Free Singing Lesson – High Range Warm Up – Low Female Voice

Discover all about Free Singing Lesson – High Range Warm Up – Low Female Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Free Singing Lesson – High Range Warm Up – Low Female Voice.

Free singing lesson for lower female voices (mezzo/alto) focusing around the break area and working over and through it. Find more videos on youtube and learn more about Jeff Rolka at:

6 thoughts on “Free Singing Lesson – High Range Warm Up – Low Female Voice

  1. Jitske Trijntje says:

    Great exercises, thanks a lot, you can train your muscles prolongingwise.
    Whole body loose, good membrane power and control (comes with it, breath/ab
    exercisis: see there). Previous I thought the Alto Warm up is too low for
    me, but that is only for the beginning, higher up: good choice, chest
    voice, only little head, my range 90% fitted, no strain, the other video,
    this one actually, supports the higher notes well enough. If I am in the
    mood: I’ll try the Soprano Warm Up. May be another Mezzo-Soprano warm-up?

  2. Cheryl Williams says:

    Thank you very much for making this video…. My voice octave is very low
    range… I can sing Toni Braxton, India Arie and Lauryn Hill comfortably. I
    think people forget their women out here in the world that have tenor and
    brotone voices. Again Thank you.

  3. Do you know why it’s harder to reach the notes in the descending 4 note
    scale with certain vowels like the last two where we had to sing As and Aus
    and Os with Us?

  4. EmilyGreene1984 says:

    Is there a way to naturally lighten or brighten alto voices?

  5. Jordyn Paul says:

    Study the lyrics with proven Pinyin, be taught the vocabulary with on-line flashcards, sort the Chinese characters with online sport.

  6. Sofia Quinn says:

    Attention: IF you wish to become knowledgeable singer then it’s extremely beneficial hiring a trainer or attending singing lessons!

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