Ep. 87 “How To Sing Head Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 2

Discover all about Ep. 87 “How To Sing Head Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 2 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ep. 87 “How To Sing Head Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 2.

Learning to sing in Head Voice is one of most valuable of all vocal skills. It protects the voice, allows for effortless high notes, and provides vocal flexibility. In Part 2 of our Vocal Register World Tour, New York Vocal Coaching’s Justin Stoney explores Head Voice. Through singing tips, vocal exercises, and detailed pedagogy, you will find your Head Voice soaring! Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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40 thoughts on “Ep. 87 “How To Sing Head Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 2

  1. Love your videos. I have a question what exercises can help you build your
    mixed voice. I want to learn how to make it sound like one voice with no

  2. hi that was a helpful video justin, i was wondering how i can use headvoice
    to reach higher with more power cuz i dont wanna do a chest belt all the

  3. These video lessons are so high quality, yet so under appreciated! It’s
    like a hidden gem, this channel deserves like 1 million subscribers

  4. Head voice is my jam xD. The song from my fair lady it’s one of my
    favorites xD head voice it’s easier for me xD …great vid Justin.

  5. The songs I sing are mostly in my Head Voice but the trouble is that it
    sounds so weak ! How can you sing in your head voice and yet, make it sound
    as powerful as your chest voice ? Thank you.

  6. This is so true about head voice.i had a live and i was really sick and
    even though i had tissue holding with the microphone everybody loved that
    night. it’s great specially the women that disconnects with the chest voice
    nobody will know you’re sick unless you talk :p

  7. I’ve only just dicovered your channel & it’s brilliant. I just had repair
    surgery from 15 years of screaming metal. I’m on the mend & I’m confident
    you will be invaluable mate – like it was meant to be. Thank you for these
    terrific & entertaining lessins. SM

  8. You’ve answered me the working between ta and ct. I saw them at a
    literature, but you know that a muscle flexibility can’t be shown on a
    book. And in my nation, there are only few literature will talking about
    it. As always, I think the architecture of your speech help me more about
    the vocal studying that I’m doing, far more than the question you answer
    every time! I’m from Taiwan. I love the video on this channel just like my
    enthusiasm on vocal studying. Though I can’t say it to you face to face,
    but “Great job Justin!”

  9. Yea! Another video at long last! I watched all the old ones, and had been
    waiting… Anyway, thanks for the great and informative video! God bless.

  10. That was a really good exercise, Justin! Thank you so much for uploading
    this one. I’ve been working so hard on trying to find and develop my own
    head voice, and this just helped me understand it a lot more. The exercise
    here also helps me keep it connected to the rest of my voice without
    cracking or breaking into a hallow falsetto. I look forward to the next

  11. Hey Justin I can’t thank you enough for all your vocal tips .
    I’ve used them over the past year and I can’t beleve the progress I’ve made
    you’ve taken a girl that was afraid to even sing in the shower to the girl
    leading her senior class in the CHS Alma mater at baccalaureate .

  12. Incredibly clear and helpful, as usual! You rock! <3 I hope you feel better
    soon, Justin! 🙂 Take care~ <3

  13. I have found that Head-Voice becomes easier after the voice has developed.
    I had difficulty singing in head voice (it was next to impossible) in 9th
    grade, now that I’m almost 12th, I have had moments where I have been able
    to sing in head voice.

  14. Thank you so much brother dear for this another absolutely great & helpful
    episode full of very useful information. Great to see you back – your eps
    are getting even more gorgeous .
    All the best.

  15. Hey Justin,

    Across what range should an average baritone expect to be using head voice?
    I’m having a hard time differentiating between my mix and head.

    Thanks a bunch, your videos are the best!

  16. Hey how are you? I’m Matt from Brazil. I would like to know HOW TO SING
    LIKE AXL ROSE, if that’s possible. So can you explain how Axl does that
    incredible heavy falsetto, and yet, a “drived” falsetto; or maybe a Head
    Voice with a good amount of drives. How can he be able to hit Bass low
    notes, and at the same time hit incredible High notes with that fucking
    heavy falsetto? Is that some sort of technic or he just was born blessed
    with the largest male vocal range ever?

    WHEN I DO “AHHHH – to higher ” it also change to falsetto. the bad thing is
    i do it very obviously and noticeable which is i should not. what should i
    do about this Sir? thanks!

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