Ep. 40 “The Mix Voice”- Voice Lessons To The World

Discover all about Ep. 40 “The Mix Voice”- Voice Lessons To The World by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ep. 40 “The Mix Voice”- Voice Lessons To The World.

Everyone dreams of hitting beautiful and powerful high notes without straining. But, how do great singers do it? Likely, they have mastered the Mix Voice! This mysterious combination of coordinations is very elusive to many singers and voice teachers, but has the power to work miracles for your vocal potential. In Episode 40 of Voice Lessons To The World, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching offers crystal clear secrets on the Mix Voice to help end the mystery! Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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41 thoughts on “Ep. 40 “The Mix Voice”- Voice Lessons To The World

  1. Paul Klein says:

    So awesome teacher but still not getting an oscar.

  2. Emma Frankly says:

    I feel like I speak in a mixed voice… I really have to work to find my
    chest voice.

  3. matthew cant says:

    So the mix in guys is falsetto and chest voice? Please tell me if I’m wrong

  4. tran nghia says:

    Thank you so much! I hope that you can give more videos about the mix voice
    in the next time!^^

  5. That demonstration sounded like the gingerbread man in Shrek xD

  6. Warren Frye says:

    That was amazing and really helpful

  7. 12345 12345 says:

    2:55… was absolutely hilarious I laughed tooo loud haha!

  8. Honeystain says:

    Yo Justin, my highest note in chest voice is the middle C and my highest
    falsetto note is C6 (I have two types of falsetto, the first one is a
    really strong belt without much effort but it is very high and loud, this
    ranges from A4 to C6. The second falsetto is weaker but it is not ‘airy’,
    it sounds connected, this ranges from C4 to C5).

    My question is: Is it even possible for me to sing in the range C4 – C5 in
    mixed voice sounding strong and chest voice-like?

    I am asking this because I don’t have much chest voice to work with (it
    only goes to a C4) and it seems like these exercises are for blending not

  9. Luana Viana says:

    Just what I needed to know. You saved my day/life!

  10. David Vasquez says:

    My range literally went up two notes because of this! Now I’m from a D2-A#5
    not too shabby 😁

  11. Robin Singer says:

    your videos have been helping me so much I stay up late practicing with
    these excersises I’m gradually improving <3

  12. XDranzer000 says:

    Reading all these +G#5 ranges makes me so jealous… I’m not even sure if
    I’m a baritone or tenor since I have a childish, youthful, middle aged
    woman like timbre in the 4th octave even though I’m 98er and my full
    audible range is B1-A5…. can barely hear anything C#2 down and A5, one
    scream and then I ruin my voice for the whole day…. my lows are clear and
    dark but controls…. lol, sung too much Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake
    to even use the lows… how do you guys get so high? XD

  13. Im a guy and i can sing the whole scale without going into falsetto but my
    voice sounds pitchy up there. Any suggestions?

  14. AK Albabtain says:

    I never knew that Leonardo DiCaprio is an awesome vocalist !

  15. Maija Paulow says:

    I understand every basic thing in singing except this. I kinda get it but I
    just can’t make it work with my voice. I believe though that if I just keep
    trying long enough I will succeed some day :p

  16. Camera Focuses says:

    Hello DiCaprio!
    Love your tuts and at 3:09 I was little shocked that how you did that thing
    you are just very talented.

  17. Steve Killingback says:

    I discovered these lessons only a few days ago sometime after having a few
    invaluable lessons with a qualified professional vocal coach (very
    expensive) and I have to say that Justin is spot on with his lessons. There
    are techniques and explanations that I had been taught before and there are
    new ones in there for me too. They are really building on what I already
    had. Before any lesson I thought that I could only sing up to the break in
    my register where I thought I could only do falsetto above that (I
    struggled, strained even before my vocal break and was envious of so many
    singers), how wrong was I! The mix is legend and this exercise alone easily
    works your vocal range way up there easily. I vouch for Justin, really big
    thank you!

  18. zZKaZuRaZz says:

    Just a question, should it had started weak?
    I’m somehow having a hard time linking my headvoice/mix (break)
    mix/chestvoice. The break happens there

    how do I overcome this, just keep doing these exercise for 7 months?

  19. Sami Yusufs Ally says:

    So Impressive 🙂 The best definition of Mix voice & exercise .

  20. Rian Hidayat says:

    Congratulations on your oscar Leo!

  21. Arunava Sadhukhan says:

    After listening to David Phelps Iv realized Mix is Indeed Very Important to
    sound Good in those High notes that You can generally hit with Falsetto.

  22. The Issue Girl says:

    I’m Juliette, from Chile. I was never able to reach certain song styles!
    Especially pop!. I can easily reach high notes, but pop
    songs…never…they where sounding so much classical. Today with this
    video…I found it! My mix voice, I didn’t even knew it was there…thank
    you Justin. Now I can sing “part of your world” from the little mermaid xD
    and “let it go”. I’m so freaking happy xD.

  23. Nic Person says:

    So this is what happened after rose let you go huh… A vocalist

  24. Ashray Shakya says:

    is it just me or does he look like Leonardo Di Caprio?

  25. Been trying to find my mix for like 6 years now, finally can do it now. you
    will never know freedom until you can sing in your mix.

  26. Franco Papa says:

    I didn’t know Leonardo DiCaprio could sing! He should go for a Grammy!

  27. MarkyMarkMaru says:

    I wanna try this so bad I just don’t know if I’m doing it right or not lol

  28. SharkBearAgator Phipps says:

    I’ve come so far from watching these videos. this genuinely makes me want
    to take a voice lesson.

  29. Andrew Boyd says:

    This is valuable man, thank you so much

  30. Youqian Li says:

    Is my mix breathy because I’m not compressing my vocal chords enough

  31. Subs Newar says:

    Really helpful Lessons…Thank you !
    Btw Leonardo Di Caprio looks like you :-)

  32. Angiras Darbha says:

    Hey, aren’t chest voice and Falsetto different?

  33. mangobananana says:

    gonna go watch Inception for the 10th time

  34. Ilanit Dorani says:

    Wow he is so knowledgeable, what an incredible vocal coach! Thank you so
    much for these videos, I’ve been searching for a while for online vocal
    lessons that I actually understand and can learn from and I finally found
    them. He answers all of the questions I’ve been researching & attempting to
    find answers for and explains and demonstrates them in such an accurate,
    precise way. He’ll definitely be my number 1 recommendation to others
    interested in learning. All the credits to you, Justin! Thanks again 🙂 

  35. Molly Daniels says:

    But another reality is that you probably can’t access a real coach in your area, and if you did, you might not want to spend that kind of money on coaching lessons.

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