Free Singing Lesson – Performing with Emotion, How to sing Emotions by Mariah Carey

Discover all about Free Singing Lesson – Performing with Emotion, How to sing Emotions by Mariah Carey by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Singing Lesson – Performing with Emotion, How to sing Emotions by Mariah Carey.

The secrets to giving an emotional performance aren’t what you might think. And you’ll never guess which singer is a BAD example of this.

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

29 thoughts on “Free Singing Lesson – Performing with Emotion, How to sing Emotions by Mariah Carey

  1. Heyy, Sophie thanks for the lesson and video i really appreciate it and
    Christina also has some emotional songs like Oh Mother, I’m Okay, and Save
    me from myself is a sweet soft vocal song :)

  2. Steve Notice says:

    Very cool, I like how you teach from who you are. Of all the vocal coaches
    on video you are the best. I sing about 10-15 cents sharp on certain high
    notes when I push too much, yet I don’t want to intentionally sing flat
    because I might be too good at it! What to do? (I mean, is there a way to
    “lock in” and feel when you’re right on while you’re doing it?) 

  3. Julia Williams says:

    Love how you sang that!!! 

  4. pink priona says:

    Gosh, Sophie! You made me burst into tears! Thanks for your little own
    singing part, although it was short, it touched my heart!
    Keep going, love your videos!

    P.S: May you film another video about how to practice belting at home or
    how to practice belting by myself?

    Greetings, Maureen

  5. Mariam Nowar says:

    Amazing. My eyes teared up from how beautiful you sound!

  6. Kat Pérez says:

    That was fabulous! I remember you telling me “light + bright is always
    better than strong + wrong”. Thanks for another great tip! 

  7. Evi Styles says:

    It was so beautiful. She make me to understand so much

  8. sophie, you should listen to I am, All i need, I’m OK and Save Me From
    Myself by Christina Aguilera. she is loud but in these songs she goes
    really soft with her vocals and its beautiful 🙂

    love this video

  9. Caitlin Hart says:

    Thanks for commenting on my video with +Juliet Weybret 🙂 Love your videos!
    Next time I’m in Nashville, we should work together!! xo

  10. Yannick Long-Dupont says:

    it s thrue ,, emotion , control of the voice force, it’s important wan we
    perform , and also the loudness is not a control necessary like you said.
    The best is also controling the perfect pitch like you said , with the
    emotion and also wwith some part little bit more loud , and it’s not more
    emotional or precise but just louder for some place , because you want it
    at this place like this , it’s give wathever or not i think a little
    something more pro. And i try sometimes to do it like perfect like that for
    my best song but it does’nt work all the time. It’s probably the difference
    betwen a real an amateur. also knowin to control the mic as a real
    instrument to help for the volume

  11. Renni lena says:

    your so engaging and quirky I love it ^w^

  12. TheFamilitchiChannel says:

    True but when Mariah sings that loudly sometimes it can sound emotional,
    just like in ayntime you need a friend, where the G5’s in the climax sound
    like she really believes in what she’s singing.

  13. Elias Acustico says:

    Hello Sophie! I wonder if the delivery Vocal Primer For Men in Brazil?

  14. Aikhal Jefri says:

    are u judging mariah carey?who are you?

  15. Екатерина Кудинова says:

    Вы супер!!! Спасибо!!
    Super! Thank you!!

  16. Sharon Scu says:

    Keep teaching! You’re great! 

  17. George_music says:

    keep it up with the videos. You are an amazing teacher, and you do not only
    transmit your knowledge but also you put passion on your work. And also
    you’re great teaching, It´s easy to understand your advices. Thanks for
    help singers and also people on the way becoming singers like me

  18. Zareef Muhd says:

    I love ur videos but, Mariah Carey knows what’s she’s doing when singing,
    so you can’t really tell her to do.. Cause she’s way more experienced! In
    this kind of things. And also if she wasn’t know what’s she’s doing, she
    wouldn’t be famous in the first place !! ❤️

  19. Pedro Nóbrega says:

    It really depends on the song. The example of the song Emotions by Mariah
    Carey is a bad one to showcase what you’re trying to say, IMO, because the
    song has a message of feeling beyond words excited, exhilarated, of being
    so crazy in love you just wanna jump up and down and scream it to the whole
    wide world. It’s one of the very few songs where the insane vocal
    acrobatics are completely appropriate.
    When you sang it softer and lower that’s when I didn’t feel the emotion the
    lyrics convey, ironically. lol
    You should’ve used a different example.
    However, I do agree that loud doesn’t necessarily mean more emotional nor
    better. Generally speaking I think that, for vocalists with powerful
    voices, it’s better to balance a song with powerful moments and softer,
    quieter moments so that when they do belt it has an emotional impact.
    Christina Aguilera, even though she’s got a strong voice the best part of
    her voice is her lower register and head voice, when she sings more softly.
    She’s amazing when she sings like that. Her belting is the absolute worst
    part of her singing ironically considering it’s what she’s most famous for.
    Her excessive use of runs have no connection to the rhythm, to the melody
    and that also takes away from connecting with the emotion of the song.

  20. The song Say Something is by A GREAT New World, not “brave”. Also, sorry
    but there are no “rules” to enforce when it comes to soul and emotion –
    it’s all subjective, you’re mixing both subjective opinions with technique
    which is based on objective facts.

  21. Andrey Baldove says:

    But the song Emotions really needs power, It’s like in a really happy tone
    wherein you want to shout it all out while enjoying.

  22. C Kendall says:

    Emotion…the reason I love listening to Steve Perry!

  23. Nikko Arriesgado says:

    Love this vid! Definitely gonna remember this tip when singing! You can
    sing with more emotion through having intensity in your voice, dynamics and
    projection rather than just relying on volume! I like how she picked
    Mariah’s emotion cuz it shows that even when you are singing a difficult
    song, you can still sing it effortlessly without having to belt or increase

  24. Carlisle Sienes says:

    Wow this was really helpful, you are great!! :)

  25. Spencer Lopez says:

    Moving from a primary stage to an intermediate degree of singing takes about six months to a year of constant observe.

  26. So, you really need to learn how to play a guitar, huh?

  27. Erin Morse says:

    The practical study of singing is best begun with single sustained tones, and with preparation on the sound of ah alone, mingled with and oo. A position as if one were about to yawn helps the tongue to lie in the right place.

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