me how to use breath with singing..i mean how much
    aisr i should use with voice while singing…is it harmful or
    bad??,.,,,becuase i think it make voice a little whispering and
    sweet….tell me whats the truth …

  2. Sophie Shear Vocal Coach says:

    Hi Raghuveer, I recently posted a new video on breath control. You can find
    it on my channel, and be sure to subscribe for future updates! Thanks for

  3. karmen haze says:

    When you were singing the tune of the song was wrong

  4. Sophie Shear Vocal Coach says:

    Knurdle–its like the “Kermit the frog” affect, where your tongue presses
    against the back of your throat. 🙂

  5. Sophie Shear Vocal Coach says:

    Hey Karmen, yeah that was a choice. I think every artist should make their
    work unique, so I try to encourage that in my videos. Thanks for watching.

  6. AJ Lancour says:

    This is a great video Sophie. It is very educational! I hear a lot of
    professional artists do this Knurdle effect! Maybe I could get some advice
    about my voice? My voice is kind of small and weak. I’ve had professional
    training but I still can’t get a good-sounding/strong voice. It’s weird
    because it sounds okay to me when I’m singing, but then if I record myself
    and hear the playback, I get terribly discouraged because I think it sounds
    horrific. HELP!

  7. I thought that when the tongue lay down on the mouth, the tongue root
    pressed against the larynx and produced the “kermit sound” is the

  8. Sophie Shear Vocal Coach says:

    Hey AJ, thanks for watching. I understand how that can be discouraging. Try
    to keep in mind that if an exercise isn’t working, ditch the exercise and
    find one that does. Make sure you find what works for YOU. My Vocal Primer
    is an excellent tool for vocalizing on your own, with many different
    exercises so you can find the ones that work for you. You can purchase this
    from the website in this video’s description. Keep singing!

  9. KWAME KAMAU says:

    Love at first sight…lol On a serious note you are rather beautiful in
    vocal gift, vocal guidance and general good graces. Please contact me via
    1868-367-6339, Email:, Skype: kwame.kamau or
    Facebook: Kwame Kamau. I am a community activist that uses music as a means
    of inspiring social change and transformation. Your direct support and
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    that I would like you to work with professionally.

  10. Virgil from hell says:

    can you help on how to rap like Eminem or scream sing? (male)

  11. Eleanor Sutton says:

    You sing amazingly! I love your videos, they really help my voice in a
    Music Club that I do!!!

  12. LeilaG Tali says:

    Totally subscribed! LOVE LOVE LOVE Madame Shear and her vocal tips!

  13. Eunice LePeanut says:


  14. Georgiuo Zieno says:

    what if my voice is as whitney houston that has this …strange thing
    … you was singing with tongue tension… I don’t know how to explain
    but it is done without the use of my tongue I just mix my chest voice…and
    i like to show you my voice

  15. Agnel Camilotes says:

    Just watched your video and I’ts so amazing. Singing is my passion’ and i
    guess i need more workout and training. and i found you’ ‘ thanks :))

  16. Truth Hides says:

    the what is a german word? (I am german)

  17. evioloncello says:

    Kimbra only looks down to do a loop. Her and Christina Aguilera both have
    the fat tongue forward, and they both have a slight tendency to look upward
    for belting a high note. Christina looks down quite a bit live for high
    notes. They do both have some quirks which are more a result of the styles
    they sing in than a mistake in technique.

    The exercises are helpful.

  18. Thank you for sharing this video …

  19. Leizl de los Reyes says:

    Sounds silly but very very helpful. Good job. Great discovery 😄👍👏

  20. jimmyatetheworld says:

    You are GENIUS! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your wonderful
    technique with the world! You are so so so talented!

  21. Julia Williams says:

    How can I balance tongue tension but also neutralise my larynx and have
    that kind of “dopey” sound when I’m belting in my mix to have a more mature
    sound? I have allot of trouble between sounding too nasal or too much like

  22. Jenny Winfrey says:

    Your videos have indeed given me the confidence again to sing!”

  23. Chrissy Gurrola says:

    Best tongue exercise on youtube to date

  24. Kayleigh Cook-dumbarton says:

    U didnt teach me anything

  25. Iliana Montoya says:

    Yesturday I did Kareoke at a party and I sang Firework and my sister’s
    friend said “You need singing lessons… no offence.” 😳

  26. Brittany Toomey says:

    Kimbra is from my home country new zealand,

  27. 2104aBeauty says:

    Excellent exsercise!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!! =****

  28. Trine Langohr says:

    “It’s a German word”? Not unless I’ve been germaning wrong all my life.

    But I forgive you for showing me how to impersonate Kermit.

  29. Goddess .FourWinds says:

    Ooo! I loooove this!!!

  30. Shann Mack Jr says:

    How long do you have to do this before it works ?

  31. Shann Mack Jr says:

    How often to do this each day, for how long, and how long to do this to see
    results ?

  32. vance wright says:


  33. Tyler Howarth says:

    Nice 🙂 I can also recommend this teacher. He’s great and helped me a lot.
    Here’s his method

  34. Leonardo Mccann says:

    Now, I’m not hitting sharps anymore, and my co-members say that the standard of my tone sounds fuller and way more skilled than before.

  35. I teach the EXACT same techniques that Ron learned in the Sing Like A Pro vocal ebook program, which is a collection of all the most effective techniques I’ve learned throughout my 20+ year vocal education.

  36. Samantha Barrett says:

    People say they cannot identify notes to play or sing.

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