Ep. 4 “Larynx And Style”- Voice Lessons To The World

Discover all about Ep. 4 “Larynx And Style”- Voice Lessons To The World by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ep. 4 “Larynx And Style”- Voice Lessons To The World.

In Episode 4 of Voice Lessons To The World, voice teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching explains how the position of the larynx can affect the style of music that one is singing. Misunderstanding the larynx can result in some truly comical effects! Or, it can lead singers to being able to sing multiple musical styles with versatility, confidence, and freedom. Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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42 thoughts on “Ep. 4 “Larynx And Style”- Voice Lessons To The World

  1. Awesome videos. Actually, the best vocal coaching videos in YouTube I’ve
    found. Just started watching from the beginning and planning to watch all
    of them as I’m trying to learn to be a better singer. I also have a
    question concerning vocal distortion, sort of rock style, not the heavy
    metal kind. How would I go about doing it in the most healthy way? So far I
    have been producing the distortion quite low in my throat and I’m only able
    to do it if I sing really loud. I feel that I have to do it just the right
    way or my throat starts to tickle and hurt quickly and I have to stop. I’m
    not even sure what is the right way that doesn’t make it hurt. I also have
    a hard time trying to produce the distortion higher up the throat, as I’ve
    heard somewhere that its better to do it higher up.

    Sorry for the long question, I’m not a native English speaker.

  2. I have learned more from the four videos from this channel I have watched
    than I learned in the whole 10 years I took vocal lessons and had my voice
    messed up three different ways by three different teachers. Thank you so
    much! I wish so much that I could have had someone explain these things to
    me from the beginning.

  3. do you only teach and sing in an opera style hun??????????do you ever chnge
    your style ?meaning rock or country per say????????????????just curious? or
    r&b ? can you do this?

  4. yea like u said towards the end?can u sing gritty or distortion?or is opera
    ,classical your fav. singing style?

  5. Wait, I don’t get it…how do you switch between larynx positions like
    that? I don’t get how you’re doing that….

  6. I really appreciate how you have Ep. 1,2,3.. etc. its really helpful so I
    can know which one I’m up too and follow along.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge also 🙂 And for presenting your
    videos in a very professional manner in a quick way with great examples!

  7. These videos are AMAZING! My biggest respect and admiration for you,
    Justin, from Chile, South America. I’m becoming a big fan! :D

  8. I don’t often comment on Youtube, but your videos are a huge help. I’ve
    never been a singer but, viewing these sessions, there might be hope for me

  9. Yes I have to agree this is a very good lesson. As said in the description
    theres some freedom for your voice right there. Like a bit of a finer way
    of changing effects to my guitar sound. I will be consciously thinking
    about where my larynx is when I practice my songs. Thanks a lot for your
    videos tutorials!

  10. Leonardo DeCaprio please teach me how to sing opera like Luciano Pavarotti.
    How does he reach those high notes with fast vibrato like sound?😄😮👍

  11. Hello Justin!
    I generally feel the most comfortable while singing with a neutral larynx,
    as I have a high voice singing with a high larynx produces a Girly sound in
    my case. But I do feel limited while singing Rock Songs, as I cannot
    emulate the dynamics of Rock Songs very well, as I can do with R&B/Soul.
    And in case I sound a bit “Artificial” by changing the Larynx position as
    you showed, will that be aesthetically bad?

  12. I freaking died when he sung green day in the lowest larynx. But man is
    this guy super skilled. Thank you for these gold videos! If I ever become
    famous from singing, I’m definitely giving you a shout out.

  13. I shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did with the HIGH larynx classical
    and the LOW larynx Green Day song….but I did. The concepts suddenly
    become really easy to understand here! Thank you!

  14. I’ll also give you free access to my private library of vocal exercises and scales, complete with easy-to-use MP3 sound files with full demonstrations.

  15. If you think about it, that would be equivalent to thinking that to be able to jump higher, the strategy would be to just try and jump higher every day.

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