Ep. 36 “Aspects of Musical Theatre”- Voice Lessons To The World

Discover all about Ep. 36 “Aspects of Musical Theatre”- Voice Lessons To The World by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ep. 36 “Aspects of Musical Theatre”- Voice Lessons To The World.

Are you an aspiring Broadway or Musical Theatre singer? In Episode 36, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching discusses some of the common characteristics of Broadway singing and reveals tips on Musical Theatre singing that the theatre pros know. Belting, legit, character sounds, acting, and many more topics are covered in this fun and informative episode! Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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32 thoughts on “Ep. 36 “Aspects of Musical Theatre”- Voice Lessons To The World

  1. MrThomasJansen says:

    thank you so much!!! I have an audition tomorrow and just to hear your
    advice made my day. Keep it up, these are so good! I can’t believe you
    answered my question

  2. Angelica D. says:

    Hi! How do you tell if you’re a Soprano, Mezzo or an Alto? I’m 15 years
    old, and in school productions they keep on switching me. I’ve been placed
    in all three groups, so right now, I’m confused.

  3. Daniel Vicencio says:

    You should have been Javert in Les Miserables rather than Russell Crowe. He

  4. James Pearson says:

    I just thought I would say thank you for all these videos!! My range and
    technique has increased so much since I started watching your videos and in
    result I have been getting cast in so many more musicals than I used to!

  5. I was a stage actor in New York & London for years. I retired due to
    illness. Stamina died along with voice due to illness. I was still able to
    coach both up-and-coming actors/singers & even worked with a few veteran
    actors who had trouble adjusting to new styles that were creeping into
    theater style singing. Liked your comment on acting coming 1st. I used to
    tell stage actors all the time that in musicals, the song is your script
    (if they came from non-musical theater). Your videos are great.

  6. Charlie S. Brou says:

    Wow, that was really helpful, I aspire to be on Broadway someday so I
    really loved this video! thank you for it

  7. Wow, thank you sooo much! I’m 16 turning 17 soon, I’ve never gotten vocal
    lessons, and I love singing, but I don’t have an AMAZING voice, I can go
    falsetto and can sing pretty good, but with no power (loud) ,and I want to
    audition for Musical Theater at a university to get a Master degree, and my
    dream is to be in Broadway, but I was freaking out because of my voice,but
    I act good, but what you said at the end REALLY motivated me, thank you! I
    HAD to subscribe. 🙂

  8. wlacroix10 says:

    OMG…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BREAKING THIS DOWN. I finally get how to sing a
    song as a character in a christmas production I’m in….I am also in the
    NYC area. I will definitely look you guys up in the future.

  9. leo chung says:

    Thank you very much Justin, i am a big fan of your channel. You have told
    me so much about singing, I am a guy who just love to sing. And I am glad
    you have told me so much. and i am going to take some lesson to make myself
    Thank you

  10. Hi, I also like this episode very much and in particular i would like to
    reply to Lady15me below, I am sort of an aspiring stand up comedian who
    likes to sing as part of my comedy acts, and i used to feel very much like
    you saying something like, “my voice is not amazing but it can serve the
    purpose of my storytelling so i am happy with it” but then eventually i
    started to take voice lessons anyway and i was so surprised to find that
    even after studying a short time i sound so much better and it actually
    also helps me a lot with the acting part because i am now able to imagine
    for the first time how i can use the musical quality of the way i sing to
    express myself as one more means of conveying my meaning (other than by the
    words of the song and the acting in terms of mimical and gestical acting),
    so i would like to encourage you to go for some voice training as well. i
    am sure you will also be in for a big surprise on how much better you can
    get and THEN you can still follow the idea (which i share) that acting and
    expression are so vital for a good performance but you will probably find
    that it comes so much easier to achieve this. when you are looking for a
    voice teacher it might be a good idea to tell her or him that what you are
    looking for is to improve your technique in a way that will enable you to
    still sound like yourself in the end, rather than adopting any specific
    style that the voice teacher might consider as the best style, and let you
    choose to what way of expression you want to put your new technical skills.
    And to you Justin, i would like to say, you are an awesome presentor and a
    lovely fellow, both in terms of your seemingly nice and supportive
    personality and your shamefully gorgeous looks ;-)

  11. jing jabines says:

    very informative … thank you Justin 🙂 I love Broadway, so nice of you
    for the the teaching and learning … thank you God Bless and more power

  12. Awkward Turtle says:

    Do you ever hear yourself and think wow I’m a horrible singer or I sound
    stupid because I do and I just feel so upset about it and people say I
    sound good… I’m just wondering do we hear ourselfs differently then
    others would hear us?

  13. Becky Pennell says:

    very helpful video! thank you 🙂 

  14. Carl Lindquist says:

    Loved this video! All the best!!

  15. Jo Burnette says:

    Justin is showing me so many things I didn’t know. He’s brilliant in his
    way of giving us information about both the art and science of singing.

  16. Alejandro Moreno says:

    Oh my Gosh………if only I could give this video a THOUSAND likes!! it’s
    been moooore than helpful for me. Watching these videos has encouraged me
    so much to pursue my dreams, and has also taught me a lot…Thanks very

  17. Sara Hope says:

    My dream is to be a broadway actress, my choir is going to Paris and London
    but can you give any advice or support to me….it’s my dream….my family
    doesn’t believe it me….they want me to be doctor….but I just don’t want
    to have money…

  18. Sacha Mendez says:

    I love Justin’s “Broadway” twang! 😂

  19. Rebecca Moore says:

    super fun video– letting the characters and technique drive the sound
    produced really gives a lot of food for thought.

  20. ayekaamearashi says:

    Oh wow! I agree with +Alejandro Moreno. This video has been very helpful!
    Thank you! I learned a lot in just one video. :-)

  21. Breanna Nichols says:

    I love how quickly he goes from belting back to talking calmly to us lol.
    Great techniques btw, this was extremely helpful

  22. Acharich Speaks says:

    09:00 – ur look suddenly reminded me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio.. lol
    Titanic times.. Cool video..! – @acharich

  23. So convenience plus entry to the most effective materials is de facto the main two benefits of most of these singing classes.

  24. The key to a powerful and beautiful voice is learning to sing pure vowels with good technique.

  25. Jenna Ashley says:

    Singing effectively could be either a hobby or a profession; at least the option isaccessible and the singer has the choice.

  26. Mikayla Sosa says:

    I bought your program in the next day and started to learn and sing.

  27. Laila Mcknight says:

    Find the highest and lowest notes that you can comfortably sing.

  28. Payton York says:

    In this the second singing drill, the scholar will lean less on the earlier visible support in an effort to further develop Conceptual Placement.

  29. Through constant follow, good training and proper perspective in singing traditional music can attain your objective to be an artist.

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