Eve Soto & Harriet Palmer Voice Lesson – Vocal Warm-Up – Get Lucky / Daft Punk

Discover all about Eve Soto & Harriet Palmer Voice Lesson – Vocal Warm-Up – Get Lucky / Daft Punk by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Eve Soto & Harriet Palmer Voice Lesson – Vocal Warm-Up – Get Lucky / Daft Punk.

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Eve and Harriet sing a vocal exercise warm-up to Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

21 thoughts on “Eve Soto & Harriet Palmer Voice Lesson – Vocal Warm-Up – Get Lucky / Daft Punk

  1. no1takethisname says:

    thats soo good i wish i could sing like that, but i just dont have that
    much control of my voice

  2. Taylor Vigil says:

    I love your lessons! I wish i could have lessons with you in person!!!

  3. Mss Nicole says:

    Im learning with each session! Thanks 

  4. Cooky Morales says:

    I get so excited seeing your session because we have the same style and
    I’ve never seen anyone else to it that way. thanks for sharing your gift.

  5. jibril rac-maan says:

    when a guy has a deep voice how does he reach the high notes without
    cracking also i havent sung in7 years and my voice sounds really course how
    do i change that 

  6. mashiyachministries says:

    Just want to say that I am so glad to have found your videos. I am a 64 yr
    young solo gospel recording artist that have gone through some very
    difficult physical challenges (cancer), but I can still sing somewhat.
    However, the agility I use to have is not there anymore and I’m getting
    back to recording again and your videos are a blessing to me. Hence, I have
    subscribed and will be using your vocal exercises on the road with me. You
    are now my official vocal coach. 

  7. maurico Cunningham says:

    Thanks for my music lesson 

  8. Wendybaby8 says:

    Which city does she live in? I want her to be my vocal coach!!

  9. Chere Sifflet says:

    I love your style, and the flavor you add to the lessons. I use to sing all
    the time, I use to be a worship leader and sung on many worship teams. But
    it has been so long using these pipes . But praise the Lord I have been
    chosen to meet 80-150 VIPs in Florida next year.Thank you so much for your
    awesome teaching, and for being my official video coach!! now maybe I sing
    more than around the house.

  10. Beauty.Reese says:

    love u wish u were in detroit!!!!!!

  11. Debra Wiginton says:

    Ms. Eve, I’d like to thank you for creating such an amazing quality
    presentation for all of your coaching videos and Itune recordings. You
    provide generous teaching opportunities with each one..and every one is
    unique and yet cohesive with the others. I’ve bought so many of your
    lessons & I view your videos regularly. I sing professionally and I
    appreciate the opportunities of musical growth that your lessons have
    provided. You make a difference. Thank you again. Debra Wiginton

  12. TUSSOFFICIAL says:

    Ms Eve I wish have my visa to come to America for your voice training, make
    beat and i write songs just need to learn how to sing

  13. TUSSOFFICIAL says:

    just keep the videos coming i am depending on you, what are the Dos and
    Don’t s of singing..ect what to eat, ect

  14. Keenan Shaw says:

    Thanks for the great videos Eve, you are a true professional. wish you were
    in Minnesota:(

  15. John Whitaker says:

    Eve, you’re a gifted voice teacher. You make learning enjoyable,
    entertaining. You’re not selfish in sharing of your tips for improvement. 

  16. That’s how you teach! So good seeing you guys having fun while teaching and
    learning together, I hope I’m kind of like you with my students :-)

  17. eve n Harriet, I start my day driving to work practicing vocal w u two
    everyday. though I will never sound as sweet as u but heck I have u to
    inspire me. I love hearing you sing.

  18. TheMary870 says:

    Wow! I don’t even know that I can warming up in this way! :)

  19. lenin jose zambrano zambrano says:

    vale mierda eso

  20. Latha Michael says:

    Great really loved it. Pls make more videos singing duet great teaching.

  21. Jorge Thornton says:

    The Hap’ning Place teachers are all extremely talented performing professionals with a passion for music and enjoy teaching all levels of students.

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