Free Singing Lesson – Learn Vibrato

Discover all about Free Singing Lesson – Learn Vibrato by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Singing Lesson – Learn Vibrato.

Sophie debunks the myth about where vibrato comes from, and demonstrates a simple exercise to learn it instantly.

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

28 thoughts on “Free Singing Lesson – Learn Vibrato

  1. Nicole Colón says:

    I would love to be coached by you Sophie. You are amazingly talented and a
    wonderful teacher!

  2. snoozeybutton says:

    Vibrato is just something that naturally happens when breath is supported
    and the throat is loose and unclenched…. Trust me, trying to force a
    certain sound is the opposite of what you want

  3. ThatSopranoPrincess says:

    Don’t males only get vibrato?

  4. Felicia Nazareth says:

    hi Sophie,
    your videos are really helpful…
    i am facing a problem, today afterr i finished singing, my jaw started
    paining very badly. it yet hurts. can you tell me what’s wrong?

  5. Thank you this video was really helpful. This was the only video that
    taught me how to do vibrato .

  6. Rachel Sh says:

    This is amazing!!!! thanks so much!

  7. Abster Fortis says:

    Just realised I’ve been doing this ever since I’ve been singing for year 

  8. Abster Fortis says:

    Just realised I’ve been doing this for years without trying #superproud

  9. Trafalgar Law says:

    Thank You very much for your tip… I hope I can apply it soon

  10. Doodle Cat says:

    I naturally do this while singing #awesome 😊

  11. demonrule says:

    Where does the vibrato occur, though? Is it created in the throat, in the
    diaphragm, or somewhere in between? Sometimes vibrato comes out
    unintentionally when I sing. When I actually try to do it I can’t get it
    to come out. I’ve been paying attention to the mechanics of my body when
    vibrato does come out. I noticed that when my diaphragm is running out of
    air is usually when the vibrato comes out, but I don’t really know how to
    recreate this. As Sophie explains, it’s a mechanical function in the
    throat that she’s intentionally causing…actually “singing” into vibrato.
    Can there really be two ways to create vibrato?

  12. Juilz Bird says:

    I love vibrato, and i use it alot. But idk about “good singers use
    vibrato”. I guess ur right, but theres plenty of great singers that dont…

  13. Vibrato is a NATURAL phenomenon which occurs when the voice is trained with
    the real open throat tecnique ( belcanto – italian method). It is caused by
    the free vibration of the chords, and it appears in relatively short time (
    a few days to a few weeks). What you are teaching is an induced vibrato (
    not too aesthetic, but accepted in the pop arena) which is caused by the
    throat muscles and the tongue.Good thing you did not show the vibrato done
    with the jaw or the shaking of the head, as some do…:)

  14. J. Burton-Taube says:

    Very nice lesson. To the point and easily understandable and drillable.

  15. noneya biz says:

    @Sophie Shear Vocal Coach you are very pretty

  16. Joseph Castrellon says:

    Thank you for such a good video. I’ve been looking for a constructive “how
    to” video on vibrato on I finally found one. Most videos just “DO IT” or
    they simply just discuss vibrato, but I feel yours was very user friendly
    to beginners. Thank you so much. I’m going to practice now.

  17. matchbox3eb says:

    excellent video. vibrato comes in many different ways but through
    practicing vibrato it has helped me be more agile on quick changes between
    notes. just a comment to those saying vibrato “just happens” for those that
    want to learn this video and NY vocal coaching channel are the best
    resource I’ve seen on vibrato. don’t listen to other folks or even
    instructors that say you “can’t develop vibrato” singing is like a sport.
    you need to practice and train

  18. Arjun Middha says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve been trying to learn vibrato for a long while. In
    every lesson on youtube, they used to say to breathe from your diaphragm,
    control your breath, free your voice and what not. I never could do that.
    It’s only after seeing this video that I realized if I just practice
    vibrato in slow motion and build up speed gradually, the diaphragm will
    automatically start working the way it should and the freedom in voice will
    come automatically.

  19. MegaVeronicaLodge says:

    Very descriptive! Great explanation of vibrato!

  20. Olle Carlsson says:

    Aight, cool, lets practice…

  21. Andrea Castafiore says:

    Thankyouuu, you explain effectively and show howw to do it by giving the

  22. Christopher Williams says:

    Out of curiosity where do you aim your head voice for placement?

  23. But do not be stunned in case your baby understands greater than you do; you will see for your self that early childhood is the most effective age to be taught.

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  25. The synapses between her emotions and her singing voice are firing constantly, she practically punctuates her sentences with perfectly pitched ad-libs and mmhmms and ohhh yeahs.

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