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Do you have challenges sometimes finding your mix? Here’s a great way of finding it quickly and easily.

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8 thoughts on “FINDING YOUR MIXED VOICE FAST- Singing Lessons

  1. Harmanpreet Singh says:

    which song is this ? you have voice like usher lol

  2. Harmanpreet Singh says:

    Just wondering what type of voice do you have sir? to me you sound like
    lyric tenor with developed lower register also i want to thank you for
    helping to find my mix voice by letting me know about vocal fry technique
    with helped me to add compression now i can sing comfortably upto d5’s
    while maintaining chesty type sound 🙂 anyways my vocal coach told me i am
    a leggiero tenor or whatever its called because i can easily climb up and
    come down back and forth and i have very dark lower register like a
    baritone but i can sing at the end of my range really easily but still i am
    working on it so if i put up a sample in here can you help me find my voice
    type? thanks in advance

  3. Taylor Boyle says:

    Singing develops your breath management and control, improves vocal flexibility and stamina, increases your range of pitches and eliminates vocal strain.

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